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  1. Hello there~! Today I felt like starting up a large Group Roleplay involving OC's in the Fandom of Soul Eater. The requirements are simple to sign up. Obviously an even number of OC's will be needed for this roleplay, but I have no specific numbers yet~!

    So we will start it off simple. I will list the requirements to submit an OC below, and you can sign up to 2 characters if you'd like. However, it would be appreciated that once we start the roleplay we have a variety of Weapons and Meisters. No 'Gods', Mary's or Gary's, and have fun with the other people in the room~!

    Here is the list of what to post about your character with a picture reference included of course~!

    • Name
    • Nickname/s
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Sexuality
    • Weapon or Meister?
    • Personality
    • Weapon (If character is a weapon)
    • Picture reference
    • Habits
    • Talents/Hobbies
    • Likes
    • Dislikes
    This is also a conversation thread until we get enough people to start a chat room~! I hope to get some great characters~! Also, shipping between characters is allowed~!
  2. Name: Michaelis Dmitry
    Nicknames: Michael, Mikk
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Sexuality Homosexual
    Personality: A simply shy and clumsy male that tends to apologize for a lot of things even if some are not even his own fault or tend to work out most of the time. Adventurous, supporting, shy, collected, clumsy,
    Nationality: Portuguese and Italian
    Habits: Smoking, Zoning out, letting himself turn in to a weapon without knowing it, sleeping at the worst of times
    Talents/Hobbies: Flexible Sports, Gardening Rose bushes, cleaning when bored, playing video games, sleeping, eating a lot
    Likes: panna cotta, his flexibility, roses, cleaning, video games, sleeping, eating, chicken, sweet things, foreign food
    Dislikes: Women (for a reason), bright lights, skimpy outfits, sour food, beef, wasabi, spicy food, rude people, bright colors, not wearing his rose earrings,

    Michaelis Dmitry.jpg
  3. Name: Zaki
    Nickname(s): N/A
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Weapon or Meister: Weapon
    Personality: Zaki is a cold, heartless, uncaring kind of guy (due to his childhood) and he often comes across as rude. To those who don't know him they try to advoid him at all cost, but to his very few friends they know he has a hard time trusting others and expressing himself. Habits: He tends to talk to himself aloud, rolls his eyes, 'tsk' a lot, ignore his Meister
    Talents/Hobbies: He loves to draw and is very good at it, he is able to speak all the languages.
    Likes: Peace and Quiet, Rain, Nighttime, training, winter, being left alone
    Dislikes: His meister, Thunderstorms, being told what o do

