Space Base 88' [Psychological-Horror]

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  1. Inspired by: 2001 Space Odyssey, The Thing, SS13, and Drive

    Space Base 88'

    Setting: Let's take a trip back in time back to the glorious neon-soaked times of the 1980's, where bad decisions were encouraged and Russians were the main threat. Now. Imagine if NASA had a technology boom and figured out how to put us on the Moon permanently, and computers "advanced" to our level but still kept their CRT monitors, keyboard interfaces, and chunky pixel graphics.

    Welcome to the future.

    It's the year 1988 and you've been lucky enough to win NASA's (sponsored by: Nike) lottery program. Winning yourself a free trip to the new Moon Base that has recently been assigned the name, Regan. You and (number will change to a max of 15) ten lucky individuals with experience in either the sciences or regular civilian life; are to live on Regan for two months to see if humanity is ready to take the next step into space.

    [NOTE: There is more to the RP then this and is explained at the bottom.]

    Technology: When it comes to the RP I had something similar to Fallout or Alien in mind. Large computers with the green text on a black background, with tapes and floppy disks being the revolutionary tech to transfer or store data. However Holograms were refined and perfected that is far more superior to holograms that we have today. Robots are on the same level we have today (maybe just a bit more advanced); so yes Number 5 is alive and will be mentioned in the RP.

    Weapons are still the same so don't expect to be firing lasers or plasma cannons, the best I can give you is super-heated bullets. You won't have a large selection on the station though, you'll have a small armory with enough firearms to take down those Stalin worshiping Commies if they were to ever show up. God Bless the Second Amendment and the USA

    Moon Base, Regan: Regan has been built inside the Moon's crater known as Piccolomini and is situated in the center near the right side of the 'hill'. With a large tunnel system constructed underneath the Moon's surface to get to and from the buildings, in case you don't want to suit up and deal with that pesky low gravity. Your power will be supplied by a large solar farm located on top of the hill near the base. The two buildings will both come with dorms and livings spaces, with each building having two airlocks to the outside.

    The base you'll be living in for two months comes with all sorts of furnishings to keep you in style and comfort. Enjoy our luxurious pristine white walls on black tile flooring, relax in your Mauve on Teal cafeteria that comes with it's own robotic chefs that will prepare you the best meals this side of the moon. You'll be living in comfort with your fellow Moonies, in the most stylish of dorms that will be furnished to your liking; with each member having their own dorm. Not to mention a arcade stuffed with the best pinball tables and games (Galiga anyone?).

    Or maybe head over to the laboratories that are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, for you radical brainiacs that will progress this glorious country even further; or to treat the wounded, as the labs also double as a med-bay. With you having the hippest nightclub on the moon; The DeLorean Lounge. Also you get access to the armory in case you have to fend off any nasty Invaders or worse Commies. Maybe you could even head to the garage and take out the moon rovers for a spin, or maybe even trick out your ride.

    Not to mention our underground tunnel system that houses the gardens where the crops are grown. The tunnels are also home to the heart of the base, The Reactor; a large nuclear powered reactor that constantly kept active by a staff of robots that are programed to maintain the reactor and keep it cool, unlike those Russians. Along with the atmospherics room, artificial gravity generators, and the power and water systems. Not to mention a large workshop that is stocked with plenty of maintenance supplies in case of emergencies. Enjoy the sights and sounds of plumbing and electric wiring running along the walls.

    No, matter where you are, you'll always be living in comfort.

    Above Ground Map:


    [Those large Green Boxes that are nothing but green are stairwells to the upstairs/downstairs.]

    [Those unlabeled thin rooms that are attached to the rooms; (both)Lobby/Supply, Breakroom, and Garage. Those are the airlocks.]

    Underground Map:


    [Those large Green Boxes that are nothing but green are stairwells to the upstairs/downstairs.]

    [The hallways are those unlabeled rectangles. I put this here, because I DOUBT YOUR INTELLIGENCE! *2132ERROR404E- We apologize for that, assistant got onto the Email Messenger system- CEO, Morgan Zawerri, New Systems Inc.]

    Roles: While we wish you to treat this like a vacation, we can't just have you lazing about a high-class facility. After all, you've been chosen (by your skills) luck to stay there, why not give back to ole' Uncle Sam. That's why you'll be apart of one of the three classes and your job choice.

    Crew Member: As a crew member your responsibility is to assist the scientists; keep the station clean and well fed with your bot buddies; explore the lunar landscape, collect samples; and when the time calls for it, assist your fellow crew if you're to come under attack. You're also expected to maintain the station, as you double for engineering.

