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  1. Welcome to the Soyez vous Apartments
    A once shabby and worn down building at the edge of the harbor was now an architectural wonder. Located in one of the top citys for free expression, New York City. The building had the view of the sparkling sea, and on the other end a range of the city that took breaths away when viewed at nighttime. Just behind the apartments on the small area of the pier, dusk approaching, a lovely sight of the ocean can be seen. It was an extravagant building when looking at it from the outside, but on the inside it held many secrets.

    It was the grand opening of Soyez vous and Jessabelle couldnt wait to see her new workers and tenants.

    She rustled in her bed, telling herself that she had to get up, today was important.
    She sat up slowly before opening her eyes and looked around her room in a daze.
    She stood up by the side of her bed and slide on her fuzzy kitten heel slippers that matched her fuzzy satin nightie.
    Jessabelle walked over to her massive walk in closet and flipped the light as she looked around.
    She tapped her mouth thinking over what to wear for such a big day. She walked over and picked up a green and blue sundress with a green veil that
    started at the waist and trailed down the floor. She dressed quickly and as she was putting on her shoes she
    heard a small alarm go off from her room, she looked over to her alarm clock that was set to go
    off at 10am. "I'm late for the opening," she made a curse and rushed out of her closet and out of her room, locking the door after her.
    She went to the elevator and pressed the down button, while she waited for it jessabelle placed a yellow flower in her hair
    from a nearby vase. The elevator finally opened and she got in, pressing the lobby floor button.
    The elevator buttons were abit weird, the third floor button would always bring you to the Lobby. Also the 8th floor button
    would not push in at all. The 8th floor, her penthouse, could not be reached by anyone except her. Some buttons were not even seen on the panel, but they were there.
    She reached the Lobby floor and ran out to the doors, with a large push she swung open the front doors.
    Sunshine along with a gentle breeze came into the room and Jessabelle stood at the doors with a soft smile, ready to greet her new guests.

    Emirates-Palace-Suite-Bedroom.jpg Jessabelles Bedroom
    2867719001_71162ce571.jpg Elevator Panel
    aressana-lobby.jpg Apartment Lobby

  2. Richie wasn't rich. He was always drinking and waking up in strange women's houses. But he'd been evicted and needed a place to stay, and since he'd heard that this new fancy apartment building was opening just around the corner that had some cheap places for rent he'd decided to come on down and wait for the opening. When the lovely landlady came out, he gave a small grin. It was kind of early so there weren't too many people around. He approached Jessabelle and smiled at her in a friendly way. "Hey, I heard you got some cheap rooms for rent? I kinda need to move in as soon as possible. If it's okay." He ended with a strange flirtatious tone that didn't make sense with what he was saying.
  3. Jessabelle watched as a tall man walk up to the building, he seemed abit sloppy, but she had no problem with it. She really wasn't going to judge her tenants, after all it is a place to be free. He said his last words kind of peculiar and she giggled, "It's perfectly okay." She tried to joke with him innocently, no need to make anyone uncomfortable already. He didn't seem like the type of guy she would just flirt with, but he didn't seem so bad either. Holding out her hand she announced, "Welcome to Soyez vous. If you kindly follow me i will show you around abit and then show you to your room." She made sure that she was still smiling softly and that she was being proffesional with her first tenant.
  4. Desmond watched in silence as the new tenants waited for Jessabeel to greet them, he wasn't surprised that she was late. No offense to her but he sometimes thought her free spirit attitude was not always the best way to handle things like these, but there was nothing that he could do about it since he was just a custodian here so he continued working on the exstensive list of chores he had to finish before the day was up. Thankfully there was atleast one good about her care free spirit he did like, it made her very open minded which made it easy for them to work out a deal on his lodgings, in exchange for becoming the new grounds custodian he would get a discount on the rent and a fair pay check at the end of every two weeks which was enough for him.
  5. Richie followed her around, unwittingly nodding as he went in awe. "She's a real beauty. I hope I can afford "Cheap" by your standards." He chuckled and followed her around in the tour. She was attractive but he wasn't sure whether or not to pursue her, because in his mind she was way outta his class. She owned the place for Christ's sakes.
  6. claridges-bar-580cs033110.jpg laundry-room.jpg
    Lobby Bar Laundry Room

