Sorcas Taibhse

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    The gates only open once the sun has sank below the horizon. When they arrived is a mystery, it almost seems like they just appeared overnight. No one was seen all day, but once they all step through the gates the place is packed with people and performers.

    As the night wanes lights begin turning on and the circus seems to become more and more alive, but as soon as the sun breaches the far horizon and everyone has left the tents appear dead and empty once more. No sign of the life that had just filled it hours ago.

    After a week the circus leaves as mysteriously as it came. Everyone wonders how they did it and how all of the performances looked so real. Little did they know that all of it was real, they had been amongst the supernatural and the people the had spent their nights with were not what they seemed. After all, nothing is ever what it seems. Will you join the magic underneath the tents or be a simple patron? That's for you to decide.

    Sorcas Taibhse is a Supernatural Circus RPG looking to welcome original characters as well as fill site canons, both novice and advanced RPers are welcome, simply bring your ideas and have fun!