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  1. It's the year 2075. Earth is dying and on the brink of destruction. A group of people have been rounded up for an expedition into space.
    The mission was to find a planet identical to Earth. If the mission was failed they were not to come home, but stay and die like the rest of humanity would ater their return.
    As thought; the group did not succeed but instead found something on a planet they never expected.

    Humans or Robots please :)
    2 Robots Max.

    H or R:
    Images, please. And for the love of all holy no real person people. If I was them and found out some person was using me as an RP character I'd be freaked out.
    If you want to write their personality. It's more fun if you let the other person figure it out on their own :)
    Background story: if you want
  2. Name: Zain
    H or R: Human
    Personality: Shy, awkward, and much, much more.
    Background story:Not much is known
  3. Appearance:[​IMG]
    Name: Evelyn
    Age: 21
    H/R: human
    Personality: witty, sarcastic, hates everyone unless you give her a reason not to
    Background: adopted and a big partier. been to rehab twice. i dont know what else to put
  4. Name: Theodosia May Wolstenholme
    Age: 20
    H or R: Human</SPAN></SPAN>
    Personality: Ambitious, stubborn, passionate, quick to temper, artistic
    Human picture: </SPAN> tumblr_mh2qui9kN71rhjnspo1_500.jpg </SPAN></SPAN>
    Bio: Not much is known about her past.</SPAN></SPAN>
  5. I could make a robot instead if you'd like...I'm not picky...this RP looks interesting.
  6. Raven you should post a character then we should start! Having a lower amount of players is much more fun then the really big ones.
  7. I am to assume Midterms have hit...maybe....also sorry if I responded to this since I was not invited, I can leave if you so desire.