Souls of War

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  1. It's funny how one decision could effect the entirety of your day and choose in it's own sick way how your day will end, and how one doesn't come to realize this until they're running frantically for their life down a cobble stone street with a gaping hole in their side much like Saiko was under the waning gibbous. Exaggerated? Not by much. Saiko was indeed running but no one was chasing her. Wounded but for a demon like her the injury wasn't fatal. Being a creature of primitive instinct, she ran to look for cover even if she should have stood her ground and waited for a unit from the academy to be dispatched and deal with the problem. Not that it was their problem to deal with, with it being a feral fight between demon clans but humans loved sticking their noses where it didn't belong and were especially fond of placing rules and regulations on things they couldn't fully comprehend. Thus, the whole city was in an uproar.

    The demoness fell heavily against a closed stall nearly knocking over the support for the awning, a hand clamped around the open wound caused by a demon weapon. It wasn't too deep but it was enough to leave a broken trail of darker-than-normal blood behind her; she didn't have to be a medic to know stitches would be necessary. Saiko's initial reaction to the situation finally worn off and she collapsed to the ground and onto her knees. Her long, strawberry blond hair had came loose from the ponytail holder she had lost during the scuffle and blanketed her thoroughly as it came down to her thighs when standing. Her grey-blue eyes were fluttering and her breathing was labored. Off in the distance she could hear sirens and all sorts of ruckus that came with demon-involved disturbances.

    Despite her weariness, a pale, slender hand wrapped around a wooden support and she struggled to her feet. It would be best to wait for representatives from the academy where she was at, but sitting like she was practically guaranteed loss of consciousness.


    The academy was build on and around a large, high hill, giving the structure a unique architecture. The promise of nearly consistent warm weather allowed for the school to utilize open hallways and stone paths between the main buildings and dormitories, the sports fields and the courtyard. The library dominated most of the bottom floor of the main building that resided on the top of the hill, and with floor-to-ceiling windows it made for the perfect view point to oversee the town resting below on all sides. Sophia, or Sophie as her friends call her, stood in front of one such window with a concerned frown on her face. Saiko had left for town earlier to look for something - what she never specified - and not even thirty minutes into the run a demon battle broke out among the citizens. The fact Saiko had yet to return only meant she was caught up in another clan dispute.

    The angel sighed and finally gave up on trying to see what was happening. The headmaster had already called on a selected few including a teacher to settle the matter, take stock of collateral damage, and do whatever else necessary. The brunette took a seat at the table she had been studying at and sighed heavily. Brown hair cropped jaw length framed her worry ridden face and chocolate brown eyes rested on the book spread open in front of her but couldn't bring herself to actually read even with the weekly test looming over head. She wanted to be out there too, but didn't have the chance to volunteer. It seemed that right was given to those who were in detention and were at least Level C, the minimum level required to go out on such errands; probably to give them something productive to do.

    The levels went from E all the way up to A and were decided upon by power and skill and had different requirements and goals to meat depending on the practice. A demon practitioner is expected to have power but little control, ending them up in E for longer period of time. Once their power and skill even out, they become Level C and progress normally from there. Human practitioners rarely start off at Level E with any power or skill, but eventually come into it. Thus becoming either sorcerers or sorceresses, white magic users, witches or wizards, black magic users, or magi, elemental magic users by Level C. Angel practitioners very greatly but often have the skill but not the power.


    Alexander Trügen ran a hand through his hair after finishing his chat with the local law enforcement and returned to his group of waiting students, a group of misfits really consisting of human, demon, and angel practitioners alike. "It seems it was merely a clan dispute," he informed his students, sounding disinterested in it all. In actuality he was. Being of half human, half angel blood he couldn't careless about the petty issues of demon kind, but humans here a nosy race with need for control and a protocol 'needed' to be in forced in some way. He boldly lit up a cigarette and took a puff from it.

    "Alright, I want trackers out on the look out for those who were involved in this, chances are they were students, and the rest of you taking eye witness accounts. Any reports of damaged property should be reported to me. You all should know by now how to differentiate between broken property caused by misguided scuffles and people trying to haggle you." His steely eyes roamed over the students who seemed to be either standing alone or with some of their 'clique'. On their person somewhere was the school's emblem along with crests indicating what clan they belonged and what practice they were under.

    He frowned inwardly. When he had first started teaching at the academy, tensions between the practices were near non-existent, but lately, demon clans have been having inner issues and the more evident this came to be the more humans felt the need to intervene, putting even more strain on their kind and even causing some to direct their frustrations on the human race altogether. Angels were neutral for the most part and even those who associated with those involved with the strife rarely actively took part.

    It was then Mr. Trügen decided to be more specific in his instructions and lie a little. "Since the headmaster seems concerned with your well being, it has been requested that you partnered up and what better way to ensure safety than pairing you off with a practitioner not from your own practice? Demons with either angel or human. Angel with either demon or human. Human with either demon or angel. Understood?"
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