Soul Eater: The Shadow Maiden

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Would you rather be a Weapon or a Meister?

  1. Weapon

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  2. Meister

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  1. This roleplay will take place in a conversation and I will be playing The Shadow Maiden (Main character, oc, thief) and her sister(Side character, in the hospital with life threatening disease). I would need someone to play as either Death the Kid or Soul. You can have as many side characters as you would like to have. I will start a conversation with you to post my characters and answer any questions you have. Thank you for your time and have a good day~!
  2. You could also be Crona or an oc, I don't mind :3
  3. When I get my laptop back, I'd be interested in playing Soul, as I did in a recent fandom RP, I like to think I have his half-assed attitude down XD

    You're free to look over the RP, though it's very long
  4. Okay~ Shall I post the RolePlay to you?
  5. I'll need a link to it so I can post when I have access to my laptop back, so if you can, that would be good
  6. Okay, I'll send it to you shortly after I get on my computer
  7. Seems interesting.
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  8. Would you like to do it?
  9. Looks cool mind if I make an oc and join?
  10. Sure, I'll pm it to you since I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum
  11. lol Okay I'll start working on my oc.

  12. -General Info-

    Name (last, first): Norb, Anna


    Sexual Focus:Male


    Species:Human Mister

    Birthday:January 18

    History:Anna had a normal past. Straight A's and a perfect GPA. She enrolled into the Academy at age 14 and still has yet to find her partner.

    Personality:Calm, shy, and quiet. Anna likes to keep to herself hence why she has no partner.

    Hobbies:Reading and Drawing

    Bad habits:Biting nails

    Like/s:Cats, books, and stars

    Dislike/s:Rats and heights

    Strength:Speed and strong

    Weaknesses: Rats and Heights



    Hair color:Black

    Skin color:Fair

    Eye color:Blue

    Height:5' 2"


    Clothing:Black hoodie, white tank top, jeans, and combat boots

    -Social Info-

    Parent/s:Jane and Luke Nord

    Sibling/s:Drake(3) and Tricie(7) Nord
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