Spacecowboys, Bounty Hunters and Gangsters!

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  1. Hello all! So, I have this idea for a roleplay(could be 1x1 or group) that has come up from a short story I wrote a while ago. It was something very different from what I usually wrote, which was slice-of-life, fantasy, romance type stories.

    This one was a futuristic, gangster, planet hopping, adventure. It was inspired by the anime Cowboy Bebop, as you may have noticed in the title. I'll stop talking now and just get into the story.

    The year is 2058. Vincent Ronald, a 25 year old reclusive, self-obsorbed, hard core gamer has all but given up on his life. After losing his job, and house soon afterwards, he ends up in a dingy little one room apartment. From there he expects his life to go comepletely downhill and buries himself (somewhat literally) in his virtual worlds, throwing away his cares for reality. One day, a woman breaks into his home and from there their fates are locked together. They end up in a game of their own, one of which one of them has no idea they are playing.


    The world has evolved beyond what one could have imagined. Humans have managed to create ways to jump between the endless space above earth and conquer the once seemingly impossible task of colonizing other planets, no matter how far they are. It's become a business to go between planets, bringing back what delicacies or rarities they can find for the highest bidder. They now coexist with the once foreign aliens, starting families and making new bloodlines. Even with all of this advancement there are those who like to reminisce on the old days... For them, this time has only served to enlarge their influence. It's almost like a business now, an art.

    One of the biggest gangs in the system is led by Kooji, an old school gangster who is said to reside on Mars. No one much knows what he looks like since he usually sends others to do his work for him. When other gangs have big jobs they want done like knockin' off persons of interest or moving up in the food chain they go through Kooji. The only person closest to Kooji that the others get to see more often than once is Raenya. This is his "main squeeze"...and his muscle.

    If a job is worth his time and he gets genuine compensation, like, say, more territory, then he sends Raenya out to do the job. When she comes to do a job then you know you are in with The BigMan. Recently she was sent out on an assassination mission on earth for an old friend of Kooji's. It's too bad she is unaware of the old friend's true intentions.

    So, the summary is from the short story and if someone wanted to play Vincent they could, but there is no need to have him specifically. If anyone is interested in playing him then I could provide his background information upon request.
    This RP will pick up from when she reaches earth. There shouldn't really be a limit on how many people, but we'll have to see how this goes and how many are interested. I am super psyched to try this out!
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  2. I am interested, (also not interested in play Vincent, since he doesn't seem like the type of character I could properly write.)
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  3. Same here. I'd love to RP this, only Vincent just doesn't seem to be my cup of tea :T

    Also, I enjoy your avatar. Levy rocks <3
  4. I would like to try this out as well. Sounds like a great idea and I can appreciate the fact of short story turned to RP. Done that multiple times myself, though I had to make it slightly less amateurish.
  5. Oh wow! Awesome you guys! That means there are four of us then. Mayhaps I can get a thread started for this then. Oh, also, the internet at my house is possibly going out today so that means I'll to start utilizing the library again. It'll slow me down a little but that's it. Just wanting to let you guys know.
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  6. Oh, I only come online at about nine at night, central time, so my posts may not be as frequent :)
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  7. Interesting....
  8. I am glad you think so @NeonMasterz !

    Really, I can't be on much often though I don't want to turn anyone away. I can check in every now and then but not everyday like I use to. Honestly, if the players want to keep it going then feel free until I can check in whenever I do which would not be often. I don't want to ruin the fun for you all.
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