Something set in Alberta (or setting based on Alberta)

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  1. Alright, first RP here. Let's see how things work.

    I've really been itching to get into RPing here, but I haven't really been able to find RPs I can easily join, and only now have I been figuring out what I want. And even then it's a very faint idea of what I'm looking for. Been having a really bad creative drought, I'll admit.

    If any of you are familiar with the Canadian province of Alberta, that's what the setting of the RP will be based on. Will likely be heavily fictionalized, and may have sci-fi and supernatural elements.

    As for the genre, I'm thinking that it'll start out as a crime drama along the lines of Breaking Bad and Grand Theft Auto, but then gradually develop into a near post-apocalyptic setting as things gradually fall into anarchy. Either way, I'm hoping for some colorful characters and intense dynamics.

    As the GM, I won't be doing more than coordinating things and establishing the setting. I'll establish plot elements here and there but overall I will be leaving most of it to you, the players.
  2. I'm not really sure, I'm from Ontario
  3. Alright, I've had some more thinking about this. If you're not Albertan, no need to worry. I got things covered.

    Setting's going to be fictionalized. It's gonna be on another planet a few centuries in the future, but given that FTL travel hasn't been invented yet, no shits are going to be given about what's going on off-planet. On top of that, it's also going to be a retro-future. You'd think it was the 1980s if you didn't know any better. Cell phones are still brick-sized and the Internet hasn't been invented. Overall, not much different from the Late Cold War period if it weren't for the occasional robots and other high tech here and there. Think the Fallout series of games as they are to the Early Cold War. Same retro-future concept but applied to a different time.

    Say hello to the Republic of New Carolina, one of 13 countries on the planet Borea. 36 million people strong and just slightly bigger in area than non-Russian Europe. The country's anchored by two main cities, Argyll (10 million) and the capital Mackenzie (8 million). Outside of the cities, the country ranges from thick boreal forests in the north to sprawling prairies in the south, with alpine mountains on the southwestern flank and arid badlands in the southeast.

    We'll be focusing on Argyll. Expect gang wars, trigger-happy rednecks, drug-addled trailer parks, corrupt oil barons with the police under their payroll, and plenty of Argyll's other blights amidst an awful, awful snowstorm. But on the bright side, it's Christmas Eve and the Borean Winter Games are scheduled to arrive on the New Year. And don't forget the world-famous Argyll Stampede in the summer either!

    Sounds familiar, eh? It's Alberta with the same formula of caricaturization in the GTA and Fallout series. Just like the jingoistic nominal democracy America became in the Fallout series is a caricature of 1950s America, this setting's going by the caricature Alberta gets from the rest of Canada as basically Texas but colder. Then make it a good fictional GTA-like crapsack setting perfect for action, drama, and plenty of black comedy too.
  4. I'm guessing I'll have to be setting up an int check instead since I'm going to have more say over the plot than I originally thought, but at the same time I might be setting up a thread when I could still be using this one.

    Man, it's been so long since I last RPed on forums that I'm really out of touch with things. Or writing for that matter. Hence why I made this thread with the intention of plotting with other people since I'm likely going to have to put my training wheels back on.

    Would also be good for me to have a part in the RP with my own character, to show people how things will be done in a more direct fashion.
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