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    Storm clouds blotted out the sun, casting Kepiesk in a dim, gray light. Thunder rumbled in the distance, signalling that rain would soon fall. Storms like these were always a good thing to the people of her nation; they often underwent severe dry spells if they resided too close to the barren deserts. Rain was a blessing from the gods above-- it assured them that their crops would survive a while longer and that they wouldn't starve. Droughts always took the lives of several when they left, leaving behind grieving and hungry Korastrix.

    That was why the Kepieskian people were cheerier than usual. They bustled in the streets, chatting about their day as they purchased baskets and eggs from farmers. Stray dogs padded around, their tongues lolling as they searched for any scrap of food that might have fallen to the ground. Feral Fledglings bounded down the streets, grunting as they barreled into one another and pounced on their backs. The adults often scolded them for causing such a commotion, especially if the poor things collided with one of them.

    It was a fine day. Sivir enjoyed the happiness that ebbed off of the people. When they suffered under the sweltering heats of Kepiesk, they were often hostile and impatient. She knew that she had to make the most of the joy that bustled around her. A smile played on her lips as she made her way to the town square, her violet irises bright and cheery. She could have pranced to the square if she wanted to, but that would earn her strange looks from the people around her. I can get the things I leave and leave them at home. she thought, keeping her mind preoccupied. After that, I should go and train. I can probably see if I have enough stamina to keep myself Feral for forty-five minutes... or half an hour, if that's too much.

    How wonderful it was to fly. It granted a freedom unlike any other-- it made one's heart swell with the experience. The wind rushing in one's ears and tugging at the tips of one's wings... It was something that Tyndall couldn't live without. He never could have stayed grounded on earth for long; the sky always called to him with its lush, ivory clouds and powder blue stretch of liberty. The rogue male was often seen flying above the dark coniferous forests of Bakmear, where the skies were often a pale azure or a dark gray.

    Even the biting and cold winds nipping at his scales did not stop him from soaring that day. Tyndall's amber eyes were slits as he tucked his wings in and swooped down towards earth, rapidly descending towards the sea of pines below him. He leveled off as soon as he was just above the forests and the needles of the trees swayed with the winds he was producing with his beating winds. His gaze swept the area for a place to land; his muscles were beginning to ache and he decided that he should become Calm before he had to deal with severe pain. After a few more seconds of searching, he found a soft and moist clearing that was large enough to land in.

    Tyndall slowly lowered himself to the ground, his hind legs touching land before his front legs did. Stretching his wings before tucking them into his sides, he began to shift back into his human form in a bright, white light. He felt his shoulders ebb with a dull pain as he finished shifting, making him groan slightly. "Shit," he spat, reaching over and trying to massage the muscles, hoping to dispell the pain.
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  2. "Halt, merchant! You are under suspicion of conspiracy!"

    That was a decent line. Not good, but decent.

    "The Wings of Dawn have been sent to deal with you. You can fight us, or pay a fine," the woman speaker paused to examine the merchant, sighing in excuse to render pause, "to the king of Nakisa. You do reside there, do you not?"

    The merchant stammered and reached for his coin purse. "H-how much is th-the fine? Oh Gods what have I gotten myself into..."

    "2000 in coin or 20 ingots." A reasonable demand of the merchant class. Judging by his reaction, they chose the right target, as he seemed to be in shady business anyhow.

    "2000? That's... I can't afford that! I have a business to run!" He seemed angry, and a bit unreasonable.

    "Pay up or face justice for your treasonous ways!" the woman shouted, drawing her shortsword. Immediately, the merchant threw his hands up and went to his wagon to fetch the rest of his money.

    "Smart for a traitor."

    Giulia was the woman's name. On her hip was the sheathe to the sword in her hand. On her back was holstered her wheelsword. And she wasn't really a Wing of Dawn. She was the leader of the infamous Pearl Devils. And this was their latest scam. Less wounds this way, not that they couldn't handle themselves. Giulia was smart, and as a Daemon, powerful in her own right.

    "Here. You've bankrupted me. I hope you're happy."

    "As a traitor, your prosperity isn't exactly our concern. Trade some more secrets, you fork-tongued liar."

    The harsh bit was admittedly the funniest part of the scam.
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  3. Kim grinned into his mouth. She sensed him struggling for breath. But she was enjoying herself. Then he couldn’t sustain his brain anymore. Oxygen levels had dropped alarmingly, and he fought for his life. With a cough and a wheeze her young lover pushed her away. His face was ashen, from surprise, fear and air deprivation. “What are you doing”, he gasped, “you are killing me”. Kim Ono chuckled. “Honey, I wouldn’t ever do that. I just enjoy kissing your soft lips”.

