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Apearantly it has been done before though. I Have had an idea of trying to get some sort of Survival Horror game going for a while now. Now Diana says that they never seem to last very long but the idea mechanics wise I was thinking can still be carried over. Basicly everyone has a seperate 1 on 1 RP with the story teller and when they show up in the same area at the same time it becomes a group RP.

So thoughts on it? Would a game using this style be fesibale?
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Kitti will join :)
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I like it. + a survival horror setting can be done with almost any game.
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So far my only issue has been finding a venue. Heck I don't care if someone else runs it, I just want to do one for the sake of it.
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Many venues could be used for this. hell even a dark heresy game could do it if we were on a death world.
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I was thinking trying to keep it closer to modern times. Then it would really be fun, because you don't have all those filthy Xenos so the sheer shock factor of seeing somthing alien is enough to push normal people over the edge.

I was working on expanding an idea I had for an RP last night that was... well think about it as Resident Evil without the zombies, a lot less monsters, but a lot more shooting at shadows. So think similar to Alien, only on earth. My only issue is inserting people into it and turning it into a true survival horror that everyone is seperated in rather than a under equipped bug hunt. So in effect the problem is taking Aliens and twisting it to make it good for the reasons Alien was.
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So I'm thinking on taking an early PS2 game's introduction... one that I only played the demo for, loved, and never knew the name of. Players are members of a SF team that are sent in to investigate (to grab the orignal idea they are corperate Mercs... like UBCS) the lack of communication or in the revised plan I was working on last night, maybe they suddenly started getting communications again? Point being is the mission goes to hell then and there.
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so d20 modern system then? nah to easy to waste zombies. wait RIFTS!!!
I was just going to do it freeform honestly. But if I HAD to use a system I'd use either Call of Cathulhu meshed with D20 Modern. For the most part the only reason for the D20 Modern is I perfer prices over wealth... or am I confused on those things? I know there was some reason that I wanted to mix them together.
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Well wealth is much easier to manage, so long as you don't go binge spending.
I hate the wealth system. 'nuff said.

Besides, it works better for survival horror when you know just how little money you have.
true, however I still say the rifts system because of sheer brutality fitting of a survival horror game. It help the players if they know every combat they all could die if they don't handle things correctly.
You can get away with describing it in Freeform however.
if you must have some system GURPS is always an option, especially with houserules added for more gritty realism and monsters that just straight-up cheat.
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I don't know why but everything that has been talked about in this thread has made me flashback to a certain game. Except for all these four letter abbreviations for different system methods. Don't know what those mean. But I am interested in a survival horror RP. Anyway. . . this is what you guys made me have a nostalgia attack from.

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See so far my biggest issue has been the same. Its venue.

I know the over all plot. Its just seperating the group from them being togther in the begining thats an issue as well how to make it relativly free for what kind of character you wish to play. I'm thinking though that I should just take the "And Then There Were None" aproch. But doing so means re-working my entire opening scene.