Soul Searching

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  1. ..::~A tale between this world and the next~::..

  2. "Come on Arlo it'll be fun!" Her voice was whiny and pleading, jumping constantly with the thing gripped between her hands. Arlo stood firm, face twisted in distaste.

    "No, I'm not getting involved in that mess." He stated, staring her down. Of the group, Angie was the one that was pushing for this the most, complaining that Arlo was 'no fun at all' at his very first denial of the thing. "You guys can get yourselves possessed by a spirit or whatever, I'm not doing it." His expression stayed neutral, he refused to be a part of this.

    "It's not like it's even real!" The girl practically shouted, which only resulted in Arlo questioning why they'd even do it if nothing would happen. At that, Angie dropped her argument and moved back to pleading and begging for Arlo to join in. "We'll do it for like, five minutes! Please please please--" Each repetition of the word came with one more hop and what Arlo swore was her voice getting even more loud and annoying. With a hand on his forehead, the boy sighed. "Fine, but I'm not--" Angie cut him off with an excited squeal and dragged him along as she stormed through the house to find the 'perfect spot' or something of the sort.

    Don't worry about it, Arlo. He thought to himself, trying not to let his worry get the best of him. Like she said, it's probably doesn't even work. He breathed in deeply as his friends began setting it all up, having no clue himself of how the Ouija Board.. thing, even worked.

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  3. "I can't believe you guys have never done this before." Austin stated with a bit of disbelief. The young male was practically an expert in the dealings of the supernatural. Self proclaimed of course. He watched as Angie and the others fumbled with the board. He could feel chills of excitement down his body.

    "Hey, Arlo." He called as he approached the other and threw an arm around his shoulders. "Don't be so uptight. I've done this a bazillion times! Nothing you're unable to explained ever really happens. Half the time its just your imagination, so relax!" He said trying to comfort his buddy. "It's mostly to entertain the girls anyway, eh?" He smirked and jerked his chin in their direction befrre gently leading Arlo towards the action.

    Cold. Desolate. Boring. Just a few ways to describe his existence. It seemed for the longest time all he could see in his world were washed out shapes, void of any color. Just blacks and grays chilling his environment. It was always freezing on top of it. If he could breathe, he was certain there would be clouded puffs of air falling from his numbed lips. How empty and lonely his existence had become. How long it had been like this, he could no longer remember. In fact, there was a lot of things he could no longer remember. All he knew was that he had been wandering lost in this world for a very long time.
  4. Arlo blinked a few times as Austin's arm went around him, leaning ever so slightly away from him. "Half the time, huh?" He repeated, feeling a light sense of dread creep on on him before he shook his head. "Yeah, sure." He agreed, though halfheartedly. He chuckled lightly at his comment about the girls, following him closely to the other. He watched Angie look through the hole in the almost heart-shaped item that came with the board.

    "Whats this pointy thingy?" Angie looked up at Austin, a puzzled look on her face. She was eager to get started despite being almost completely in the dark on what the thing did. It does ghost things, that's what she knew. She shook a little bit, holding the object in the air with a sudden excited expression. "Com'on!, I'm so ready for this!" She let out, causing Arlo to flinch slightly.

    "Well, that makes one of us." Arlo muttered, not at all prepared for seeing something dead today. "There isn't a way to get out of this, is there?" He groaned, trying to keep his wits about him.
  5. "That is the Planchette, what the spirits will use to guide to letters and numbers or whatever...." He answered as his eyes glanced at Arlo. Austin couldn't help but be amused at the fear his friend felt. Didn't he get that this was all just a hoax? Honestly, Austin had never had anything all that exciting happen with one of these things, but it was always fun to find an opportunity to creep someone out. The blond haired male came closer to the board and took a seat. Casually he instructed the armatures on the rules and all the 'do's and don'ts'. All in all it was pretty simple:

    Sit in a circle with everyone, except one person, touching the planchette. One person asks the questions, the odd person out (not touching the guide thing) will write down letters and numbers that Spirit chooses.

    Austin sat straight up and rolled his shoulders, eyes going around to lock momentarily with each member of the group. "Everybody ready?" He said attempting to make his voice suspenseful.
  6. "Yes!" Angie said quickly, already reaching for the Planchette. She looked to Arlo, already guessing what he was going to say. "Nuh-uh, you're not gonna be the writer Arlo!" The boy looked at her quickly, jumping slightly as he sat down.

