Something, Something... Writer's Block?

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  1. Hello there. I don't know if this topic has been covered in a different subforum, and I'm almost certain it may not have been covered in this manner. Today's topic for discussion is writer's block. How do you deal with it? Personally, I find some way to challenge myself. The creative challenges on this site are great for that. Sometimes, I also resort to a different type of creativity. One time, I made a 3x6 grid of graph paper and laid out an entire oldschool Zelda-esq map. So, what do you do to grab your writer's block by the neck?
  2. Depends on what writing. Generally depending on the genre ill have music playing to match it. Also kung fu movies playing in the background help as well.
  3. I take a break, start writing a different idea, listen to music or play a game. If I have an especially bad writer's block, then I just try to force myself through it and not look at what I have written until I feel like I am done writing it. That does not help if I am feeling terrible about my own writing, though, and I am very likely to procrastinate if I do not feel like writing. Fortunately, I manage to pull myself out of my slump if I start doing something. It does not matter what, once I start it, I will slowly get my motivation back.
  4. I think for me it depends on what sort of block I have. o__o If I'm in a pissy mood, there's no way I can write something. So first I have to deal with my pissyiness, then I can play.

    But usually, all the routine stuff... Watching movies that fit the theme of what I wanna write. The more I regularly read, the more I want to write. Music is always a good inspiration (but often ends up inspiring me for completely different things XD )

    And PLOTTING WITH PARTNERS. That's usually the most helpful thing to get my mojo working again for a roleplay! I talk to my partners about stuff we wanna do, and silly things about our characters and what we wanna do next in the scenes, and I find it easier to write and know where we're headed!
  5. I do what you guys do too, I read, write something different, or I listen to music. However the best cure for me is to simply talk to someone else about my story. I don't typically get writer's block for roleplays because those come naturally for me because I feel like there's more of a script involved.
  6. I write out babbles and empty my mind of whats distracting me. For half an hour, whatever thought crosses my head gets written on paper. They're pretty funny to read afterwards to.
  7. Oh and these Academy Exercises definitely help me out. Even though I wrote a lot of these, I find that they are extremely helpful.