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  1. Plots based off of songs!
    I will add more once I figure out what songs I get inspiration from.
    I can play either role.

    Remember, no one liners.

    That's about it!
    PM me if interested!

    “Radioactive” - Imagine Dragons

    Set after an apocalypse, a solar flare has hit the earth and all technology is done for. People live in places without the help of technology, learning to farm and do things without it. We can base it off the setting in the video and go from there.

    “Sail” - Awolnation

    Trigger Warning: Attempted Suicide

    1. A man loved her since childhood, but she doesn’t love him. He tries to express his love for her, craving all of her attention. When she doesn’t want to return the love, he tries to commit suicide. She stops him, and tries to help him as he goes in his own torment. After helping him, she realizes how much she does care for him.

    2. The man is seeing a psychiatrist to help with his A.D.D problems, but he soon falls in love with her. She doesn’t return the love because she can’t have any relations with her patients. When she doesn’t return the feelings, he tries to overdose, but he is found and sent to the hospital. She feels horrible for it, trying to help him deal with it and slowly her feelings will come back.

    “City” - Hollywood Undead

    The government is corrupting the country. There is a group of people who choose to try to overthrow the government by doing crime through the city of New York to start, and do their best to get to DC. They are the biggest anarchist group in the country, so people watch out for them. What we can do is either have two anarchists be fighting together, or have an anarchist and an anti-anarchy person meet. We can further talk about it over in PM.

    “Crave You” - Flight Facilities

    There is a guy that she likes, but he doesn’t like her. All of the other guys like her, but she only has eyes for him. He does everything to try to push her away, but she remains attracted to him. Everything she does is for him, craving his attention. As much as he pushes her away, she still wants him. Eventually he will cave in and start growing actual feelings for her.

    “Stay the Night” - Zedd ft. Hayley Williams

    They have dated for two years, but they broke up because they fell out of love. They remain friends, talking to each other once in awhile. He gets a new girlfriend, and she decides to stay alone. What messes them up is that they have sex one night, even if he is in a relationship. She asks him to stay the night, but he knew that he should go home to his girlfriend. After begging, he stays the night, somewhat not regretting cheating on his girlfriend.

    When he leaves in the morning, issues start to built up. Feelings come back, and it hits the both of them hard. He loves his current girlfriend now, but he also is starting to have feelings for his ex again. They weren’t mean to be bonded, but he can’t resist. Starting a fling with his ex, and keeping the one he is with.

    “Come and Get It” - Selena Gomez

    She loves him, but doesn’t know that. She waits patiently for him, doing small things that starts to seduce him towards her. He notices her, loving the way she catches his attention. Finally he decides to take charge, taking her for his and she gives it up to him. She’s obsessed with the love she has for him, but he doesn’t love her quite yet until they keep running into each other a lot more often.

    “Wake Me Up” - Avicii

    She doesn’t belong in the small town. She always get stared at and no one likes her being around. Finally, after getting fed up with it, she finally decides to journey out of the small town. After traveling far, she comes to a city and she bumps into a boy. From then they start a friendship, and it brews into a romance.
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