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  1. I'm looking to pick up another RP. I joined during Sci-Fi month, and I was just rolling in all the sci-fi, and now it's all dwindled. D: So anyways, I want something sci-fi.

    I don't do romance (sorries), and I'm seriously trying to work on more character/scene development rather than plot development. I've been in the habit of caring a lot about how the world works before jumping into the RP, and I want to get out of that habit, so I'm looking for someone who is willing to throw things out without feeling afraid that I'll be like "wtf is that?" and someone who will take whatever I throw and roll with it, too.

    I'm not looking to work within a specific universe, but just to give you a sense of what flavors I like, the universes I do like are: Shadowrun, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Firefly, and there's probably more. I'm open to the existence of aliens. I generally prefer to stick with humans and what humans do in the future, though.
  2. Is interested. I like sci-fi stuffz :3
  3. Yay! Do you have any directions you particularly like?
  4. Well I know for one, I like more sci-fi worlds with humans and the like a lot more than I like space ships and alien races battling.
    I like worlds that are more of highly futuristic with loads of technology and fancy objects lol. =P
    Mainly because that's where most of my characters I ever made for sci-fi stuff are like. Just normal people with gadgets and things that make them and their lives a lot better.
    I hope that made sense ^^; Lol my brain's not letting me think straight today XD
  5. Sweet sweet! Sounds good. Let's go with a human-centric sci-fi world. How about there being multiple colonies on different planets / moons, but mostly everything happens on one particular planet?

    Spinning off a friend's idea, how does the following sound for a plot? There's two types of colonies:
    a) People who "opted-in" - they like technology, and they decided to make the move because they're advanced. These were the first sort of colonies to be made and now they're pretty advanced.
    b) People who had to move. The worlds they were on became overcrowded and the government gave them monetary (or property) incentives to move. These colonies are pretty much slums (well, futuristic slums).

    Let's say Colony A is an advanced colony, and Colony B is a slums colony. Colony A has some problem (maybe it ran out of natural resources and it's not sustainable (yet) to import from other planets). Colony B is nearby and Colony A's people are relocating there. ... and culture clash!

    If you don't like it ... do you have a character in particular you want to use? We could start from that instead.

    P.S. My friend says your avatar is very familiar, but he can't figure out why.
  6. Lol I honestly have no idea where my avatar's from either XD But I thought pretty much the same thing and decided to use it til I figured it out lol.

    And actually I like your idea. :)
    It sounds really cool to RP and I can already think of a bunch of characters I have that I can choose from that would fit real nicely in there.
  7. I'm interested in a scifi rp :D
  8. [MENTION=2820]Eiko[/MENTION] Sorry, I'm only looking to pick up one more RP right now. I'll let you know if I have time for more in the future!
    [MENTION=2595]ObsidianDragon[/MENTION] Friend said he thought it was a Magic card, but he couldn't find it.

    In other news, yay! I'm glad you like it. ^_^ I don't have a character in mind yet. Do you want to post ideas you have, or I could probably whip something up (later today ... I accidentally'd an all nighter making a D&D character...).
  9. Lol that's fine. I can wait if you wanna make something later :)
  10. Look at me make up names! I looked for planets outside our solar system and found some around Epsilon Eridani, so I arbitrarily decided to name things based on that.

    Eridanus = Tech Planet
    New Torino = Dump Planet

    I also uh ... made more than one character concept. ^^; Pick a path? We could also do something like "merged high schools" if you want to do a younger generation.

    Char 1: His father is the CEO of Athena, a mega-corp that produces home appliances and home augmentations. He grew up less business minded, and more of a scientist. Since high school, he interned with the research division. When Eridanus started failing, he decided to start working on the problem. Between being the son of one of the largest mega-corps's CEO and being a researcher in sustainability, he was marked as a priority for evacuation. He is far from excited about leaving his home for two major reasons. First, it's removed from the physical area he wants to study. But more importantly, he's not looking forward to leaving the comforts of home.

    Char 2: Back on Eridanus, he was part of law enforcement. This simply meant being a lawyer and fighting with words. Turns out it was very different. In some ways he's excited, and in other ways he's terrified, but there us one thing he knows he wants. He's resigned to the fact he's going to be here for some time, but he wants to make the place as safe as possible for "his people."

    Char 3: On Eridanus, she worked in physical and cyber security. She moved to New Torino to ensure the safety of some of the VIPs of Eridanus. It's hard not to see all the problems of New Torino though -- in particular, in it's government. It's entirely corrupt and surpresses its people. Some people have succumb to it, buying their way into power, but she feels this is wrong. Eridanus certainly has the superior tech, and if they were to wait, they could definitely rehaul the government, but it isn't right to jut sit back and do nothing till then, either. Now, she's stumbled across an underground movement to overthrow the government.

    Char 4: She wouldn't consider herself lucky. She's one of a handful of honor roll students in the sector, and thus, she has been deemed "worthy" of working for the rich Eridanusers. She now has the cyborg augmentation to run a house. The only upside is the pay is good enough to get her family out of debt in a year's time.

    Char 5: All her life, her gang has been everything, but after seeing her brother and cousin die, she's ready to get out, but she doesn't have the means or money. She gets a phone call offering a job: make a high profile kill and get a solid stack of cash. There's a cover job waiting. It would be more than enough money to get out her sector and maybe even off New Torino, but she'd have to break all her ties here in order to pursue the job.

    I also tried to add you on skype if you wanna chat there instead. ^^
  11. Hey. Are you still interested? Or should I hope the search back up?