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  1. Plot
    Foundation Arc

    Once upon a time in the land of the dead was ruled by just one cruel death god who ruled like a tyrant. he did his job of maintaining the cycle and keeping the soulverse afloat as was his instinct but that was about it. However souls of soldiers, rebels, criminals and many others in life banded together and fought back against it. while many were turned back into soul energy from once they formed and drifted back to the living world to become souls for new beings they were victorious. And also irrevocably changed the world. For the power to do serious damage to other souls was one, another was the creation of The Soul Chief which is an entity that keeps the soulverse functioning. The final was the worst. The Armarda, beings who's hearts became so blackened by time that it rots out and transform into monsters that prey on other souls and each other to fill the hole where their hearts used to be. they appear in various forms but all have a helmet/mask and armor pieces scattered around their body. the more powerful the more of the body it covers. untill pretty much the whole of the body where they are extremely power. even more so if they can forge an unstable version of a soul arms. but regardless the souls who overthrew the old death god built a new glorius world with some flaws but kept peace and balance. That is until The Great Destruction War. No Soul still around remembers the origin but some remember the Civil War proper. by the time it was all over what is now called the precursor civilization couldn't recover from it and collapsed. And so now your either lucky or unlucky to get to the Soulverse as it is plagued by Bandits some of whom have Soularms and Armardas roaming freely as they do on earth where some of the ghost part is drifting dangerously close to the Armadas realm due to the stress of so many dead still on it with Armada there as well. It almost seems like the end of the world. However there are Souls who refuse this fate out there. who are setting out to rebuild and heal this world. and there thodse who would stop them or if they succeed would bring it crashing down. Which shall you align yourself with?
    1. Soul Arms: your weaponry for Soul Knights and Broken. they vary in form as much as the user but base forms are Spear,Small Gun, Bow, Mace, Clubs, Staves or bladed weapones. capable of a basic release where form changes slightly and have some lower powered techniques available. Second Stage where form can greatly vary and more advanced techniques are possible however extensive use can. Final Stage release is where the weapon re-enters your body causing a change in appearance and a great power boost but prolonged use causes temporary loss of powers. released by a phrase and it's name on the first but second and third you just say that and the aprpiate version of the name.
    2. Precursor civilization: Founded by the ones who rebelled against the Primordial Death God. Were pretty advanced and left plenty of ruins. those who lived this long from those milliniea ago are either in The O Legion who is the Soul Chief's bodyguards and personal agents or were born during the war. any saying otherwise are likely crazy.
    3. Soul Flame Forge: Where the Soul Arms are made. A raised dull metal platform that has steps and gridle along the sides with an indent and ceremonial dagger in it. you shoot down a ball of soul energy into gridle that ignites the flame. then they have to use the dagger to extract the piece they use as the raw material to create the weapon. fail that or even have the will to withstand the flames they get in is an instant turn into soul energy.
    4. Soul Energy: This what allows life to exist. the soul is made of the stuff entirely. so is the whole Soulverse. it is the basic building block of the spirit world.
    5. Soul Artes: aka Magic. three types: Way of Destruction for offensive spells, Way of Protection for Defensive spells and Finally Way of The Seal to either boost your comerades or to trap/weaken your enemies. usually you need to say the incantation but those who are particularly gifted can just say the name of the spell.
    6. Harmonic Unity: The Ace in the hole for only the most powerful of Helmed Soul Knight or Broken Armored Armarda. it returns both Soul Arm and Inner Armarda back to the base soul. It briefly gives the user near if not god levels of power. However the cost is the extremely probility once you use the Final Technique which is given in this form you will be stripped of all soul powers. very few have ever recovered from it's use and those that did took a very long time. So this is a last ditch technique.
    7. Fake Bodies: bodies made of a material that allows Soul Knights to posses and use them. made for when interaction with the living directly is required.
    Playable Races
    1. Soul Knights:Protectors and reapers of souls. They are beings capable of bearing Soul Arms and are the ones in charge of protecting the Soulverse or in this case rebuilding it. standard uniform, which comes on when you make a soul arms, is a sleeveless top and long flexible pants with boots, all in black. Though the uniform can be modified even upon recieveing it. Split into 14 groups called Forces led by a Strike Leader and a Liutentant as the second in command. the Stike Leader of Force 1 is the head of the whole deal.
    2. Armarda: The Armored Horrors. Born when time erodes your heart or another eats in the vain attempt to fill it's own. To maintain form and control over a body they have random pieces of Armor all over their body and helmet. while no real clear power structure there is the normal ones the the cloaked behemoths which are quite powerful but rarely have any individuality due to it being a compression of many Armardas. Those that do become Beast Behemoth which is more armored and not exactly human looking but even more powerful plus a brain. Finally the Lord Behemoth which are humanoid in shape and size with plenty of brains and brawn. plus some can make a primitave and unstable version a soul arms. also capable of fireing a beam of soul energy called a dark soul.
