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  1. So, I was browsing for some plots since I still need some improvement on that department when I discovered this plot on Tumblr. It really piqued my interest and I wanted to know if there is anyone who could help me develop it into a group RP. If you have some ideas don't hesitate to send me a PM and we could talk about it. I feel like its a very interesting concept. Here is the link to the original page where I got it from...

    My Other Half (wattpad)

    Summary: You see, when everyone is born you get a necklace that is half of a unique shape. You’re ‘soulmate’ also wears the same necklace. The necklace gets warmer when your near your soulmate and colder when you are not. Also. Your soulmate doesn't always end up being the opposite gender.
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  2. Sounds cool to me! Interested!
  3. Really!? Awesome! I really want to make this happen. I will work on it so I could make a pretty decent background and well thought-out plot. It will take a bit of time since I've never created an RP with Character Sheets and all that fancy stuff. @ClaireRae Do you have any advice or suggestions??
  4. This sounds pretty cool, I love the idea of soulmates! I just had a couple of questions about it.

    Is the necklace something scientists created to help people find each other or are you born with it? Does it grow with you or do you have to buy new chains for it?

    I don't know why, but I think little babies being born with necklaces held in their mouths is adorable. Just a thought! Let me know if you want help world building or you just want to bounce ideas back and forth!
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  5. @Narcotic_Dollie I really like your ideas. I would love your help in world building because I've never done it myself and I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks for taking an interest! And, I just that idea of the babies and it IS adorable! I think that it should grow with you.
  6. I've never done it either, but I'm always happy to help talk through an idea. It's probably a good idea to get a profile template up soon as well as a general overview of the 'verse. And you should probably get your profile working so you have an example of how you want others to do theirs.

    Did you want this to be set on earth or a different place? As for the time, will it be past, present, or future? If you're worried about the world building, the easiest would probably be present day earth and you could just pick a city to focus on. But if you wanted to do something else, that'd be great too, this concept could work just about anywhere/time.
  7. Ohhh I like this. I have a character I've set up for soulmate plots that's stubborn and hates the idea of fate with her entire being.

    Question though, would it be physical distance only for the warmth of the necklace? Because it would be kind of funny and cute if someone was on an anonymous forum or something and scrolled to a certain post and suddenly their necklace is burning and they have to figure out how to approach someone online that is meant to be their soulmate without sounding like a total creeper. I dunno, it's kind of a weird idea.
  8. This is awesome, I've seen that post before and loved it. I want in. I was thinking for the necklace that maybe it could just randomly appear when their soul mate is born. Like you know, maybe it won't come until a boy is 5 or when a girl is born. Like it just shows up at the house/hospital with the person's name on the box.
  9. I'm interested in this!! Oh, and I like the idea of the necklace randomly appearing when the soul mate is born :)
  10. *Expressing interest*
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  11. *Reads the posts in this interest check*

    *Raises hand* U-Um... I'd like to, uh... Be part of this please.

    *Slowly puts down her hand*
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  12. *Pats Under The Stars' back* Good job!
  13. *Flinches when she gets touched* Ah! Oh... Umm... Thanks...
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  14. Hi, yes, I'm also interested~

    And can possibly help with Character Sheets ^^
  15. Woah, this sounds like such a fun idea. :o
    It kinda reminds me of a movie called "TiMER" which I also saw the original idea on Tumblr, except in this plot, it's a necklace and not a timer on your wrist... But still, they both have to do with being paired with your soulmate!

    This would be interesting to see how it will turn out with being a group roleplay too. Like, we could already have "bffs" figured out so maybe your friend finds their love earlier than you or at least their character will have someone to talk to in the beginning of the roleplay when everyone is still gettin' things together.

    Also, question: By "necklace" do you mean that there will be a charm on the necklace that aligns with the soulmate's charm, or is it literally just a chain around your neck (with no charm or symbol) that glows when you're near your soulmate's chain and then magically connects? I'm just trying to avoid any misunderstandings here because I seem to have a talent at doing that.
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