Somewhat new?

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So like the title suggests, I'm somewhat new to the forum. I have technically been a member for a while now, but I took a break not too long after I joined. I'd also like to take this chance and apologize to anyone I had been posting with, or those of you who I was generating plots with! I'm truly sorry for just dropping all my threads, but I wasn't feeling very inspired and so I took some time, some personal health days (months ...^_^') if you will.

    BUT! I am back, and just itching to get started! I like to try anything at least once, and of course I have those special plot bunnies that are near and dear to the heart, but I'm just about into anything! I can do descriptive, or I can do short and steamy, and I don't particularly have a preference. So long as I get a reply that inspires my characters, I'm willing and able!

    So...yes, indeed. I guess that about covers it. Please feel free to invite me to RPs, or PM me with ideas and I'll be lurking around doing the same! :D
  2. Heheh, welcome back :P
  3. Why thank you!
    I am sorry for just abandoning our thread at that time!
    Maybe you'll allow me to make it up to you sometime, and we can brainstorm!
    And if not, that is entirely my loss!
  4. It's all good. I might PM ya in awhile, too many classes to pick up another atm :3
  5. I know the feeling!
    I'll be patiently awaiting. :P