Space Heist!

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  1. Space Heist

    Cracking The Nexian Vault


    Her name is Rosa-May. She was created by the Chimera Project - one corporation's attempt to install living infants into spaceships, to function as synthetic computers. It didn't work. Five of the children died. Four were uninstalled after failing to improve performance. Two went missing. And the last one, Rosa-May, was bought at a discount price by rogue trader Jonathan Drake.


    Five years later, people have forgotten about the Chimera Project and the useless ships they created. But rumours are circulating, on the planets and the space stations, that Captain Drake's investment has finally paid off. Rosa-May has found something - sensed it in the depths of space. The word is... she's found the Nexian Vault.


    Built by an ancient alien race, the Nexian Vault is a story as old as space travel itself. They say the Nexians visited a million worlds and from them harvested genetic material. The DNA of extinct aliens, mutated creatures, dinosaurs, holy messiahs and long-lost races. They stored it away, in fortresses beyond time and space - their motives unknown.


    Word is that Captain Drake has used Rosa-May to draw a map. And since the map is inside Rosa-May's mind, there's no point stealing the ship or torturing the captain. So the corporations, private benefactors and governments who want a slice of the Nexian pie will have to rely on the next best thing...


    You have been sent to hitch a ride on Captain Drake's ship... and join him on his voyage into the unknown.

  2. <table align=center><tr><td>RULES</td></tr><tr><td>1. One character each. No NPCs.
    2. The Technology Level is COMMON SENSE. If you wield something retarded, I'll get English with you.
    3. Aliens, robots and mutants allowed.
    4. The fourth entry on the character sheet is the most important. Don't post unless you know how you
    will serve the story.
    5. Drake's ship is docked on a space station between a hundred or so planets that form the IROS
    Alliance (Imperium Republic of Sol) - a group of worlds united through trade links.
    6. Hijacking allowed - just do it right.
    7. The more people that start off knowing each other, the better.</td></tr></table>​

  3. Name: Jonathan Drake

    Job on the ship: Captain / Liaison with Rosa-May

    Appearance: As pictured. Wears a long coat and carries a hip flask.

    What role will you play in this story?: The sarcastic, snarky and intolerant leader forced to recruit a bunch of idiots.

    History: Drake has lost two of his crews on previous ventures. They weren't killed... much... Most of them were just arrested or assigned to psychiatric institutes. This is his third money-making scheme. He won Rosa-May in a game of cards at a science corps party. She's been temperamental at best and psychotic at worst - malfunctioning, spacing his cargo, crashing into asteroids, shooting at Alliance patrols and kidnapping children. He's had to keep her in line by hitting parts of the ship with a wrench until she shuts up. But a month ago, Rosa-May started getting dreams.... dreams about a treasure at the edge of space. Drake may finally get some money to send back to his wife and kids on Earth.

    Why are you here?: Drake wants to swipe some gene-samples from the Vault and sell them to the highest bidder.

  4. IN.

    My character will probably be a female alien, or some sort of female mutant creature, or something alike.

    But will post my CS later as now I'm dealing with lack of sleep and biology issues.

    Name: L4g0045, a.k.a. 'Sasha'

    Job on the ship: Pet. Sort of. (read History)

    Appearance: Like a bunny. An ordinary, simple, terrestrian bunny. Look:


    Only someone observing really close may notice the opposable thumbs on her front paws.
    Sasha is about 30 cm long and weighs around three kgs when in her most stable form (bunny)

    What role will you play in this story?: The somewhat sour and selfish secret-experiment-subject that wants her pay or her revenge. If she can get both, better.

    History: 'Sasha' is a genetically altered rabbit. She was created in a lab, and is one of the few succesful experiments in her kind. She was never told who or which corporation created her. She does not really care; she suspects she is the product of some sort of amateurish experiments. It's irrelevant for her. She has seen her creator's faces however.

    There is only one thing Sasha wants. Her ability to reproduce, and her womb, back. The scientists bargained with her, and if she manages to bring back to them worthy genetic samples, they will compensate her for it and return her missing bits back. Thus Saha is out on such a quest, chewing sweet thoughts of revenge during her spare time.

    --Abilities: Sasha has the potential to turn into any living organism. Note: potential. This is extremely difficult for her. First, she needs a DNA sample from the organism she wishes to replicate. Second, she needs physical resources, such as food or stored as fat, to get the energy and elements needed to transform her body. Third, she needs time. On top of that, the transformations she does fade away with time; she will, sooner or later, turn back into the bunny she really is. And no, she cannot recreate her womb or restore her reproductive functions on her own.
    Only Two abilities she has at all times: She can speak; and she can use her front paws as hands, since she has opposable thumbs. And that's it, who ever said a bunny can survive the space vacuum?