    "And why not! I'm the only one who doesn't wanna do this!" Arlo was quick to defend himself, trying his best to avoid thinking about his voice had just cracked mid-sentence. He cleared his throat before speaking up again. "Besides I'm sure the rest of you want to do the.. touchy thing, yeah?" Arlo began drumming his fingers on his leg. He felt himself glaring at Angie, who wore just about the most devilishly triumphant face he'd ever seen, lips curled in a smirk.
  7. "C'mon man, don't be like that! Live a little!" Austin prompted. He wouldn't tell Arlo that the smirk on his face was from the boys pitchy protest. Look, Why don't I be the writer since i've done this a bunch, and Arlo..." His grin grew ear to ear as he paused just a moment. "Can be the leader and ask all the questions." The blond seemed quite proud of himself for his suggestion and he had no doubts Ms. Eager Angie would back him up.

    Coming from a distance, there seemed to be echos. Soft sounds, like a faucet that was dripping water. What was is? Curiously, He moved leaving behind his safe haven. He ventured through the portal that vaguely shaped itself like a doorway, phasing through the barrier with ease. Drip. Drip. Drip. He turned his attention to the left, then to the right. The echos seemed to call from the further distance. He turned right and continued down the misshapen hall. standing at the top of a seemingly never ending stairwell, he listened.
  8. "W-what!?" Arlo's light blue eyes went wide, obviously affected by the notion. "No, no way I did not sign up for this!" He stated quickly.

    "You didn't sign anything, Arlo." Angie's snide comment caught his attention, glaring at her as she sat with her head resting in her hand, grinning wide. "Come on! I'm sure you have the best questions!"

    "I don't have any questions at all!" He shot back, hoping one of them would cave and let him be. This, however, seemed unlikely. Arlo hid his face with his hands. "Why do I hang out with you two." His voice was muffled slightly as he spoke. It's fake, remember? It'll be fine! He thought, hoping to talk himself into getting the whole thing over with. He ran a hand through the shaggy brown locks on his head, glaring once more at the two. "Fine, fine. I'll be your stupid question asker or whatever." He said bitterly.

    Angie's excited squeal of victory alone made him jump. "This is gonna be great!" She shouted, scooting as close to to board as she could. "Alright, like this?" She asked Austin, placing her finger on the Planchette and waiting for Arlo to copy her movements. "Now what?" She waited for a moment.
  9. He shook his head at the other boys protests. Did he have to make it so obvious that he was scared?

    "Just like that." Austin encouraged Angie, allowing his attention to be taken away from Arlo. He then pulled a mechanical pencil from the backpack he had brought over with him. He also pulled out a notebook to record the ghostly encounters. "So now, we have to summon the spirit..." His eyes landed to Arlos. "So all you really have to do is invite a spirit...Say something like 'Spirit, this is a safe place. We only wish to communicate with you, ask you questions and learn from you. Please come through and talk with us' ... Or something like that" He shrugged his shoulders before flipping to a blank page. His eyes then went back to Arlo expectantly.

    Slowly, he descended down the stairs. What was that sound? Where was it coming from? Why had he not heard it before. As he continued his decent, the grey scaled world seemed to swirl into a fog, all shades and shapes being masked by white fog. It made him feel....uneasy? Something he was not sure he was even capable of feeling. Still, he could hear the faint ripples bouncing off the walls. His curiosity was too great to be warned off by the thick mist.
  10. Arlo sighed, trying to keep his tone even as he spoke. "Uhm, Spirit this is a safe play. We only, um, only wish to speak with you and-- ask you questions and... yeah. Please come through?" Arlo felt his voice waver a few times as he spoke. He glanced between the two every few seconds, waiting for something to happened as he forced himself to breath evenly.

    Angie shifted a bit. "Well? Now what?" She asked. It didn't seem like much was happening at the moment. A light feeling of hope made its way into Arlo's chest, maybe it would be alright after all.
  11. Austin held his breath. First he looked to the board then to his friends. He repeated it a few times before giving a light shrug and giving Arlo a hand gesture to try again.

    Through the fog the dripping had stopped. It left him lost again, but only for a moment. As he continued forward the fog seemed to grow thin and something else reverberated off the walls. It sounded distant, and fairly muffled, but it definitely sounded like...a voice? He moved in its direction and the vision he found was hard to make out. The fog was gone from one area of the room and in that spot there was a bright glow. At first, he was unsure if he should approach it any further, but something kept drawing him to it.
  12. Arlo sighed a bit. "Uhm, Spirit, we only wish to talk with you, please come through so that we may learn from you and... yeah..." Arlo trailed off, still unsure of what he was doing exactly. He could feel a light sense of dread creeping up on him for some reason or another, but still, he wasn't if anything was happening at all.

