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  1. I saw this idea and I think it would be fun to roleplay. I am looking for a dominant and it would be a guy x guy roleplay.
    Your character is the neighbor of mine. One day yours gets a package an expects it to be a few games he ordered online. Instead he finds out that the package I supposed to be to my character, and the thing in the package is a sex toy or two. This leads to a number of options your character could do, including teasing and blackmailing with a definite dose of embarrassment from both characters. .
  2. This is so tempting!! :333
  3. Heh, sounds fun doesn't it? ^^
  4. Yes ! I was thinking that he blackmails the guy for sex and then ends up confessing to him in the end.
  5. Yes!! :) that sounds perfect!!
  6. Okidoki, do you wanna start it? xD (why do we have so many rps going on haha)
  7. Yup, I just need a character sheet from you.

    (Haha I don't know XD)
  8. Yup okay here goes xD (I'm making a pierced chara woo because I love the real character and all so just--)

    Yeah it's short but whatever I don't care xD

    Name: Nathan
    Age: 22
    Height: 184cm
    Personality: Nate is a fairly unsociable and blunt person, and he tends to not smile often. He's always sitting inside his home, and only ventures outside on the strangest times of the day. His occupation is as a computer worker, and he does things like fixing computers and tracking down things for money. It brings him well and he has enough of an income to live on his own. He doesn't have many friends

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  9. (that's okay XD I will send the link when I am done)
    Name: Jackson
    Height: 170 cm
    Personality: Being a fairly quiet person, Jackson doesn't socialize with many people unless he has to. He smiles often to strangers in order to seem just like any other person and works at a florist's shop in town. A fair amount of people like him because of his polite speech when he does talk both nobody is very close to him.
  10. This will be really cute xD
  11. I agree. This is going to be fun~
  12. But I'll be jumping to bed, I'll reply somewhere when I wake up tomorrow xD
  13. Okay XD see you then
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