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  1. Ive been roleplaying for abour 9 to 10 years. One thing thats irritating me now is doing 1x1s. I enjoy doing them but one thing I hate is when you goto someone interest check, and thy have the rule. if your gonna drop please let me know.
    After a few weeks of roleplaying the person who has that rule stops messaging. i wait a few days, and then send a message of wheter of not they want to continue. Sometimes they say no or yes, and they forgot
    But sometimes they dont respond at all and ignore me completely.
    I just find that rude, and hypocritical
  2. ain't that the truth
  3. I do the opposite of what that person did. Well I say both to be honest, but I make sure to make it clear that since I am in college I may not always be available. Saves me a lot of trouble, so I don't understand why mot people don't say that from the get-go xD
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  4. I understand That realife comes first, but let the other person know and don't just ignore them
  5. Well that's... dumb. >:/

    Normally the reason why people don't say anything when they drop out is cuz they're too shy to just say that they don't want to RP anymore. But like, if you claim to understand that, and post a rule about it, I agree that it's certainly hypocritical to expect people to be brave enough to message you about dropping out when you can't even be brave enough to do the same. *smh*
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  6. That's definitely an irritation and something you can't do much about, but one thing to consider is that sometimes people disappear because things out of their control happen and they can't get to computers. I have about 4 people who semi-regularly disappear without a trace for sometimes a month at a time that I'm still good friends with, and while it would be nice to get some head's up, sometimes things happens and there's not much you can do about it.

    If that happens, I just kind of assume the RP is on semi-permanent hiatus and work on other projects. If the partner comes back, great! If not, I didn't wait around forever for them.
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  7. I agree realife comes first and real life can be unpredictable but even when I see person online and i message them they just ignore me, and that's kjustxie rude and disrespectful to the person.

    It's irritating to see the person post when you message them about continuing and not reply
  8. Sometimes real life happens, sometimes people just don't want to give in and admit to quitting the RP.

    And sadly this is something I feel every roleplayer is guilty of at one point at another (unless if they're new, in which case just give it time).

    But yea, the best thing to do when on the receiving end is probably to send a nudge/update.
    And if that doesn't remind them, then just go looking for another RP. No sense waiting around for something that you can't get a response from.
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  9. I will agree that every Roleplayer has done this once,
    I guess I'm talking about the ones that are obviously online, and when you do nudge them or asked them if they want to continuethey just ignore it. That's just rude and disrespectful to the other person. I can tell your online don't ignore me and then post a rule about your partner letting you know if they are gonna drop a rp.
  10. Yeah, I assumed we were talking about this. And, yeah, that's where I assume the shyness comes in. It's one thing if stuff comes up and a person can't even manage to get online, it's a whole other when they're clearly still able to roleplay, but have just stopped roleplaying with you and refuse to say anything about it.

    Hence why GM's and the like often post a rule like "say something if you plan on dropping out", to make it clear that there's no shame in it and that they'd rather hear someone say that they're dropping out than for the person to ignore them. I know that's something I can't stress enough when making my RP's, and yet, it still happens.

    Hence why I totally agree that seeing someone make a rule like that and then not even be able to obey it themselves is really hypocritical. >:/
  11. Humans are emotional creatures by default.

    Running into issues such as Hypocrisy is only natural.
  12. This is why I often up my game. If someone drops my RP, remains active in other RPs, and fails to inform me after a direct confrontation, I blacklist them. So long as someone is on my blacklist, if they try to join an RP that I'm currently associated with or to my knowledge join a friend's RP, I inform the GM/friend about their past behavior. Ditching isn't cool, and I won't let them think there aren't consequences to it.
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  13. And I'm guilty of it. Not much else for me to say that hasn't already been said.
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