    Jessabelle lead her new tenant all through the lobby floor.
    They went through the lobby, the bar, and the laundry room. Jessabelle made a small wave
    and said a hi to Desmond as they passed him by. She stopped at the elevator
    to push the up floor button and twirled around to face him.
    "I do believe we can meet your expectations on the price sir," she was still acting official.
    She quickly grabbed a clipboard with paperwork on it from the front desk and walked back to the elevator.
    "We'll go check out your room now okay?" Jessabelle smiled once more and stepped into the elevator
    with him as the doors opened. Pushing the 1st floor button, she took a quick look at the clipboard.
  7. Mason walked into the lobby and looked around for the landlady to show him the way to his room. He looked around as the mesmerized by the beauty of the inside. He tapped his hand on the side of his pants and his other was doing the same. Looking over he spotted a male and he looked at him for a moment trying to figure if he should make conversation but then again he didn't look like he was in the rather talking mood. Yawning he leaned against the wall and rested hid bag at his sides.
  8. Asten was driving through the streets of New York, looking for the appartment house that his servant got him a place in. It was his first time he was in that city sober, so it all looked really messed up and confusing to him. After getting lost for the forty-seventh time, he cursed the city and summoned trolls to break and murder everything and everyone there. As that didn't work, he decided to got to the beach to get some fresh smoke that he managed to steal from a police station's evidence collection while he was busy getting lost in the city. He rolled up a fatty and with the first puff, his mind cleared. He then saw a big, white building that looked like a hotel. He called his servant. After a few brutal riffs, he picked up.
    "Dildoes. Come here, we're buys that places and turning it darks and brutal and metal," Asten's eyes changin into murdering stare while he said that. Then he threw his phone in the sea.
    "PULE! I forgots to tells he to get me a reals metal phone!"
    Still swearing, he made his way to the hotel-looking building and parked in the garden in front. As he stepped out of the car, his hands started shaking. Need alco. Need alco. Need. ALCO! Were the words that completely occupied his head now and set on fire every other thought that managed to somehow creep past them into his head. He almost broke down the doors while figuring out how to open them and walked straight to the bar in the lobby. He didn't see anyone else on the way there, because of rambling in his head. As it was still quite early in the outside world for drinks, the bartender was not yet there. Asten jumped over the bar table and face-planetd on the floor behind it in the process. DRINK! DRINK! He picked himself up and looked around a bit.
    He gathered a few bottles of what looked like strong spirits and made hiw way to the nearest table, where he began his daily drinking marathon.
  9. Richie nodded as he followed the landlasy into the elevator. "Thanks, Miss." He tapped his feet softly, awkwardly, deciding not to press the matter. He stood up straighter once in the elevator and took in a deep breath, slowly. Then he just sighed again and slumped his shoulders. Something was making him feel very very awkward, and it wasn't even Jessabelle. The elevator stopped and the doors slid open, and he hurried out into the hall. Since when was he claustrophobic? He panted softly and waited for her to lead him on.
  10. Jessabelle walked out the elevator, still looking at the clipboard, and made her way
    down the hall. Stopping infront of room 1C, she took out her big ring of keys. She unlockes the door and steps back for Richie to see.
    "Ill leave you to get settled in and to fill out this paper work please," she said in a hurried tone.
    She starts to make her way to the elevator, "Please return that to the front desk when youre done."
    Standing in front of the elevator she turned back to say,"I do hope to see
    you later tonight for a Welcome dinner, ill come for you when it is time." With that she entered the elevator and went back
    down to the lobby.

    At the lobby, she spots another tenant so she rushes over, not looking very official.
    She knew something like this would end up happening. She took another clipboard from the head desk as she passed
    and went up to the newest tenant. "Hello there Sir, My name is Jessabelle. I am your landlady and would like
    to welcome you to Soyez vous." She extended her hand to him politely, he seemed abit like
    a loner. Jessabelle found this very interesting.
  11. Richie sighed and closed the door to his room. He sat in one of the chairs inside and casually looked through the papers, though absent-minded. He thought back to her invitation to dinner and sighed slowly. Oh well, not like it would change anything. He went back to the paperwork with his actual attention, as much as he hated it. He did his best to fill it out completely, then ventured to the elevator on his way to return it. About ten minutes later, after several mishaps with the elevator buttons, he walked toward the front desk and set the clipboard down, turning to walk back toward the elevator.
  12. Mason was busy fiddling with his hands at his sides when he looked up seeing the land lady known as Jessabelle. He stook up in a presentable manner and straightened his jscket before shaking her hand " it's nice to meet you my names Mason". He smiled slightly and then reached for his bags looking around the building. He looked back at jessabelle, she seemed wealthy and she was and she was beautiful at that and it was hard not to stare, but she'd probubally have men swooning over her. He looked away breifly " its a wonderful place"
  13. Dorian woke up with a start. He yawned as he looked around then noticed the time. He cursed silently as he realized that he should have been at work. He got out of bed and quickly. He changed into a black dress shirt. He was pulling on his dress pants as he cursed himself for oversleeping. This was not a good way to start off his new job. Jessabelle took a risk on him since he was not experienced in being a bartender. Grabbing one of his many lighters, he flipped it open and struck the starter. The lighter came to life as the flame danced for a moment before stopping. Dorian watched the flame for a moment before flipping it closed. He grabbed a silver tie and began to tie it as he slipped on his shoes and headed to the elevator.

