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  1. Anyone wants to have a shot at a space opera RP? Includes Military Sci-fi, Galactic threats and a series of over arcing plots with a group of bounty hunters vs. the space military or police as a starting arc and we can work from there? I can lay down the basic rules, but the premise is as such: Bounty Hunters framed for a death of a high figure in the Galactic Military paradigm and are hunted as a result, with all bounty hunters and space pirates set for death by any sovereign, we must work together as a team to solve the mystery and rat out the brewing evil within the Galactic Military before forming an arc around other adventures in space revolving around other Empires. Once interest is up, I can make the structure of the RP.
  2. Appearance: look at the posted pic
    Name: Jack"Mad"Hatter
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter and drug runner
    Bio : Jack pilots a ship by the name of Wonderland. He is from Earth X a planet in the Kronos star galaxy. Trained in several fighting styles. Expert marksman and good with explosives.
    Weapon: Large 6round plasma pistol with changeable element shots. Long laser sword
    Strengths: his training
    Weaknesses: Drunkard, cocky, attitude issues and issues with authority.
  3. Nvm ill pm my pic
  4. I'm still checking interest, I'll make the formal Sign Up/Discussion thread after we get enough players in.
  5. Yeah, I'm in a space opera kind of mood. I might go for a spy kind of character, since I really like stuff that combines espionage with scifi/fantasy.
  6. This might be pretty cool. I'd have to see the more detailed premise and setting to figure out a character who'd fit in, but I recall some good times with friends back in the day when it came to stuff with some space bounty hunter types going on adventures.
  7. It sounds like it has a lot of potential, I'd like to give it a shot! :3
  8. Sounds cool! Give me a day to set up a mythos and the political climate of the galaxy. I promote exotic aliens to the crew so don't be shy to alienize your characters and add some good powers with them.

    The premise is on a space faring mission, we hear news that an unknown individual has killed a high ranking political figure in the galactic senate, a taboo to their profession and thus all bounty hunters are now branded as criminals and to be terminated with extreme prejudice. We must form an alliance to evade our pursuers and investigate who wants all of us dead and see an evil rising within our enemies' ranks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.