songs of the elven race (Me x ToastedCutie)

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  1. It was a very beautiful night, the moon shining bright in its fullness up in the sky, the clouds seemed to keep away from its beauty. "This is why the night is more ravishing then the days will ever be." A elven man with a more grayish tint color of skin then most elves possessed. He stated his comment with high respect for his this time of night. Night was the only time a dark elf was able to roam free with in the woods, with out running into a normal elf. The elven man was smirking widely his short and pointed ears would twitch as he heard the howls of his two demonic dogs. "It seems my companions have found something they want me to see." He said, with in moment he was on his feet, quickly running form tree to tree. He knew these woods perfectly since he has lived in them for mostly his whole life.

    It was a matter of minutes, before he found his two hounds. There bodies were pure bone with blue flame around there mouth, eyes sockets and paws. when the dark elf was close enough to the hounds a silver leash was shown attached to there boney necks and then gripped within his hands. The elf released them, they faded into ash were they stood, the wind blowing the ash far away form the area. Now the elf turn his full attention to what was seeming to be with in a bush. "What ever my hounds found show yourself and if you don't you must be a wild animal and I will surely kill, if so." He stated gripping a long black katana sheathed which is attached to his belt. The elf let out a sigh using his free hand to run his fingers through his silver hair. His eyes still looking at the bush, the moon seemed to now embrace the elven man's presence with its moonlight. Showing the elves cloths, A long black trench jacket being worn over a Black and gray outlines suite of armor. His pants were that of black silk. these cloths were not normal for elves to were but it was normal to him since he was blessed with these reformable cloths of a reaper.
  2. Vyra sighed softly, looking to the night sky smiling, as if it were her mother she was looking to. Her mother died when she was young, but she still remembers her. The way she sung her soft melodies when she was to close her eyes and sleep; her scent,which was the smell of oak pines and roses. She wasn't much of an ordinary elf that she thought she was. She was much more intelligent with very good memory.

    The light of the moon glistened over the lake she sat ashore. Small waves crashing upon her barefeet
    . She comes to this place when she misses someone. The peace makes her feel closer to the ones she loves, both close and far. She wasnt one for wearing much attire. Her beige top suited her breasts fairly. She didnt have much cloth at the time so only a small out of her breasts emerge from the sides. Her skirt was the matching color of her top, long and flowing, tied to bow at the right side of her hip. The thing she loves most is the giant bow she made for her long, blonde hair.

    "I kinda wish something exciting would happen.." Vyra sighed and lay back atop the grass.
  3. the elven man took out his blade rather quickly, scaring a rather small bunny rabbit away. He ran forward to try and chase it but tripped rather quickly and fell face down on a since soft bed of grass. "Stupid, rabbit." He let out with a muffle from his grumbling mouth. He looked around and saw that he was near another ELF!!! "What are you doing here?" He asked rather quickly holding up his blade towards the elven girl.

    He did not know what this girl would try and do. "What is your purpose in coming out at the night, this is my domain at night? Do should know this since your kind ejected me from your village." He stated, looking at how the elf looked to be about his age she must have been young when he was kicked out. "You seem rather young, you must have heard of the stories of the curse reaper child." He stated sheathing his sword and summoning his two boney demon hounds. The let out a rather demonic screech like howl.
  4. Vyra calmly stood and nod. "Yes, I did hear of such stories. But.. I dont believe youre all that bad." She looked at you with soft eyes and a smile. "You were touched by evil not born from it. I believe the othersode can be brought forth. Although that is not why I am here." She turned and looked beyond the caressing sounds of the water. "Lovely companions by the way." She paused for a moment. Her blue oceanic eyes glistening in the moonlight and her lengthy, blonde ponytail swayed with the wind. " I came here because I missed my mother. This place.. I come to this place when I miss someone. ..Do you ever miss anyone?" She half-turned to look at him, smiling sweetly.
  5. "You should really, listen to those stories and warnings." He stated turning away from the girl. "Also i suggest you leave because a grim reaper is a reaper and if you dont leave i will have to take your soul." He looked around and turned stared at his hounds. "It seems my babies are hungry..." He turned and sighed knowing once i released them they would surly attack the elf girl. "I give you one more chance turn now and leave or face destiny?" He gave her two options to decided from.
  6. "Do you really intend to hurt me?" Her soft look faded to slight disappointment as she cocked her head to the side. "I don't think I will be leaving anytime soon. I dont have anywhere to go really. But if you really intend to hurt me, I will defend myself.." She looked to him with a simple look but it seemed to hold many feelings. Raising her left arm a bow began to manifest, from a white light, into her hand along with an arrow. "I do wish to hurt you or your companions, only to say that maybe its okay to share this space with someone other than yourself. Dont you dislike being alone..?"
  7. He looked at her and chuckled a bit. "You are quite amusing. I can give you that." he spoke up to her, his words not really a compliment just a sarcastic remark. "What do you mean share? most good elf's like you, only show interest in anything when your precious light is dancing around the sky, but at night that's when I roam about...."He stated his presence fading as his two hounds let out a deep howl before burning into a pile of ash once again.

    The elven mans presence reappeared once again. A large scythe blade was being held against her neck from behind. He wore a large black cloak that seemed to burn at the edges. "Now once last time leave now and return or this area will be stained with your precious blood, and i do not wish to cut your beautiful head off from your body." He stated letting out a deep sigh.
  8. "Is it that horrible to share?" She ran a finger along his jaw line as she looked at him. She drew a long breathe then said, "I will leave if you wish, but only momentarily. I am going to come back. Wether you like it or not." She smiled then used her pointer and middle finger to push his scythe from her neck and in an instant she was a few feet from him, leaning against one of the many trees. Just seconds after she turned and disappeared into the night.
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