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  1. Hey!
    I'm back with a specific ask....

    Anybody love Jurassic Park as much as I do?
    I'll take that as a no? oAo

    I'm looking for a partner who loves this movie/is into Dinosaurs. I'd love to double/play multiple characters. Canon Characters and OCs!

    I won't give you a big list of rules but this is what I expect!:
    - 1-5 paragraphs.
    - Third Person Past tense.
    - OOC Chat is great but not necessary.
    - Basic knowledge on the movie!
    - I'm okay with Gore/Smut/Violence etc. If you aren't, tell me!
    - If any Romance/Smut is going to happen, MxM is my main gender pairing. I am okay with anything else though!
    - Real FCs are my favourite!

    Alright, I have a couple of characters/Plots in mind, so if you're interested, PM/post!

    I have another mini request:

    Anybody else love Police & Crime Drama as much as me?
    No..? OAO

    I'd really love to do something similar to 24 (If you wanna actually roleplay 24 don't even think about not messaging me) Based around Police vs Criminals. Especially around drug/violence culture.

    The rules are as of above!
    I have characters/plot in mind, and I'd love to double/play multiple characters too!

    So if you either like your Dinosaurs or your Drugs, I'd love to hear from you!
  2. I have a idea in wanting to do which requires my character gaining a stalker do you fancy being the police officer who can help her when she reports it?

    I write usually a paragraph and im okay with violence and swearing I can roleplay and do avoid one liners at all costs.
  3. [Sadly Bumps]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.