Soul Eater (No Prior Knowledge Necessary)

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  1. These sign ups are currently closed. If you are really interested, like getting on hands and knees begging to join, please send me a PM and I will see what we can do. :)
    Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy, or the DWMA. This is a school for Meisters and Weapons, people that work in pairs to hunt for Kishin eggs, souls of beings that are about to become Kishins. Kishins are created when weapons eat human souls to gain power. It is the purpose of the DWMA to keep the balance between good and evil by preventing Kishins from being born.

    Weapons are people who turn into weapons and work with the Meister who wields them. Their souls work together and when they achieve resonance they have more powerful attacks. These are very difficult to do and tire the participants quickly. Together they fight Kishin eggs and witches. When a Meister collects 99 Kishin eggs and 1 witches soul, in that order with no exceptions, the weapon becomes a death (weapon type) to be used by death. Not everyone does this, and when they do it is very impressive.

    Now that you understand the premise, do you want to join? It is based off of the anime that I am currently watching on Netflix. However, there will be no need to have watched the show to enjoy or participate. You're welcome to use canon characters, but you will have to play them as if no-one knows who they are, making the bio and all (I will be increasing the ages to 16/17+.) People can make both the weapon and meister or team with someone, but much of your playing ability will depend on them so be careful who you choose.

    I am interest checking now, if we get at least three players (including myself) we can start the OOC and then the RP itself.

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  2. Totally in. Loved this show for 4 years now.​
  3. In!in!in! Saw the show, thought it was one of the greatest anime's out there!
    I'd love to try out as black star, favorite character.
  4. I love Soul Eater... I read the manga, and watched the anime, and I can't say I exactly like the canon of the anime... but, nobody I know seems to have read the manga, so I'll deal.
  5. Hell yeah I'm in!
  6. *Giggles in excitement.* Awesome! I'll get the character sheet page and all of that up today! :)
  7. So down for this ^_^
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  8. @Divine Rush, then get on in there. :)

    The sign up link is in the initial post, and I'm happy to have you. (Just so you know since everyone keeps skipping that sentence, when you play, unless you're a teacher, I would prefer you play as your weapon and meister. It's not a requirement but until you have a team member you won't be approved.)
  9. Ok so i need to find a partner then? I can do that i'll go on a search.
  10. That or play two characters, we have a couple of people on the sign ups that need partners so you might start there.
  11. Ok cool i'll do that im down for either however I can help know how it is starting RP's my Naruto one is rocky :/ but i'll take a look at the sign ups thanks.
  12. Check out the sign ups then, @KoT'suno. The cut off date is tomorrow, Saturday, at 8PM EST.
  13. I am totally interested in this but it seems that it is closed from what I read in the oc sign ups
  14. So we still cant join?
  15. This role play is closed. You may PM me for a join request but I will no longer be checking this form.
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