Soul Eater - Resonance

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  1. Valerie Hill

    “Meister Tesla Cortié and demon-sabre Valerie Hill, I understand that henceforth you will be a duo?”

    For the third time, Millie Mathis, teacher at DMWA asked two students who had stepped into her office if their decision to become meister and weapon was one they were certain of. Valerie Hill, an assertive eighteen year old student, looked up at the plush panda-head her teacher wore. Mrs. Mathis was two heads taller than her and from behind her mask it was impossible to look her teacher in the eye, but that did not stop Valerie from trying. She stood firm and upright, when she spoke of her decision.

    “Our wavelengths are a match and both of us strive for perfection. I am confident in my judgment.” Valerie spoke without hesitation. “Now, if you will register us, there is much-”

    “Ohoho, not so fast, Valerie.” Mrs. Mathis laughed and wiggled her finger. “I have a gift for you two before you go. We have to celebrate. Hold on.” The teacher hummed and pranced towards a large oaken closet, from which she picked two plush animal heads, one for each student.

    “T-thank you, but what are we supposed to do with this?” Valerie inquired, staring at the pink lion mask and consequently wondering what made Mrs. Mathis think that would suit her. “Now, if we could please proceed-”

    “Nooo, try it on, try it on!” Mrs. Mathis cheered, as she pushed the second plush headgear into Tesla's arms as well. “I have to see it. You too, Tesla.”

    Valerie swallowed her protests. Her teacher was clearly far too excited about this strange gift to care about the paperwork right now. “If I have to,” She surrendered, though bitter about it. Valerie wanted to start on a plan of approach with her new partner right away. Instead she looked into the gaping darkness of the headpiece of an animal costume. Valerie took off her beret and hung it on mrs. Mathis' chair, before she pulled the pink lion mask over her head.

    “Is this right? I can't see anything throu- Ack!”

    The moment both Valerie and Tesla had put their masks on (and found out there were no holes to see through) their teacher began to cackle like a madwoman. In an instant, Valerie felt something rough wrapping around her arms and legs. She began to scream, “What is the meaning of this! What is happening! Tesla! Mrs. Mathis!”

    Her body was lifted up as she struggled and squirmed. Valerie had no idea what was happening to her. She was being taken somewhere... What was that sudden gust of wind. Was that the window being opened?

    “What! No! Mrs Mathis seize this immediate- Aaaaah!”

    Valerie felt herself falling at least two stories, counting her blessings it was onto something soft. Seconds later heard something plop next to her, which Valerie assumed was Tesla who had gotten the exact same treatment. “Tesla, what is going on?” Valerie squealed, but the moment she finished her sentence she heard a loud engine roar and whatever they had landed on spurt into motion.

    “Where are we going!” She tried to yell over the noise, but her voice was drowned out by the engine. At the mercy of the speeding vehicle, Valerie rolled back and forth, bumping into Tesla and cold metal sides of whatever vehicle they were in. It wasn't until having been at the mercy of whichever road devil controlled the darn thing that Valerie and Tesla were finally dropped off. She fell onto the ground, smelling and feeling the grass she was dumped into, before whatever had dropped them off roared it's engines once again... But this time fortunately disappearing into the distance.

    Valerie felt her heart pound in her throat. Whatever had just happened? She was completely out of it. She tried her best to collect her thoughts... But her being blindfolded by a the headpiece of a theme park costume and tied up did not help in the slightest. Valerie turned her forearm into a blade and cut herself loose. As soon as her hands were free, she pulled off the giant toon head and saw... They were no longer near DMWA. Instead, they were in a grassland. A valley of hills, through which an old cobblestone path slithered like a ten-mile long snake that had no idea where it was going. And then there were the strange figurines that made for awkwardly haunting decor...

    But first things first, Valerie thought, as she got onto her feet. She found Tesla near her and cut her ropes. “What in the world are they thinking?” Valerie complained as she threw away the ropes. Her head was glowing red and she was sweating like a pig. Not to mention that her precious coat was grazed by the commotion and smudged green with grass.

    “Just disgusting.” She said to herself, as Valerie inspected her belongings. “Do they know how expensive this is. This is no way to treat students. I ought to, I ought to-” Valerie went on to herself, but in all her frustration she did not noticed that those strange figurines in the scenery... They were moving!