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  1. So I have a character I'd really like to use and perhaps one of you lovely folks would like to give me that chance! I have a general plot, which is more or less addressed in the bio of my character but we can certainly build upon it. I don't mind if we do this in modern day (as in this year) or (even better, I know) sometime in the future, when science is threatening to break every leash we try to throw around it. How many yeas doesn't matter to me, we can be creative with it if we go this route.

    Link to Character Profile (open)


    - this will be FXM, I would appreciate if your character was male.
    - We can take three routes in either genre: an assassin sent to kill her eventually has a change of heart OR she is found by one of the scientists who feels badly about what happen. He wants to help her and in the process help bring down the company he still works for. OR She runs into another subject and together they try to bring down said company (to be named by us).
    -Replies will come at least every other day, if not one each day.
    -I like discussing things before hand, to keep things on track so hopefully you do too. I also enjoy just chatting about random stuff 'n such too!
    -I strive to post a minimum of three good paragraphs for my partner. Your post lengths don't matter to me so much as the quality of them do. give me stuff to work with and I'll be happy as a clam that escapes being eaten.

    Please PM if you're interested at all and we can talk further!
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