Sonic and The Secret Diamond (but really Talia)

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  1. "Ahh fellow sisters...look what I have found..."
    The priestesses gathered around and gasped in awe and wonder, staring at a gorgeous diamond that glowed a rainbow spectrum-like color.
    "Attached to it was a slab, an ainchent spell...what seems to be by the very Gods themselves!!"

    The old rock had runes carved into them, and glowed green for a split second...or so it seemed off an eerie glow.
    Sister Mary, realizing this turned her attention from the mysterious piece to her fellow priestess; "Sister Lauren, this language...has been lost to us for thousands of years...there's no possible way to understand this writings meaning now...maybe we should put it back where it came from..."

    "Sister Mary..." Lauren began in a sincere tone, "if this spell can unlock the secrets to our past...then why would such a young woman want us to stop trying out such rituals? Are you not a believer of our faith?"
    The woman merely looked down in shame making Lauren smirk before turning towards the other robed women.

    "You see here...there are directions if by some reason we cannot understand it...first, we must all gather in a circle while holding a candle...then we say our usual prayers..what we always say before our kind lost its traditions..."

    The girls, slipping on their ceramonial white robes gathered around each holding a lit candle...all except Mary, who didn't feel this was a good idea.

    "My sisters..." Lauren said with a broken voice, almost as if the words were forced out of her, "the chant...raise the candles while doing so..."

    The women followed her every order, raising the candles and chanting..

    "S-Sister!!" Mary cried out and covered her mouth; the diamond transformed into a blue color before darkening into a green, the rainbow glow transforming into a white glow!
    "ITS WORKING!" Sister Lauren cackled before a shriek was heard all across the temple!!
    The glow around the diamond began to transform into the shape of a woman kneeled over in pain!
    "WHO HAS AWOKEN ME FROM MY SLUMBER!!" The light creature bellowed out in pain, "I NEED MY SLEEP YOU FOOLS!!"

    "I h-have!! Oh, your so beautiful!" Lauren gasped and when she touched the light, it began to glow a red color before the gorgeous rock shattered into six pieces.
    "SISTER LAUREN--WAS THAT?" Mary began before she and the other women backed away in horror!
    The pieces started to float in the air before transforming into six different monsters.

    "Sister Lauren! What do we do!!" Mary yelled, but the woman was gone...her robe on the ground.

    "Do we call Knuckles?" One woman asked, maybe Tails!"

    "No..." Mary spoke slowly, "we need all of them, including Sonic..."

    "Hey, Talia! Would you cut it out! That's your fourth hotdog now! Your gonna give yourself a tummy ache!" Starla warned, "or at the very least a cramp..." She added with a mumble.

    The gorgeous brown hedgehog smiled and played with her long quills held up in a high ponytail, "cut it out Star babe I can eat ten of these bad boys and be completely normal!" She pointed out with a smirk.
    "Uhh Talia, isn't that your eleventh one?" The Chinchilla said in a worried tone.
    Suddenly the hedgehogs stomach growled before her face contorted in a pained look and with a loud thud she fell to the ground.
    "CRAAAMP!!" She yelled, one hand on her stomach while the other was clawing at the air as if this was her last breath.
    Starla rolled her eyes as she walked back towards her toolbox, "you see...this is why you should listen to me, I'm organized..." She said with an adorable smile before she looked inside her box, in which all the tools were missing.

    With a loud scream, the mouse-like creature grabbed it before looking under it, "WHERE COULD THEY BE? I REMEMBER PUTTING THEM AWAY!!"

    "Relax Star-star, they are just tools...sheesh!" Talia said with a relaxed smile as she balanced a wrench on her nose.
    "You give me that right now!" Starla snapped, walking over towards her friend.

    "Ohh man! Look at this! Star!! It's balanced!!" The hedgehog smiled before the engineer grabbed it with a huff and hit Talia on the head with it before walking away.

    "Ow," the goofy creature said flatly rubbing her head, still laying on the ground.
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