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  1. As the title says; Hey there peoples.

    I'm Phantomhive (yus a Black Butler reference) and I believe I met some of you already on the cbox tonight and yesterday (I take a while getting round to these sorta things...)

    I wouldn't say I'm uber experienced in RPing, but Ive been doing it for a while on different sites, but I like the sort of quieter ones where I get to know most people. Something I see is like here, or so Ive been told.

    Um, so about me. I want to say I'm friendly, but I guess that isn't really for me to say (psst, if I met you on the cbox, say that for me)
    If you got the reference, you can probably work out I like anime (but I definitely wouldn't say Im an otaku or anything)
    I can't draw.
    I like music.
    I like to game
    I like computers a lot.

    Umm so... I think I covered the basics...
    To repeat, I'm Phantomhive, but call me whatever you wish.
    Pleasure to meet you all.
  2. Sup Phantom, and welcome aboard the Iwaku Express. Next stop, yo imagination and beyond. If you haven't already, peep the rules & FAQ (just up there under those handy-dandy drop down tabs) then dive into the RP whenever you're ready.

    I'm a semi-regular Cboxer but I don't think we've met; I'm sure we'll get along just fine, though. Once again, welcome! Don't forget to enjoy your stay. *menaces with a rusty spork*
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Phantomhive!
  4. Howdy Phantom! 8D A more official welcome to the community! <3
  5. Came for the Death Note, stayed for the Kuro =w=

    Welcome, lord Phantomhive, I'm sure we'll be great friends
  6. Hi again! :D

    As Diana said: A more official welcome to Iwaku~

    Hope to see you in the cbox again! Also wishing you a fun time roleplaying here. :)
  7. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    Hope you find some great stories to partake in, and of course Enjoy your stay :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.