  4. Great Character~! Zaki is accepted~! Please help spread the word for more Meisters and Weapons to join us~!
  5. Thank you! And Michaelis is super cool too! I will spread the word :D
  6. If you're still accepting applications..
    • Name- May Denis
    • Nickname/s N/a
    • Age- 17
    • Gender -Female
    • Sexuality- Bisexual
    • Weapon or Meister?- Meister
    • Personality- May is a straight forward, downright blunt girl who tries her best to be nice but sometimes has a hard time with it. She is quite impatient and sees no point in pointless conversations. She doesn't make friends very easily, but remains loyal to the friends she has. She is also a bit over-confident at times.
    • Weapon (If character is a weapon) N/a
    • Habits- getting herself into situations she isn't prepared for, ignoring people, interrupting people, getting lost in daydreams.
    • Talents/Hobbies May has an interest in fashion and will spend long amounts of her free-time making clothes. She is also trying to learn to play the viola, but is only a beginner.
    • Likes Fashion, well-dressed people, classical music, deep colors, strawberries, and springtime.
    • Dislikes Boredom, easily-offended people, unkempt or careless people, techno and rock music, the cold, and the dark.
    • Picture reference
  7. Yes we are still accepting entries~! Love your character, May is accepted~! If you would like to start the roleplay, please inform me of such. If not, please help spread the word to have more people join in~! Thanks for the entry!
  8. Thank you very much for accepting my entry.
    • Name Rose* Star
    • Nickname/s: Rose, young star, star
    • Age 15
    • Gender female
    • Sexuality Straight
    • Weapon or Meister? meister
    • Personality sweet but cocky shy at first than all talk (not as much as her brother though)
    • Weapon (If character is a weapon) upload_2014-8-30_17-34-26.jpeg my weapon is names Crystal Moone [​IMG]
    • Picture reference[​IMG]
    • Habits when bored to click her tongue or tap her fingers
    • Talents/Hobbies Writes reads draws
    • Likes shadows cats cake chocolate
    • Dislikes other things
  9. Name: Rayen Fey
    Nicknames: Ray, Frey
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: straight
    Meister/weapon? : weapon
    Personality: Rayen Fey is your typical everyday introvert, who always has a book with her and wears earphones so no one bothers her. Rayen is very loyal and protective when it comes to her small circle of friends and stubborn when it comes to closing her book and getting out of bed. She is the worst person to wake up. It results in a trip to the infirmary. Rayen has trust issues. The only one she trusts are her close friends.
    Habits: dancing in the rain when no ones looking, sleeping in and getting too deep into the book she is reading that she reacts quite a lot to whatever twists in the plot or feels that come her way.
    Talents: dancing, poetry, and fast reflexes (from reading and walking at the same time)
    Likes: books, sound tracks,indie and alternative rock music, rainy days, sleep, more books, dancing, hoodies, her friends
    Dislikes: people disrupting her reading and sleep, bullies, metal (music), unnecessarily loud people,
    Picture reference: Role Play Choices/Anime Girls 2/anime-girl_007-1-1-1.jpg.html
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  10. umm, could someone make two characters that could be dual chakram? (essentially two people who turn into chakram similar to Axel's from kingdom hearts
  11. Name: Liam Bryce
    Nickname: His last name
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Meister/Weapon?: Meister
    Personality: Always joking, Liam shouldn't be taken too seriously. Unless of course he's battling, which, for the most part, is the only time he's serious. Loyal to his friends. Has an affinity for swords. Protective when it comes to his friends (Who isn't?).
    Habits: Oversleeping.
    Talents: Tuning people out, listening to music, overall good athlete.
    Likes: Joking and being joked with, music, swords, sleep, books, and running
    Dislikes: Failure, stupidity (Unless it's on purpose), his past, witches image.jpg
  12. Cool character there :)
  13. anyone able to make the characters I requested?
  14. I would, but since we can only submit two characters each and I already submitted one I can't. Maybe you could design the characters yourself, or only use one?
  15. This post is if you're still accepting members ^-^
  16. I'd love to join but I'm having a difficult time finding a suitable reference image for how I want my character to look x.x I just hope I find one in time before someone nabs my character idea
  17. Name- Leone Valcrosse
    Nickname/s- Leo for friends, Valcrosse for just about everyone else.
    Age- 17
    Gender- Male
    Sexuality- Straight
    Weapon or Meister? Weapon
    Personality- Leone is a quiet, cold, and collected guy most of the time. He rarely shows emotion unless he believes he's alone. He is not a patient guy. If someone catches him in a bad mood, he can be a very scary person. In reality, he's quite shy and a bit awkward in social situations.
    Weapon- Leone transforms into a darkly tinted silver cavalier sword. An obsidian stone is imbedded in the handle.
    Picture reference-
    Habits- Biting the inside of his lower lip when he's stressed, tapping his foot when he has to wait for something, sitting in corners in order to keep his back protected.
    Talents/Hobbies- He can play the piano and the saxophone quite well, and he can also draw very well. He is also very good at picking out holes in security systems.
    Likes- Warm places, feeling secure, fluffy blankets, attacking enemies, privacy, cats, tiger lilies.
    Dislikes- Crowds, cold, formal affairs, dancing, getting caught in the rain, thunderstorms, traveling for long distances, disrespect, people touching him.
  18. Name: Amelia Stein
    Nickname : Stitches
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: straight
    Weapon or Meister: meister
    Personality: Stitches is insane,a trait inherited from her Father.During her sane moments she Is kind and friendly.either way she is a natural born leader,calm,smart and level headed
    Weapon: N/ A
    Picture reference:[​IMG]
    Habits: Laughing at nothing when insane
    Talents/Hobbies: she's the daughter of Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir giving her unique abilities first off is her Father's soul force ability which is using her soul wavelength as an offensive weapon while unarmed,second she's a skilled doctor
    Likes: blood,science,cats
    Dislikes: dogs,loud people
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