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  1. Hey everyone!
    So, I make maps on photoshop for my own roleplays and sometimes I make extra or have some from old roleplays that serve no purpose anymore. Instead of letting them sit around collecting dust, I figured I should give them out to all of you to use for whatever purpose you see fit!​

    DOs and DO NOTs:

    DO NOT remove my tag (Maps by Soulserenity20 : Free to use).

    DO NOT claim them as your own work. There's just no need. I'm giving them to you to use for free. Why steal what costs you nothing?

    DO NOT try to claim one for your private use. These are free-to-use for everyone. That means 4 of you can use the same map. Considering each roleplay is so unique, this won't be a problem. Take the landscape and fit it to the world you imagine.

    DO NOT request a custom map. Customs take a lot of time. I do not have time.

    DO NOT ask me for the PSD.

    DO NOT change it and then claim it as your own work.

    DO add your own dots and cities!

    DO add your own labels for the name of region, the countries, the cities, etc.

    DO draw borders, add monsters, change the tint or tone of the map.

    DO be creative with what you have.

    DO request generic map types that are not available: E.g. an entirely winter region, a desert only region, a group of islands map, an underwater map, etc. but DO NOT give me details like "I'd like four cities placed here, a forest to the north, and a giant cave in the southeast region of the west island." THESE ARE NOT CUSTOMS.

    DO Enjoy ~

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    Standard, Diverse Biome Map with notable locations (like the peninsula, swamp, and lone mountain peaks)
    Warm Climate Map
    With desert region, mountain range, and warm forest with large inland lake.
    "Storm on the Horizon" Map with a storm brewing in the north and a frozen northern region. This map is great for "Impending Doom of the Gods" roleplays and features a region divided, one half a tropical paradise, the other an eternal winter under the threat of the northern storms.
    Tropical Map with Mysterious Canyon/Rift/Battle Scar from that evil, ancient dragon.
    Northern Continent Map with evergreen forest and just a lick of warmth in the south.
    A classic "badlands" map with a dead zone created by some plague, zombie horde, or perhaps an evil dragon. The rest of the region looks reasonably peaceful!

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    (Originally designed for a Harvest Moon Roleplay)

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    Dark warm weather cave with a pool of water that may or may not contain Naiads
    Frozen cave, or plain stone cave with secret tunnels and a flowing river and pool.

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  2. These are awesome. Thank you!
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  3. UPDATE: Alright, I've got 7 maps up now. I'm trying to add a nice variety to fit a number of different plots. I'll try to have ten continent maps up before I start producing generic rooms (taverns, cellars, etc that are useful for table top). Any requests for room or map types are welcome :)
  4. These are really cool, if you don't mind me asking what program do you use to make them?
  5. Photoshop! I used to use CS2 but I got CC6 for christmas so that's what I use now :)
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  6. Yeah I thought so I normally use FT3 and CC3 depending on what I'm attempting to do.
  7. I use whatever I have XD I feel very privileged to have CC6. I've been using the free download of Cs2 for 3 years now to learn and I'll tell ya, this CC6 makes everything so easy you don't even need skill!
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  8. I usually make them just for fun. Never really used a map for an RP I like to try and fashion the world on words alone. As for CC6 yeah it is pretty magical the tech club at my school did a demo and it was smooth.
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  9. These are wonderful!

    Quite a few of these fit what I was looking for quite well, too! Though I do wonder how easy it would be to make my own maps using the free program...
  10. I used to use the free download of Cs2 and everything present on these maps is done with super basic commands, nothing fancy required. If you're using a free program you can probably make similar ones! Get some blending modes going, textures, and find some Fun brushes and youre good to go!
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