    Shock turned into anger, and Gerald jumped up – a tad unsteady – yelling at her: “You were trying to suffocate me. You, you, bitch!”. Resolutely he grabbed his clothes, pulling on his breeches. At his harsh words, a flash of rage shot through Kim. Within a split second she transformed into her bright green feral self. Slamming self-discipline back on herself, she shifted back into the calm state just as fast. Gerald stammered: “What…” Fear mixed with his anger, and he fled the room beneath the rafters of the inn. As the sturdy oak door slammed shut behind him, Kim’s dagger speared through it. “And stay out!”, she screamed. “You can’t abuse me like that. I’m a lady, you see!”

    Her anger was mainly directed at herself. She hated her weakness. Other Korastrix transformed at will. Kim had some control over her state, but at times her control slipped. When emotions ran high, when something unexpected happened. ‘I hate it when that happens’, she thought. With a sigh, she stretched. ‘Might as well get up’, she mused, ‘now my plaything has left’. Yawning, she send the itchy woollen blanket sailing at the floor. Rolling off the bed, Ono rummaged about the room looking for her clothes.

    Kim’s naked body had the colour of the full moon. Dotted around her lithe frame were scars and bruises. Some of them a lively bright right. Her back, muscular but lean displayed a dotted line of scars. It followed her spine reminiscent of the placement of dragon spikes. With practised ease she put her brown leather battle leathers on. Her dagger found it’s place at her side, while she gently slung her scimitar on her back. Fully clothed, she grabbed her saddle bags. On the threshold, Kim looked back over her shoulder. ‘Yep, I’m complete’.

    Purposeful she stomped down the stairs, up to the inn-keeper. “I’m done. I’m leaving”, she stated as the stood only inches from his pot belly. “Be so kind to reimburse the room fee. I’m not staying here any longer”. He didn’t react quick enough to her liking and demand. Hands on hips, she peered at him: “Well. Get a move on. I’m a lady, you see”.
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  4. Fourty-eight.... fourty-nine.... just a bit longer and... fifty! The red dragon, that had been sweeping through the skies and counting how long she had been Feral, took a nose dive down for the ground. She trained everyday to increase the time she could stay Feral, but 50 minutes had been the mac for some time now. Despite the rather fast and strong dive, she landed gracefully and gently in the large plains surrounded by forests. As soon as she did so, she reverted back to her calm state. She was motionless for a bit, on her knees and hunched over while her blazing red hair fell over her shoulders and head.

    With a tired groan, Sazael whipped her hair back and slowly stood up, staggering a few times due to exhaustion. Thankfully, her house was just on the edge of the field and forest. She trudged along the field and inside her home, immediately falling on the couch. However, she wasn't tired enough to sleep. Her hand reached up to her neck and felt over the area where her mark was located. This was something she couldn't let anyone see and because of that, she often wore a scarf to cover it. Though, she found it stupid that a single mark made someone hated and looked down upon. A sigh escaped her lips as she just laid there, wondering what to do next.

    After another moment of thinking and resting, she sat up, wrapping a red scarf around her neck. Her eyes, hair, and scarf were about the same shade, which made it weird, but she didn't have another scarf to spare. The scarf covered her mark completely. It was also weird that she put on scarves while she was still in her house, but it wasn't unusual for people to stop by her house every once in a while to ssk for food or directions. If it was simple that, Sazael has no objections because they didn't know who or what she was, therefore they meant no harm.
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  5. Today had a strange smell to the air, the smell of vapor getting ready to fall from the sky,"Rain." The girl thought while wings started to sprout out and her body began to grow until she became an elegant dragon with pure white scales covering her skin with a hint of blue hue. With a huff of smoke, her large wings opened and with a push of her hind legs, she flew up into the vast sky of grey and soar through the clouds, feeling the cool dew soak her scales, cooling her from the heat,"A great day to fly, if only I could last longer." Talindra - the girl's identify - sighed, feeling her energy being drained out of her after a few rounds enjoying the refreshing weather. Finding a safe landing spot, she returned back to her calm form and fell onto the soft grass where she just laid there to let her stamina return before she moved to go to Kepiesk for some supplies.

    Taking in the tranquility, the sound of a familiar chatterbox could be heard not far. In the sky, a small white blur could be seen until it got close enough for Talindra to spot her feathery companion, Howl, the small dove landing onto her head and using it as a comfortable nest while dropping off Talindra's pouch onto the ground,"Hello Howl. Do you have any news for me today?" Talindra asked. In response to her question, Howl would only coo but Talindra was still able to understand him nonetheless,"I see... well... I'll check it out." Talindra mumbled feeling a bit better after a good rest. Taking her bag, Talindra looked around to see if she had everything she needed,"Books, money, food, Evioro, Ryou... Well done, Howl." Talindra praised and stood up, dusting off the dirt and lacing her pouch onto her back.

