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Manna Beast

Oh I wish, I wish, I hadn't killed that fish!
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-Fantasy with means of magic and sword based feelings, i do prefer a bit of romance in stories
-Modern with again a fantasy feel
-Cut in anything with a bit of Romance and I can give it a try.
A quick game with music! Whatever song you are listening too right now is the new theme song to the person that posted just before you!

Since I am the first poster, the current song that I suppose the thread ghost gets as a theme song is :

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...I definitely listen to too much Starset lol. Surprised Manna didn't get one

I guess you've gotta weeb it up with me now, Manna
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*tries to revive this thread with music*

Revive! Reviiiive!
Also omg was literally just talking about synth music. This is a weird coincidence that random shuffle gives me

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