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  1. So I started working on a post via a PM...and for some reason Google Chrome keeps telling me it cannot authenticate Iwaku's certificate. It is odd and has only just started popping up today. Any Suggestions?

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  2. It is safe to click 'continue anyway' or whatever sounds similar. Trying to implement cloudflare and it is taking a bit to update SSL.
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  3. Thanks. I had a feeling it wasn't the end of the world :) Just wanted to be sure.
  4. While this is recent, I'm getting a problem of my own which I took a screen shot of. This has just started occurring when I try to access the site or anything on it, it takes several tries to get through or make posts so far. I had to try about five times to open this thread.

    Edit: It seems to have stopped <_<

    Edit: Still going
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  5. It should be resolved. Let me know if it continues.
  6. I am still experiencing issues. I would explain but the site is going to log me out any second now.
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  7. I think that should be resolved now. If it is not make sure to check the stay logged in box.
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