    Hitting the down button, Dorian noticed that one of one elevators stopped at one of the levels below him. Waiting patiently, Dorian hears a ding and heads over to an elevator as it opens up. He got in and hit the appropriate floor for the bar. He walked out of the elevator and headed to the bar. His eyes got big as he saw the doors broken down. He cursed and pulled out his cell phone to make two calls. His first was to Jessabelle to let her know what happened and the other was to the local cops.
  14. Desmond had just finished sweeping up around the patio and taking out the lobby's trash when he noticed a rather....disturbed man walking into the lobby. Worried Desmond followed the man back inside watching closely just to make sure he wouldn't create a mess of things while he was inside, sadly that's just what happened the man hoped over the corner and began drinking all of Dorians stock. Desmond was about to walk over and ask the man to stop, but just as he was about to interviene he noticed the elevator open up with Dorian inside. Looking down at his watch Desmond decided that Dorian could handle this on his own and went back to work taking care of his exstensive duties.
  15. Richie sat around in his chair and sighed. This place was nice, had all the necessities, and had internet. He was seriously wondering how he could afford this room. But he could, and that was all that really mattered to him. He decided to go down and buy some drinks, and put his wallet in his pocket. He approached the elevator, then on second thought decided to take the stairs.
    Upon entrance to the lobby, he was staring low, towards the floor, in thought. He made his way toward the bar, looked up and opened his mouth to speak, and then froze. "PLEASE say you got some whiskey..." He looked heartbroken. How could they not have any alcohol on opening day? He was about to break down and cry softly like a little boy.
  16. Jessabelle looked around and said with a sigh, "why yes it is wond-" she stopped mid-sentence
    once she saw the bar. It was a wreck and the people over there did not seem happy.
    She walked over to the bar and said over her shoulder calmly, "excuse me for a second."
    When she made her way over she went straight over to Dorian and placed her hands on her hips.
    "What the hell happened," she said in a still calm voice. Thats when she noticed the drunken man,
    Jessabelle went over to him and flung him back onto the floor by his collar.
    "Excuse me sir," she looked down and said abit irritated yet calmly, "but what the hell do you think you are doing at my bar??"
  17. Richie stared as said events happened. He just wanted a drink. Was someone up there punishing him for his wretched life? Did someone up there have it out for him? He just pouted. He wanted alcohol BAD, even if he had to walk to the nearest liqour store and pick some up himself. And that was exactly what he planned on doing. Like a stormcloud he angrily left, angry at the random bastard who'd raided the bar and not Jessabelle, and went to find some Whiskey.
  18. Desmond was trimming some of the plant around the front entrance, although it wasn't on his list he'd decide a good trim would brighten things up and make the complex seem more prestine. He'd just finished picking up all the branches when he noticed a rather disgruntled man walking out of the lobby. Desmond bit his lower lip debating whether or not he should get involved with the man, he sighed knowing he'd regret this later and started walking up to the man. "Hello good sir my name is Desmond, I'm grounds keeper here. Can I help you with anything?"
  19. Down on the floor, the first thing the Norwegian noticed was a pair of huge boobs.
    "I'm looking at your tits right now, but befores you interrupted me, I was drinking," he didn't even try to get up yet. He was enjoying the view way too much. And he was drunk, that didn't make it any easier.
    "You tells your drittsekk of
    waiter to come in here early, I had to get my own drink!"
    Now he looked at the waiter for a moment,
    "What are yous doing just standing there, looking likes a runknisse, get me another vodka, yous don't excpect me to dos it on my own again?!"
    He then tried to grab one of the boobs hanging above him. He didn't even see landlady's slightly pissed off face.
  20. Richie stopped and looked over at Desmond. "Just some drunk bastard raided the entire bar so I gotta go buy myself a whole bottle 'a Whiskey." He sighed. He really hated being without his alcohol, and if it was legal he woulda torn that guy a new one.
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