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  1. Okayyy, so yesterday I chose a random movie from the library to watch.... I'm completely dissatisfied with what I saw.
    The movie is about some cult leader who claims to be from the future. The main guy thinks she's a fake (obviously) and he and his girlfriend are trying to make a documentary and expose her, while also joining the damn cult.
    Later in the movie there's some cop lady who speaks to the guy's girlfriend after they broke up. The cop lady says that the cult leader is a fake.
    The girlfriend says how the cult leader wants her boyfriend to bring some eight year old girl to her because she is supposedly her mother. (the guy is a teacher, that's how he knows the little girl). The cop lady just laughed and was like "you wanna know what she really wants with the girl?" and they just cut it off there!! They don't say anything about what this cult leader wants with her or anything!
    The nearing the end, the main guy brings the little girl to her "daughter" AKA the cult leader, and they do some little handshake, and the little girl is like "how do you know my secret handshake?" the cult leader says "you taught it to me."
    Then the cops came and took the lady away.
    BUT WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!?! Was she really from the future?!?! What was it the cops thought she wanted?!?!
    Was she a fake or not?!?!
  2. A lot of movies/books end that way on purpose; let the reader/viewer come to their own conclusions
  3. Well I know that.

    It was the part where the cop said that the cult leader was wanted in two states, and said "Do you wanna know what she really wants with that little girl?" then nothing else was said... so the lady was obviously not from the future.
    But... know what? Never mind.
  4. I don't get it. From what you're telling me, they're implying that the cult leader is, in fact, from the future while simultaneously outright stating that she isn't. Make up your mind, movie, because that makes no God damn sense. I don't even care what the cops think the cult leader wants with the girl, I just wanna know how she can know the little girl's secret handshake, having (I assume) never met her before, if she isn't actually from the future. I need to see this movie for myself, so that I may try to figure out what the hell is going on.
  5. That was what was irritating me. One moment they're saying she isn't from the future at all and that it's all a scam, in the end it seems like she is though.
  6. Could the little girl and the Cult Leader be the same person?
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  7. The cult leader says the little girl is her mother in the past.
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