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  1. Hi! Yes, I'm from RPN, but I don't want to say I'm a full transfer because I actually kind of like a lot of the changes they made over there. It's just a different format and one that I understand well, so while I am a little peeved at what happened with the old threads, I have no intention of abandoning RPN forever. I was just invited over here to check things out and was pleased to see that it's set up like the old RPN system so I understand it, and also (the bigger perk), we can actually write adult scenes and not get in trouble for it! Like, dude, I am an adult and I write fanfiction religiously! Of course I'm used to my characters having adult moments! In detail!

    Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Freedom returns!!!!!


    ...So that's what I'm excited about...

    One of the things I actually like about the new RPN is (don't kill me) the lack of needing any BBC skill. I can code. I just don't want to. I'm here to play and to write. I feel like if people spent less time on their code and more time just writing their stories, the mess over at RPN wouldn't have even been an issue. I'm just here for the story folks. If anyone wants me to make any big, fancy character sheets in order to play a game, I'm not playing it. I value good writing over good graphics. Let me slap up a face claim and get going on the story. That's all I need.
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  2. Hello Kade! :) Welcome to Iwaku!

    I think you'll be happy to know that most of the roleplayers on here use only basic BBcoding (italics, bold, colours) and there are no requirements for formatting. If you ever do decide to try out coding though, we have a Testing forum just for that!

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask anyone with a icy-blue banner or red banner :) regular members are usually also happy to help! I'd like to invite you to read our FAQs as well, though they're on their way of being updated.

    Iwaku has a Discord server that you can join on here. Make sure to read the Discord thread in the General Chat section for tips on setting up Push-To-Talk and registering!

    I hope you find roleplays to your liking on here, and that you have buttloads of fun :)
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  3. Hello there and welcome to Iwaku!
    We don't require that you sever all ties to join, no worries.
    I will say that you don't have to use BBCode a whit if you don't feel like it. Plenty of people get by using maybe the img and color codes, if they feel like it. So don't feel like you have to here just because you can. It's just a fun option!

    If you need help finding anything, let us know, of course.
    Since I'm a member of the content team (and because I think it's a great place) I'll rep our Content section, though! Places like Refining Writing where people can practice writing short blurbs based on prompts and things like that. Totally optional but a neat way to practice, I think.
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  4. I'm with you man, I'm not about the fancy posts and character sheets myself. Thankfully I have yet to meet anyone that requires them in a role play, at least not in one on ones! Welcome to the site :D
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  5. You'll be happy to know that all of what is said above is true. Not very many members delve past BBCodes but we do have crafty members that do some pretty neat things even with the basic code. So yeah, welcome to the land of optional codes and writing goodness :D
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  6. Hey Kade.

    It's nice to have you hear :)
    If you have any questions regarding the site, please don't hesitate to ask!

    Take care ^^​
  7. Im too lazy to code my posts beyond bold and italics! 8D

    Also welcome to your vacation home!
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  8. Hah, I'm happy to see that you like the mature RP options here. XD Just bear in mind that the division between the teen and adult libertine sections exists for a very good reason -- and making sure that teens only do the sexy with teens and that adults only do the sexy with adults is one of the only rules that the staff here are really strict about. O_O

    So long as you're not RPing sex scenes with teens, though, you shouldn't run into any issues! ^^ Enjoy your newfound sexual liberation. XD
  9. Oh, yeah, I do not want that either. Nooooooo. I'm honestly asexual so it's not like I aim to perv around, lol. But I do like a good sex scene when it's written well, and I like to have that option to do so if things progress naturally that way in the story. Mostly I just hate genre restrictions, and RPN is so very strict about that. It's nice to know I have to place to go with that route if I want to with other willing (ADULT!) players. :)
  10. Oh! Well then you're in luck -- Iwaku doesn't really have genre restrictions at all, really! The closest thing we have to genre divisions are the genre-related tags that people can attach to their roleplays, so people looking for a certain genre can have an easier time narrowing their search. But, overall, it's not like we group RP's into separate forums based on genre -- so you don't have to worry about making an RP fit into a specific box. XD
  11. Oh, I didn't mean RPN is that picky overall with genres, I just hate that they excluded the physically romantic one overall. Everything else is fairly loose, but if you so much as mention sex they'll give you a warning. You can cuss and be gory all you want, but I legit got a warning because I told a friend who I was 1x1 playing with (an actual friend that I brought into the site, mind you, which was blatantly obvious in our convo that we'd been roleplaying for ages beforehand over emails) that if we wanted to do any sex scenes that we needed to go back to emails. Like, I was literally explaining the site rules and I got warned for that. When I asked why, they told me it was because suggesting off-site sexual role play was against the rules. I was just like, "Dude, we aren't talking about me and her role playing sex scenarios with each other to get off. I don't even do that. But our characters are adults. And they're boyfriends. They have been forever. They are going to have relations at some point and if we want to write those scenes in our private emails off-site, it shouldn't be an issue." NOP. Not allowed to talk about it. Not even in PM's. It's dumb. We had to make like a code: if one of our characters said something along the line of, "You wanna go to bed?", that was the cue to jump back into emails to write the romance scene. I get that they want to keep things safe for everyone, but at least read the full context of the conversation before slapping warnings on people. I think they're just tagging everyone who so much as mentions sex in their posts.
  12. Yikes. That sounds ridiculous. >.< Well, I hope you'll find that Iwaku is a lot more reasonable about how rules are enforced in general. XD
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  13. I feel you there.

    I formally welcome you to as a former member of RPN, I hope you like your stay here, and hopefully don't have to deal with anything like that
  14. Welcome ^_^
    There are people here who do like the fancy coding and things . . . and then there are people like me who flat out refuse to :P
    So what ever you feel like doing or not doing it'll all be fine ^_^
  15. Well, no matter if you're from RPN or not fully a transfer. The fact that you're giving this site a shot as well is good enough.

    Anyhow, I am sure you'll enjoy your stay here. I hope you'll have a blast here as well. ;)
  16. Yo! =w= / Nice to see another RPN peep here. I did come over here for the sake of BBCoding (I am one of those peeps), but I honestly love the fact that adult situations isn't tabooed on here like the other site. Though, I understand why RPN did that with US laws and what not because of COPPA. So far, I've enjoyed the RP I hopped in and diving head first in figuring out a thread to start up in Iwaku. Too many ideas, but I'm happy that I can embrace adult situations... for the comedy. :B Hope to see you sometimes in RPs yo!
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  17. Welcome fellow RPN immagrant. as for adult, yeah it's nice. much more liberating.
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