    Why are you here?: Sasha wants to take as many samples from the Vault as she can, to exchange them for her missing piece, or to become more powerful and able to make those scientist pay her anyways in case they refuse to. Again, if both, better.

    PENDING: Everything's cool except the space vacuum part. That doesn't really make sense and is a bit overpowered.
  5. Interested as well.

    Inspiration: Radical Edward.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Reginald Quinley

    Job on the ship: Surgeon/Replacement specialist

    Appearance: Pic related! Also missing an arm from the elbow, mechanical hand (No real advantages, just a replacement hand created by Quinley himself)

    What role will you play in this story?: The humorous supporter, also attempts to be the voice of reason in this chaotic world. Tries to be the good-guy.

    History: Surgeon who makes his living by helping war veterans in the way of giving them new (mechanical) limbs in place of their missing/deformed ones. This doesn't bring much money, but mercenaries often hire him to fix up their wounded after fights with the Alliance. An old Alliance medic, Quinley left because he stopped believing in the cause they promoted. Politics got in the way of medicine and he felt he could do more good by doing business on his own. Retirement was a dream he couldn't afford and it was all he could do to keep busy, but mercenary work was getting old. Maybe he'd get out and explore a little, maybe he'd jump on a ship himself.

    Why are you here?: Heard an offer for swiping gene-samples from a legendary place. He had a marketable skill and in his old age he'd given up on all his own dreams and legends, why not help someone chase their own...

  7. I am in, but I am in school at the moment >.< Will post once I get to my house...
  8. So you've got a gimp and a bunny on a ship with tits.

    I like where this is going.

    *Sets up her lawn chair and opens a beer*
  9. Just let me get home and you will have a hyperactive genius on your hands. And someone for Rosa to play chess with.
  10. Will the chess pieces be special, anachronistic pieces that defy all sense of logic and reason?
  11. *shines a flashlight around*
  12. Huh, edited the CS since only now I notice Asmo's note.
    (dumb, Selenite is dumb)

    Still interested in this, but I think we need more players. Don't we?
    I was hoping to join the crew as someone else's pet already or something like that.
  13. Eep! Sorry, I'll be getting the androgenious person up soon!
  14. I'd like to join this. Though I might be new to these forums, I am by no means an inexperienced or illiterate RP'er.

    Name: Dynne'erJob on the ship: Translator/ Guard to a rather basic level
    What role will you play in this story: Dynne'er is clearly the bored, grumpy beast who easily can stir up rivalries and trouble in the general sense.
    History: Dynne'er was born on a planet that was high in technological advancement, and who's government had already made plans to take control of a few nearby and habitable planets. Instead of the petty fights of the past where they fought over land, these were "important fights, and now they were getting whole planets. The government made it sound so much different, and to them it was. It was as if they had put on their blinders and decided to not see the fact that they were just repeating history, and instead decided to tell themselves that they were different, that they were special. But they weren't. Like every other time, this government repeated past mistakes. After all, this government barely dealt with the a single planet and it's small population, what made them think they were any more capable now? It turned out that they weren't. They failed, as predicted by those who were at least marginally intelligent in this failing society, and a certain degree of distrust formed between the government and the people. The government soon felt paranoia, and looked out for any signs of uprising or malevolence. But a government who has blinded itself for so long is clearly not capable of opening their eyes with sudden ferocity to the point where they see all attacks coming. No, when the attack came the government was unprepared for the angry voices, and the clawed hands that lobbed rocks at the delicate and beautiful buildings that once were the pride of this empire. Instead of conquering and growing, the cluster of creatures upon this planet had declared war upon one another. It was brutal genocide, and it was a grim time for the race. They savagely locked in brutal combat, and soon there weren't clear sides anymore. It wasn't government against the people, or any one group against another. No, it was everyone for themselves in a battle that would clearly bring upon the species death. The once respected and mighty empire was now a shameful mess of savage beasts.