    Angie let out a huff. "When does the spooky stuff happen!?" She let out, along with a bored and annoyed sounding groan. "Austin, is this just some dumb trick?" She glared at him, not putting it past the boy to pull a fast one on both Arlo and herself.
  13. "No no. Just be patient. And calm. You don't want to call out a demon do you?" He glared at the impatient Angie. He rolled his eyes before doodling on the corner of his notebook. "Give it a couple minutes. Maybe they're shy?"

    Definitely voices. He moved closer to the bright object and could not help but reach out to its beconing call. He stretched out and let his energy fall onto the lit object. Suddenly, he felt a strong surge the he could not explain. He quickly retaliated by slingshoting back away from this thing. In his actions his force managed to clip the edge of a nearby table and send the light lamp atop of it tumbling over.

    Austin jumped at the event and grew a bit wide eyed. "Did you guys just see that!?" He asked pointing to the evidence. "Look! We've reached one! Also, ask it something!" The blond excitedly ordered his friend.
  14. Angie quieted down at the comment, but let out another huff and rested her head in her hand, blowing a few strands of stray hair out of the way as she waited. The girl squeaked at the lamp falling, possibly louder than Arlo did, but it was unlikely. She giggled at Austin's comment, "Yeah! Ask something!" She repeated, growing excited once more.

    "Uh- uhm," Arlo stammered, clueless to how his friends could be so energetic about something moving without any of them touching it. He thought for a moment. Ready to just get up and bail on the entire thing. He took a deep breath, reassuring himself. "What uh.. what's your name?" He asked slowly, forcing himself to keep his hand on the planchette below him.
  15. The loud noise hadn't just surprised the living. The emotion was certainly something he was not used to. He looked to the fallen object with utter confusion. Had he just... Touched that? He looked back to the bright light that he had fled from, but the image three was different. There was no longer a blinding light but a scene. Three people sitting around a table? What was even stranger was that his grey scaled world was not quite so bleak... In fact it held a very faded, washed out color look. He stared for a moment longer before stepping closer. He looked intently at each being with curiosity and disbelief. Slowly, once close enough, he reached out for one of the humans but was cut short when he heard a voice. The vey sound chilled him and nearly startled him into fading away. "What is your name?" For a minue he was silent. He drew his hand to his chest. His name? Why would they want to know that? The better question... What was his name? Again he stepped a little closer. He looked down on the board they all seemed to be focused on. He wasn't sure what exactly it was, but it had numbers and letters on it which he presumed he was expected to use to answer them.

    Austin was quite exited at this point nearly wiggling in his seat. He sat with his pen in hand watching the board expectantly. He wasn't sure if the chill he felt next to him was his imagination or if he was really feeling another presence. What ever it was, it was exciting.

    Once again he reached out but this time it wasn't for the human it was for what they were touching. When his fingers made 'contact' with it he could feel a weird surge. Almost like a gentle electric current. It was a strange sensation that his body was making a physical contact and not phasing though the object. He looked over the board and could feel a frown. What now? What was his name? It had been forever since he had to use it. However it seemed a few letters jumped out at him. He began to push the object toward the E.
  16. Arlo let out a yelp as the object began to move. His eyes grew wide and his chest began pounding. "Wh.." He cut himself off, unsure of whether he should be talking during the object's movement. He looked to Angie first, to see if there was any sign of the girl moving it on her own to mess with him, but her excited gaze wasn't something that could be faked, making Arlo even more nervous. This was supposed to be fake! His mind practically screamed at him. Arlo swallowed air in this throat as he watched the object, forcing his hand to stay where it was. As absolutely terrified as the boy was, he couldn't help but feel some sense of curiosity inside of him.

    Angie, on the other hand, smiled wide as the planchette moved. "It's working!" She whispered excitedly, looking at Arlo and holding back a laugh at the boy's reaction. Her excitement bubbled up inside of her as she watched, looking from the board to Austin as she waited for the planchette to stop moving.
  17. The dial hesitated on the E allowing them to register that it was the letter intended before it move the L. I. J. A. H. Austin had written down each letter before reading it allowed. "Elijah? What kind of name is that?" He snorted at the old style name before looking back to Arlo expecting home to ask another question.

    He frowned at the human who seemed to pick at him. However he did not let it detour him from keeping his hand on the piece and waiting. Honestly he was still in awe at this situation. He could actually see the living and what was more... Communicate! He was going to make this last as long as he could. It was lonely on his side.