    Science Team Member: Your job as a science team member is to help progress the sciences all while you spend time at the base. You're to keep up with the gardening, research weapons, create better Lunar Transport technology, or mix up some moonrocks and see what you can create. Your secondary job is to keep the crew in good health, as you'll be pulling double duty for medical.

    Security Protection Team Member: You're expected to keep the crew safe from any threats while keeping law and order at the base. You have full access to the armory. You'll be helping the scientists research new weapons, protecting the crew members as the explore the outside, and patrolling the base to keep it safe. You won't be pulling double duty, your job is already basic enough as is.


    Alright, so you may be asking yourself, "AJ you said this was Psychological Horror. All I've seen is a weird lo-fi setting with a fetish for the 80's." Well this is where the Horror comes in. Unluckily for you, the side of the moon that the base is located on, is slowly turning away from Earth and the Sun (you're placed on the dark side of the moon). Due to this communication with Earth is cut off for about a month, leaving you in a confined and alone similar to The Thing.

    The RP will (hopefully) shine in this part, as the members of the SB. Regan will slowly start to go insane from isolation. (This is up to you guys) I or The Players, will start to 'slowly' to introduce strange or unusual things into the RP. For example: You start suspecting everyone is a Russian Spy out to get you. Or that you're seeing ghosts out of the corner of your eye.

    It will start devolving into a fucked up game of Telephone, where the truth starts to become blurred. With the lines between reality and fiction becoming more and more blurred as the month progresses. With each made up "story(?)" causing arguments between players, with the characters trying to figure out what's real.

    People will die in the RP, but I will try to make sure the death of (my or your) character is a huge event/catalyst that will bring everything further over the edge.

    But to make things fair for everyone, I do have a few rules to put in place:

    1. There will be no Mary Sue'ing or God Modding of any kind, including from me. If I do either of these things, don't hesitate to call me out on it.
    2. I'm perfectly fine with badass and combat capable characters. But give them enough character flaws to still have them be human.
    3. Speaking of Human, I only want people to be humans. Yes, there are robots in the game. But they're more there to deal with the tedious crap on the station. So no Androids.
    4. People will die in the RP. I hope that it won't be common.
    5. I'm fine with character 'romance'. But don't smut up the RP, or turn it into a crappy romance novel.
    6. Try to have fun with it. I'm giving free reign to you guys to go wild with the concept of creating a crazed conspiracy that could get people killed.
    7. One final thing though, the RP will start in the first month to build characters, relationships, or train skills so we could explain why someone knows how to properly use the lab. But if it gets too boring, we can time skip to the beginning of the second month.
    8. Humor is perfectly fine. Feel free to lighten the tone when possible.
    9. Don't go 2Edgy with the characters or 'story'. Serious is fine, but being edgy just to be edgy is just bad.

    Also I will be GM'ing another session of the game that focuses more on mechanics then storytelling. Everything is still the same, but it's much more gamey. I've encouraged those players to play where they'd like to; on here or over there. But I've also encouraged them to watch the thread if it takes off, and I will encourage the players here to do the same for them.

    Link to Mechanic based Space Base 88':

    There is one thing I wanted to carry over. But might prove to be difficult with the more freeform nature of this version. It's a way to keep time moving along in the RP, but it's up to the players.

    Possible way to keep time moving along (open)
    Time: The most important mechanic as it is what determines how the RP will progress. This is how it will be handled. Each two posts (per author) is the equivalent to two hours, each author is required to post a 1 or more paragraph post to increase time. Once the 1+ paragraph post limit (two 1+ paragraph posts) is reached, to do as they wish in whatever room they're located in. If one player is holding up the game from progressing, there will be a vote and the player will be skipped if the vote is successful.

    Time also limits crafting and movement, so we don't have people creating super-weapons or anything major right out the gate. I'll give you a set number of hours (turns) and tell you when the item will be complete, allowing the player to RP creating the item.

    Example: Player Tim wants to create a AK-47 (Because he's a commie fuck), creating this weapon will take 2 turns (four hours in-game).

    Time will progress once all players have posted twice, in the turn cycle.


    Player 1 [2]
    Player 2 [1]
    Player 3 [0]
    Player 4 [1]

    Player 2&4 need to post one more time, Player 1 needs to post 2 more times. Once that's done time will progress by two hours. Players that don't post their two times, will be skipped and their character will pass out.

    [And the writing level will be from intermediate to adept]

    [If enough interest is shown, this will be converted into an OOC and placed in the proper RP genre thread.]
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