Songs from Movies/TV Shows

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  1. Every movie/show has at least one song we end up liking. Even if it's just the chorus of the song.

    So, what's your favorite song(s) from any movie (Disney included).

    Here are a few of mine.

    Treasure Planet: "I'm Still Here" by John Rzeznik (From The Goo Goo Dolls I think)

    The Prince of Egypt- "Deliver US" Composed by Hans Zimmer and sang by Ofra Haza

    James and the Giant Peach: "That's the Life" Sung by the cast of the movie.
  2. BA DA BA BA
    BA BA BA
    BA BA BA
    Da da da
    da da da da da da da

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  3. While not exactly from the movie, this is fantastic.

    Yes. All of it. I mean much as I got to bitch about the movie itself, it sure picked some neat tunes.

    Speaking of "All of it"

    This movie is just brilliant in it's music. I mean you can't have a movie-music thread without Yann Tiersen. That'd be blasphemy.

    And then there's Coraline, which I'm just gonna link one thing for;

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  4. Damn I love this show theme, it is just amazing and my opinion the best theme for a T.V show.

    And These two as well

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  5. Are covers okay?

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  6. Yup they are also allowed! ^_^
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  7. Fate Zero. Best Zero.

    This is just ridiculously catchy.

    So catchy, in fact, that the Stark Children sing it for you. Including the HBO hissing sound.

    ...And then they epically beatbox to it.

    @Lawkheart You have a very awesome taste in chldren's movies, because I love all of those.
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  8. -The part at 2:00 gets me every time.

    You know what? I'll just do this:
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  9. Everything that comes to mind is anime music, so I guess I'll just list my favorites from some anime that had enjoyable music. :lol:

    Bakemonogatari has some solid opening and ending songs, and this one was my favorite.

    Mirai Nikki has an opening song I liked enough that I made the instrumental version of it my ringtone, so that counts for something I guess.

    Code Geass does a good job of hyping up events through music, and the Spanish influences somehow seem fitting for an anime about giant robots and magnificent bastards in action.

    Speaking of aiding hype through music, motherfucking Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is great at it. Seriously. It also has what might be my overall favorite character theme song, because it's both great and highly fitting for the character.

    RWBY has overall great music, especially the action hype music (are you seeing a common theme yet?).

    Death Note is also pretty solid as far as music goes, though it's usually pretty low key outside of pivotal plot moments.

    Speaking of low key music, Monster doesn't really have any crazy stuff going on with any of its music, never really an in your face thing, but it all suits the show perfectly. The first ending theme is also notable for being both a good song and extremely fitting for the anime as a whole, rather than just being a catchy neat thing like a lot of anime uses for opening and ending themes.

    Okay, that's enough out of me. I need to learn moderation when it comes to posting music things.
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  10. Why thank you friend! All of those were multiple watches for me as a child and as an adult now.

    Anime's have awesome music, and they are aired on tv at one point or another, so they count! -add's all the anime to pre-existing list-
  11. C'mon sons.


  12. Sang along faithfully every Sunday when it came on. <3

    This is currently the ringtone on my phone when my hubby calls.

    I so miss this show....the opening credits make me want to fall asleep though.
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  13. I had to, no regrets whatsoever.

    Oh, and also:

    Normally not a fan of mainstream stuff, but this one holds personal meaning to me, so it's an exception.
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  14. I See The Light from Tangled ; Zachary Levi & Mandy Moore.
    Always hits me right in the feels. ;-;
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  15. It's the opening credits song from Orange is the New Black
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  16. aka, one of the only two good songs on that soundtrack? COME ON ALAN MENKEN, I'VE SEEN YOU DO BETTER THAN THAT!

    fun fact. my wife and i had I See the Light sung to us during our wedding my by sister and her buddy from theatre.

    we loved tangled.

    other fun fact. our First Dance was a waltz to how to train your dragon's Romantic Flight.

    we loved HTTYD more.
  18. Hey! Don't mock How to Train your Dragon! Even my hubby loves that movie an he generally hates most cutesy movies with a passion.
  19. Red: "Back in the Saddle" by Areosmith

    From an Episode from the TV Show "Bones"