    Howl took his spot onto Talindra's shoulder, the dove snuggling into her long snow-white locks to keep warm. Walking out of the meadow and into the shades of the trees, Talindra strolled through the forest till she got to Kespiesk, Howl singing a little birdy song to pass the time with Talindra humming along from time to time.

    Hope this is okay?
  6. It had been a few weeks since Ayrin heard about the Wings of Dawn and their interest in him. He hadn't previously known about his grandparents; for some reason his parents never talked about them. None of that mattered now, though. He needed to polish up his skills before he made any commitments. He had already begun practicing daily, spending most of his waking hours outside in Feral form or inside training with a sword. He found out from hours of sparring his butler that he was a natural at fencing, but his flying skill definitely needed work. His Feral body was clearly more suited for smooth flight, but as he rarely flew, he could barely stay in the air for fifteen minutes before falling to the ground. This day was mainly dedicated to training his flying skill, as the temperature outside was perfect for the occasion.

    He had been flying for nearly 16 minutes now, trying to beat his previous record of 19. He had a gut feeling that he would surpass it this time, so started to make a larger circle around his estate. This turned out to be a bad choice, however, and he ended up making an emergency landing about a mile away from his home. His whole body ached, and he knew that it would be quite some time before he could take to the skies again. He painfully made his way back to the mansion, almost collapsing at the door.

    "Butler, help me up the stairs."
  7. Makhatan awoke on a soft bed of leaves and dirt. The bright blue sky peaked down at her from above the canopy of trees, and she grinned, getting to her feet and stretching. She had a home and a bed, but she rarely used it. It had been the home where her parents had lived when she was younger, but Makhatan didn't like sleeping in it anymore. Every time the wind rattled the door or the entire thing swayed on the tree branches that it sat perched upon, Mahkatan would start and rush to all of the entrances. She was such a little fool, because she still thought her parents would show up one day and apologize for being gone so long.

    So to escape her foolish thinking and the painful thoughts, the young woman had begun sleeping outside. She knew this area, and had set up traps to prevent predators from getting in and attacking her in her sleep. Not that many animals would, but she kept the traps as a precaution. Speaking of traps...

    "I should see if I caught anything." She murmured to herself and took off into the forest. On her way to one of her undergrowth traps, she scoured the bearing trees for fruit and managed to get a few fruits and quite a few nuts. Fruits and nuts didn't really sustain her kind, and they weren't necessary for survival, but she loved the rich taste that they held and so she often indulged.

    She came upon one of her snares and shock coursed through her when she saw the state that it was in. She crouched down and grabbed the broken snare, examining it for any clues. It was clear that a small animal had gotten trapped in it, perhaps a rabbit or a rodent judging by the length. But it had gotten out, not alive though. Something had gotten to her catch, and torn it from the ropes that held it. The trap was ruined as the perpetrator had chosen brute force over delicacy.

    Makhatan's nostrils flared and she dropped the snare, and began scaling the nearest tree. When she reached the top, she flung herself off of it and transformed into her feral form. She needed to scout out the area in case the intruder was still around.
  8. Lyth waited above, high up in the tree while the merchants passed below. She'd been careful the whole time, moving just out of sight of the her poor victims and picking off just enough food for her to eat. While the merchants were confused by their dwindling supplies, Lyth started to make it game to start moving things around the caravan to drive them crazy. However, she was growing bored and was debating whether or not she wanted to simply steal their money and run to the nearest house.

    The caravan stopped, something about their horses being tired and the one woman feeling ill. Lyth, seizing her opportunity, moved down carefully from her perch while shifting into her feral form. Thirty minutes. That was the maximum amount of time she could stay in feral form and not get too sore to run away. She'd have to extend it eventually, but for now it would be enough to take what she wanted. Her feral form was quick and lithe. She slithered into the caravan and grabbed the lockbox, which jangled with all the coins inside while she snatched it.

    Once she had her prize Lyth left as quickly as she'd come, leaving the merchants with only a, "did you see something?"

    Once she was clear of them, she decided to stop in the woods, to check for any pursuers. When nothing came, Lyth stepped forward in feral form...

    And sprung a trap. It had been a simple hunter's trap, and when she turned calm, It was broken easily enough. She held her lockbox full of coins close, and climbed into the nearest tree and held her spoils near her. With luck the hunter would be far off and wouldn't check it for a while, so she could stay put while she opened the lockbox. It would be noisy, but she'd get it open soon enough.
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