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  1. I have been seriously wanting to do a survival RP, but I'm kinda burned out on the modern apocalyptic RPs' floating around. I'm not feeling the Fallout genre anymore, it's been done countless times. Does anyone remember the Lost Planet games? Not very good games I admit, but the plot was pretty interesting.

    Now down to the nitty gritty, who wants to throw around ideas? What makes a good survival RP? What draws people into the game and what keeps them around?
  2. I don't do many survival rps because they're all pretty cliched and similar, but a survival rp taking place in space or on a foreign planet always adds some extra flavor. That's what you were hinting at with the title and Lost Planet, right? Something with a bit of hard sci fi thrown in?
  3. Absolutely. I would like to avoid a Dead Space horror themed RP. From my experience they never last long. But being thrown onto a savage planet with little chance of survival could be fun.
  4. Yo, here's my two cents; Considering your idea for a space-age survival scenario, I'm guessing you'll probably want to go with the start being a crash-landing, yeah? That's always a good, simple starting point for that sort of plot, but have you considered maybe a prisoner dump? Like, the characters involved were just being dropped off on the worst planet possible so as to be rid of them?

    Whichever way you might decide to go, this is something I'd be interested in.
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  5. What if the group was working for a corporation, possibly living on this hostel planet working. Each person had their own job so on and so far, until shit hit the fan. Everything turned into a fight for survival, but you're ideas are good too.
  6. I'd be interested.

    Love me some "You're lost in space and fuck all is coming to save you" RP. Especially when you add the element of the psych trauma and people drama that would arise from a group struggling to work together to stay alive.
  7. Foreign planets, deeply unstable crews, and survival? Now I'm fully on board. I like the idea of working for a company-- especially a private one. Maybe they lose communications and can't get them back up, and the next transport wouldn't get there for, I don't know, years? Or maybe not at all, because losing communications Earthside was a blessing for the guys back home; whatever planet we're on, it's probably not nice at all. They don't want to come back anyway.

    So we've got a bunch of workers, mining or studying, or whatever it is they came here for, not getting any provisions they actually know how to use. No one's coming for them, so they've got to learn how to use the local flora to sustain themselves. Alternatively, there's another base that they could possibly get to to for food but the crew of that base is missing. Or dead, who knows. Maybe they have been for a long while, either of starvation or outside forces. Adds an air of mystery, yeah?

    Just some thoughts. I keep imagining a frozen wasteland, but that would too closely resemble arctic survival.
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  8. I think a densely jungled planet would be appropriate. It'd be hot, humid, hard to find your way around, and just filled with things eager to kill you. It would also be filled with potential resources the survivors could use to... well, survive. Now, if they could just figure out what won't try to kill them...

    Plus the abundance of yet undocumented life forms and materials would give a wealthy private supercompany plenty of reasons to bother it.

    And maybe a few to abandon it...
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  9. I really want to do both actually, maybe a little desert thrown in there too. We could cover each section and changes in the environment through parts in the story. Part 1 would be the initial "We're Fucked" moment. Perhaps we have to reach an evacuation zone or an outpost that has a working shuttle off planet. By the end of the story they finally reach said location, but of course something go wrongs and the group is back to square one. Maybe the aircraft was busted by a boss monster? Part 2 would be finding an alternative way off the planet or a less hostile place. Maybe they find a train or some shit to ferry them into a new location?
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  10. Sounds good.

    Also, I think you mean "hostile."

    A hostile area is one that is unfriendly and against you. A hostel area is like a cheap hotel.
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  11. Shhhht! I know. I had a wild night, way too much liquor and beer. So as of 3:00 in the afternoon when I woke up, I've been doing nothing but wishing I was dead.... I'm going to misspell some shit today, ok?
  12. Bah, I don't hold it against you. I've seen far worse mistakes from people perfectly ok. And not because of a typo.

    And it sounds like you had a fun time. XD
  13. Yeah lots of fun. I passed out on my friends porch, and sometime during the day it started to rain on me for god knows how long. lots of fun.
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