    This was the world Dynne'er was brought into. When his mother, Thayna, gave birth to him she wondered what was wrong with her to make her so cruel and selfish to bring a child into the horror that was this life that surely would be ahead of him. It was in a dark cave he was born in and grew up in. He remembered the rules to never go out, and remembered the cries and screams of agony outside his safe haven. He remembered crawling into a small and cramped hole as she went bravely to meet whomever had spotted the cave and scented them nearby. He would quiver, afraid of the noise, but not quite understanding what was going on, or why his mother would come back to him with her muzzle moistened with blood. The sheer innocence of those days are what he sometimes longs for now, when he remembers the day his mother fell in the face of battle, and when he was left to face an enemy alone.

    In real life, one rarely gets to say goodbye to their loved one as they die, especially if their loved one dies in the middle of a battle. As much as one might like it to, war doesn't stop and wait for us to recoup and take hold of our losses, grasp our loved one's hand and tell them that we love them, that all we wish is to be with them forever. When Dynne'er's mother died protecting him, he didn't see her. He didn't get to tell her that he loved her, or that he would honor her and kill the one who killed her. Instead, as soon as she fell glassy-eyed to the dusty ground, he had to face her previous opponent and murderer, and defend himself on his own for the first time. The other beast was stronger, but Dynne'er was younger, faster, and fueled with anger, blood lust and revenge. His primal instincts kicked in, and his huge claws spread apart, ready to grab his prey with unrestrained ferocity. His mouth gaped wide, the needle-like teeth bared in a challenge. He stalked back and forth for a moment, tail twitching as he showed of his sleek prowess, and suddenly the two leapt and met in the air, the arms wrapped around one another in a deadly hug. Their mouths went for the other's neck as their hind legs pushed against the soil, fighting for dominance. Dynne'er won mostly by pure savagery and luck. When he grabbed hold of the other beast's neck, he shook and didn't let go. The other's jaws were thus shook from Dynne'er's neck, and in a final deadlock, the two raked one another with their claws before Dynne'er snapped the other's neck.

    Years passed, but he continued fighting. His previously unmarked body was now littered with scars, and his eyes hardened, not from the cooling of a heart that no longer showed remorse, but rather a wisening of how sad it was that his way to survive in this world was through destroying the others of his own kind. His pale eyes now held intelligence rather than anger and blood lust, and rather than seeking a fight, he looked for ways to avoid one. In final desperation, he tried to talk to his people, but to no avail. They chose not to listen, and so they were worthless to him now. If they'd rather deafen themselves with each other's screams rather than listen to a resolution to this mess, that was fine by him. He was done with his race. He would survive on his own, go off and explore the worlds beyond this one. Dynne'er managed to find a craft still capable of transporting him away from his home planet and to a different one, where he could have an opportunity, a future.

    Why are you here?: Since the time he abandoned his people and turned his back on them for what he had hoped would be forever, Dynne'er once again found himself growing wise. He saw that he couldn't just hide from his problems and pretend they weren't there, but rather he had to fix them, and solve the problems that had caused this atrocity. He has had a sickening suspicion that all others of his race are gone and dead save him, but he figures if anywhere could have some DNA of his species, it would be the Vault. And so to the Vault he heads, to save a species he had abandoned long ago.
  15. Name: Axel Crowe

    Appearance: [​IMG] Just like this....only thing wearing a tank, long cargoes with suspenders, black gloves and combat boots...and the dog tags.

    Job on the ship: The basic intelligent source of brawn on the ship [despite his slim stature]

    What role will you play in this story: The fun-loving but lazy, sarcastic equal to the captain who would give anything for a good fight, a sweet smoke, or a good bottle of rum.

    History: Axel was never a fan of school or seeking a legal profession. He loved living on the wild side of life. His books smarts were minimal but made up for it with intermediate knowledge of space and all it held. He had almost insatiable battle lust that turned him to the trade of being a mercenary. At puberty, he discovered his innate ability to control his hair as an extra appendage. He'd used it countless times for theft and battle. He used it as a tool on any job he'd been given and had become a mercenary for hire because it fit. He keeps his hair at shoulder length to display the look of a hippie and to belie the true nature of it.

    --Ability: his hair can extend [and retract] to about a hundred meters and can be controlled at will, fortified with some alien metal alloy that allows flexibility and sharpening. Can be used for combat or theft. Speed is an attribute. Drawback: it takes away body heat and so he relies on liquor and cigarettes, and anything hot to drink. If coffee is available, he puts a sinful amount of sugar into it because he hates it without. Axel also has a slim form that belies his awe-inspiring strength [hence being the brawn of the ship].

    Why are you here? - He wanted to know which genetic tree he was cut from in the first place and figure out where his parents came from and how come he had such powers as a human when he was clearly by any means only so by appearance.