Somewhere old or somewhere new?

Do you always eat at the same places or try new ones?

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You're staring and you're going out to eat something tasty.

Now are you more likely to go eat somewhere you've been before or are you always trying new places? Do you LIKE trying new places or do you fear it turning out terrible?

NOW YOUR CHALLENGE: Pick your favorite character to roleplay. What would THEY choose?

Are you/they tried and true or spontaneous. >:D

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Occasionally, I'm spontaneous. But mostly I stick to tried and true joints.


I usually stick to places I've been to already. If somewhere has been recommended to me by someone I trust enough, then I'll check it out eventually. Most of the time, I'm too pessimistic to be spontaneous. I always think things will go wrongly. c__c

My favourite character to roleplay would be Aimi, a dark natured catgirl I've put into quite a few different games. She'd be less afraid to try a new thing, because if she doesn't like something, she just kills the persons responsible for making the experience a terrible one.


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Don't really have the luxury to check out new places all the time, but when the chance is there, I always love checking out some kebab-place I haven't been to before.

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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
I have a couple places that I go to. They are cheap AND good, so It's a win win.

I've lived in this area for so long that I've gotten to know the best places and tend to stay away new and trendy places.