Something I just don't understand about some RPers.

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  1. I don't want to sound like a snob or a jerk. I'm not trying to be snippy, but at this point I'm just... confused. The source of my confusion is this:

    Why would you RP through short single lines of text on a forum? It just seems like a waste of the capabilities of the medium. If what you want is quick entries and rapid responses, why not do so over a chat? Surely there are chat services that offer private rooms to use or let users create rooms and groups. And if the RP is supposed to be private, then why not simply use IM services like MSN and Skype?

    I guess I just don't get why when you're on a forum, which gives you the space and time to type out long messages, you would be satisfied with only single lines at a time.

    Can someone try to explain this to me?
  2. I don't speak for everyone, but I believe it's because it can be difficult to gather everyone in one place at one time. Doing it on a forum allows for time differences and some people can't be bothered to write a paragraph for what amounts to a short hello.
  3. It can also be related to a case where the time your post covers is extremely short, usually because you're trying not to step into the time of another person. In such cases, the posts will be short. However, if you're talking about cases where every single post is only a line long, that probably has to do with the said person not having learned how to flesh things out, only stating a basic action without painting a picture.
  4. I think it is what was already said and sometimes there is no point to paint a picture. Case in point saying 'hi' or 'bye' well maybe 'bye' could use a picture. 'Hi' really doesn't need one most times. I don't really paint a picture cause I don't want others to read a book,when I'm not writing a book at the moment. Oddly I've a story written....
  5. I felt the same Spammy... but everyone is different and that is why I don't Rp in forums anymore.
  6. Others have explained the typical one-liner reasons pretty well. :D Quickfire playing, cause some people don't have easy chat access or want to give out their IMs. Lazy people who can't think farther than one sentence at a time. Newbie roleplayers that just haven't learned or developed their writing skills yet.

    I think the important thing is not to judge or avoid people simply because they do one liner posts, but instead give them opportunities to expand and grow. Too often people are all "RGH THIS SUCKS!" but without roleplayers with developed writing skills actually trying to interact and play with these people, (who genuinely are just needing help and aren't lazy), they won't ever have a chance to learn or develop their OWN skills.

    Also, this is silly. People having different habits and skill levels don't prevent anyone from roleplaying on forums. Not taking the time try out partners and discover other roleplayers that share your style of habits does though. There are hundreds of people on Iwaku and thousands of roleplay forums on the internets, all of which whom managed to find people to play with when they put in the effort!
  7. I'm trying not to be all "RGH THIS SUCKS!" just... it to me it feels like you're using a giant eighteen-wheeler trailer to haul two bags of groceries, to me it's a wastefulness I just can't wrap my head around. I'm not knocking the practice, just the way it's being done causes me confusion.