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  1. Anyone interested in a Soul Eater RP? :D
  2. I've only seen the first few episodes, but I'd definitely be interested.
  3. Sweet :D
    As long as you know the general synopsis.
    I was also hoping to use canon characters x3
  4. *curious* Would original characters also be accepted?
  5. Yes please! <3

    *Soul Eater junkie*
  6. That makes two of us, YAY! Alrighty, so shall we work out some ideas?

    @Alarice de Sarde: I'd actually really like a canon one, with the main characters. (mainly because I've been on a SoulxMaka streak xD) but I'm sure we could work something out :D. If you'd like, we could have a seperate RP with just OCs between the two of us.
  7. I dunno if I'd want to do JUST canon characters to be totally honest. I'd only end up able to play either a Blair or a Patty, neither of which particularly appeal to me all that much, but I guess it's your call. I tend to kinda be wary of playing canon characters in general because I end up changing too much for them to still be considered "canon", so maybe I'm just a bit biased.

    Either that or you let me steal Hero to be my technician and I'll play an OC weapon. O.o Yes, I like Hero.

  8. omg, Excalibur~! <3 By far the best intentionally annoying character of the show.
    Aww *was hoping for some Soul/Maka in the rp*
    If you're more comfortable with OCs though, then that is what we must go with :)
  9. Don't mean necessarily no canon charries, but given the amount of folk have replied you might need to allow for OCs too.

    *fails at explaining herself*
  10. I'm up for some Soul Eater action. Not the best with canons though. -_-" Doesn't mean I'm not willing to try. :D