    3. The Helmed Knights: rarities who somehow resist going full Armarda. they are able to call on the helm and use slightly weaker version of the Armordas powers but boost their attacks with them.
    4. Broken Armarda: pretty much the same as above only Aemadra. Shorten at times to Broken.
    5. Aware Human: Those that can see Spirits/ghosts. some have some abilities through a medium object. no real structure beyond your normal one.
    6. Spirits: Spirits of the dead. some have potential to become Soul Knights or get eaten. higher powered ones tend to be nobles of some sort but there are plenty of non-nobles with high spirit Energy. also as you may have guessed some are born spirits who were never among the living.
    • Soulverse: A A planet with a Pangaea-like continent and surrounded by ocean on all sides. has varied enviroments but is mostly grassland and forest. villages and surviving ruins are scattered about this world as are scars of The War.
    • Field of Blades: The biggest scar of The War. The site had the last and most bloody battle on it. Many weapons in various states of damage are planted into the barren ground and is the place with the last known functioning Soul Flame Forge. Which by the by is guarded by the mass concious creation of the Soul Arms that didn't die with their masters and all they have now is their fury.
    • The Living World: It is in the information age. so it has mabny ways to make life better and more ways to kill each other. is pretty crowded in both Spirit and living sense.
    • Dead Layer: A Fractured Layer of reality on earth. It is the plain where ghosts who haven't made it to the Soulverse. here it is possible for the heart to erode.
    • The Abyssal Waste: The home of Armarda and the remains of The Old Death God. A harsh and Barren Land where it is killed or be killed in eternal night. this is where the darker half of the balance was born.
    • The Ever Shifting Tunnel: the realm in between all others. The only creature here is a massive train like entity known as the Cleaner who will shoot you into time and space if it collides with you. also can be lost in it for all eternity if you get totally absorbed into a wall.
    • Hell: The prison for damned Souls who's sins were too many to be permitted into the Soulverse. a prison where you keep reviving only to Be killed by massive beasts who guard the realm known as Hell hounds. or each other.
    1. Be decent to eachother OOC
    2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus
    3. No going OP. notice on the ones that could i put limits. they are there for a reason.
    4. Char death is allowed but only when both agree on it. otherwise it is near fatal.
    5. Be creative with powers and their level.
    6. can change your character up as time goes on.
    7. Limit for the Strike Leader Lietentant and third most powerful. one goes down the guy below gets bumped up.
    8. Have Fun!
    Char Sheet:
    Race:(If Soul Knight Force and Rank. If Armarda what type.)
    Age:(appearnce and actual if applicable.)
    Soul Arms:(if applicable please describe)
    Skills:(how good your char is at using their soul arm, hand to hand and Soul arte usage.)
    Appearnce:(descrip or Anime/pic)

    (Note: Yes this looks a lot like bleach. it was the inspiration for this.)
  2. Name: Drake Vale
    Race:Soul Knight Strike Leader of Force 1.(Soon to be anyway)
    Age: Currently 17 as he he was at D.O.D.
    Soul Arms: A long Sword that is called Emerald Knight. Release Phrase: "Protect my kin and Strike Down my Foes. Ride in,". the blade starts to glow green with sparks coming off. it releases energy pulses that passively disrupts the Soul Energy Flow in the body and can an energy blast when concentraited. Second level is the blade itself being energy and no guard. can use many energy attacks in this form named Emerald King. Final release is named Emerald Emporer and is armored up a bit with long green hair some armor and runes all over. in this he uses almost exclusively energy attacks.
    Skills:good with Soul Artes, decent in hand to hand and A master of Soul Arm use.
    Appearance: He looks surprisingly normal for a leader. He has really messy brown that sticks up all over the place. he has a rather handsome face with pretty god features and green eyes. off duty he wears a black shirt with a red insignia and a brrown parka with white faux her on the collar and cago pants with sneakers. on duty he wears the standard uniform plus a cloak with the Force number he in charge of with his Soul Arm sheathed hanging loosely from the right side of his waist.
    Personality: He is a pretty laid back guy most of the time with a good . He has a more moralistic sense of justice than absolute. Can be quite the charismatic guy and cares for those under his command which add to his leadership abilities. Also he can be quite cold and cunning when necessary and may the Soul Chief have mercy on you if his vengeance.
    History: In life He didn't have an easy life. He was orphaned early on in a nasty disaster and left his sister rather sickly. he worked any job he could to pay the bills and keep them alive. he did a pretty good job of it until he was 17 and was killed in a school shooting. he was trapped in the Dead Layer for a number of years avoiding being eaten by Amarda and found an opening to the Ever shifting tunnel. there he barely avoided the walls and Cleaner. managed to land nearby a village.
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