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  1. does anyone want to do a band style RP? we can discuss details here
  2. awesome! the band positions that aren't taken are

    Secondary Guitarist,
    Secondary Vocalist
    (can merge all positions with secondary vocalist)

    you should also describe your character or leave a name, age, small bio and a picture
  3. Dakota 17 shes been haveing family problems and she is misstaken for a guy all the time she plays bass
  4. Andrew McLean, very determined and emotional artist, miserable ever since his longtime girlfriend left him[​IMG], Lead singer, Lead guitarist, Primary songwriter, 19
  5. What do you mean by secondary guitarist? What genres do the band play? Is there a set plot here?
  6. Secondary guitarist meaning, the second guitarist in the band, like, let's say I come up with a riff on guitar, and you come up with a secondary riff that would drive and or compliment that riff,
    and uhh, genres, I'd say a sort of Indie/Experimental/Pop Punk type thing?
    and yeah, there's a plot
    the plot is within you
    (meaning we should discuss plot ideas with each other)
  7. So, like... There's one bass and two electric guitars (those being secondary and lead)?
  8. correct, and all of the members can share vocals
    and hopefully a drummer soon
  9. Ahh, okay. Well, I will gladly join then. I've been wanting to write about this sort of thing for a while (i.e. roleplay, story, etc.) ^^

    Name: Kaira Holt

    Age: 19

    Position: Drummer, Secondary Vocals

    History: She was born in Scandinavia, but moved to the United States when she was three years old with her family because her Father had a job opportunity. During middle school, she took Orchestra and Choir, beginning to build a much deeper love for music itself. She took up many solo parts in Choir and Orchestra, and when she became a Freshman in high school, she met Andrew and started to form a friendship between them. A couple years later, a band was formed. Kaira became the drummer and a secondary vocalist for it, and now plans to pursue this musical career.


    Other: She carries a lot of inspiration for the band and likes to hang out with them, as well as go to night clubs and party.

    (I hope this is alright, her and Andrew already having a friendship and being the start of the band formation. I like to have a little more than a general idea of history, and this was what I came up with to make her history brief in terms of creating a "small bio" for this RP, in your case.)
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