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  • FULL NAME priestess terrabitha magdalena vasilliou
    NICKNAMES terra, ter, tortie, tortillia
    SPECIES undead witch | born witch, bitten undead vampire
    AGE 45 years old, appears 32
    OCCUPATION supernatural lawyer at law, high circle board member, mom friend
    ** all these details vary, depending on the universe.

    NAMESAKE. ─────────────────────────────────────────
    Priestess Terrabitha Magdalene Vasiliou ─ goes by Terra, close friends call her Ter. A few people call her Tortie or Tortilla Only Ansel can get away with calling her Owl, but its a nickname that doesn't come up often.

    Most witches give their children their mothers' surname and she and her brother were no exception. Terra comes from a long line of powerful witches - the Vasilious are a well-known, prestigious coven and many of her ancestors and living relatives hold positions of power in their circles, as well as the witch's government, the High Circle. Terra and Atlas are not welcome faces among their family members, as the things that their mother (and now Terra) have done with the reality magic, Realium, are forbidden and considered taboo. Terra's strengths lie with the "dark" strains of magic and she is just as shunned as her incubus brother, Atlas. Terra avoids her family at all costs, but her brother loves to ruffle their feathers. Neither of them hold the same morals or snobbish viewpoints as the majority of their family members. Wealth, power, and greed have gone to a lot of their heads, but Terra and Atlas do their best to be a little more down to Earth.

    STATE OF BEING. ─────────────────────────────────────
    Terra is an undead witch: she was born a pureblood witch, but was attacked by a vampire and changed against her will when she was 32 years old. She retains her appearance from that day and will long into her years. Vampires age incredibly slowly. Technically, Terra has lost track of how "old" she is after the reality magic takes its pound of flesh, but in the life she chooses to consider her real one, she's forty five years old.

    Though it's nowhere near as difficult to stomach as it once was, Terra can't stand the vampiric parts of herself. She's learned to love who she is at heart, but if she could get rid of her vampirism, it wouldn't matter what she'd have to go through in order to reverse it. The thought of having to rob someone of their lifeforce to sustain her own makes Terra sick to her stomach and drinking blood has never been and will never be a pleasurable experience for her. The taste of it is foul and she goes to extra lengths to disguise it as much as possible. Drinking the bare minimum, Terra's certainly not as physically strong as she could be, but she could still turn a mortal's bones to dust with little effort. Constantly, she's left on edge, trying to be mindful of her touch and her physical prowess; Terra's petrified that one day she'll accidentally harm someone past the point of repair and that would be quite the soul-crushing ordeal. She's harsh and can't seem to judge the force with which she moves or touches someone. Because of this, she tends to keep her hands to herself, despite being famished for physical touch. Terra relies immensely on her words and tends to say more than is honestly necessary - and it's quite hard to get that woman to shut the fuck up when she starts talking. If she's comfortable with you, she'll trap you for hours on end in conversation.

    Considering herself more witch than vampire, Terra focuses a lot of her time perfecting her magic. She's transformed her basement into something straight out of Harry Potter - she's got anything a witch could ever want, all wrapped up in the esthetic of a sleepy forest hollow. The ceiling is slathered in "stars", but really, they're individual power sources for her elements. While her brother is far more skilled with making potions than she is, Her basement is a functional laboratory and hospital all in one - a literal safe haven for someone like herself and her brother. Terra is a walking encyclopedia for recipes; she often asks her brother to make things for her, as he's much better at the crafting process than she could ever hope to be. While she doesn't often utilize it, she's incredibly talented at casting hexes and curses. She just feels that doing so is never the answer unless there's absolutely no other choice.

    Both she and her brother have a massive collection of literature and have spent ages expanding their magical education and capabilities. They've both trained under a well-known witch, Morgana's best friend, Loren Crain, who happens to be the representative for Obscura on the High Circle's council of Supreme Witches. Terra's worked with numerous people over the years to solve issues that affect witches as a whole and she's slowly been clawing her way toward a higher position in the Circle. She's well-known for her advocacy and support of familiars' legal rights. Eventually, she's offered to take Loren's place as the Obscura Supreme, but she declines. After her brush with Realium's fury, she wants nothing but a peaceful life and focuses on herself and her family.

    Her strengths lies with dark magic, primarily Obscura, the magic used to craft hallucinations, illusions, and to trick the mind and body to bend to her will. She isn't aware of it, but being a vampire gives her an extra edge to withstand the taxes of the magic and the balance it requires. Even so, no one is impervious or immune to its costs and the more Terra pushes her luck, the higher the price she pays. Eventually, the Realium begins to drive her mad, in the same fashion that it did Morgana before her tragic death when Terra was only twelve. As she begins to slip, she fails to care for herself the way she desperately needs to and it leaves her weak and vulnerable to its wrath. Terra, in a moment of panic to save her brother's life, pushes herself to far, and the Realium tries to take her life. Miraculously, two dear friends of hers who are physicians (Sebastian McAlister and Ravenya Nicchi) find a way to pull Terra back into reality, but at the cost of three of her six remaining lives, given to her by her familiar, Minerva.

    LUMOS light ......................................★★★★★
    VIRIDIS earth ....................................★★★★★
    ARIA air .............................................★★★★★
    FUEGO fire ........................................★★★★★
    UNDA water ........................................★★★★★
    ELECTRUM elextricity .....................★★★★★
    NOX darkness .....................................★★★★★
    OBSCURA illusion .............................★★★★★
    REALIUM time/reality .......................★★★★★

    ── Terra's strongest elements are Obscura (illusion magic) Nox (darkness magic) and Realium (time/reality magic)
    ── She's average with the rest of her magic, Aria (air), Electrum (electricity, and Lumos (light)
    ── Terra's weakest elements are Viridis (earth magic), Fuego (fire), and Unda (water magic)

  • PERSONALITY. ───────────────────────────────────────
    Terra's quite a complex individual. At the mercy of her emotions and experiences, she's at constant odds with herself. Her mind is never a peaceful place to be, as her thoughts tend to leap over one another. Analytical to a fault, the woman has a bad habit of overthinking everything, but her training in her field has given her the imperative ability to siphon through her racing mind and pinpoint the reality and truths of most of her situations. While she's quite an emotionally invested person, Terra can overcome her personal bias and desires in order to reach the most beneficial conclusions and decisions she can. Logic and ration are important to Terra and she always makes her best effort to set her encumbering feelings aside to best assess the problems she and her family encounter. She's a source of rationality for most people and while she can be incredibly blunt and sometimes tactless, her heart is in the right place for the people she loves - and strangers, if she believes they're within their right.

    As she is only human, Terra struggles immensely with the extremes her mind can pitch her toward. She feels everything in full force - if she's mad she's furious. If she's happy, she's elated. If she's sad, the world can fucking burn. Since she became a vampire, this has only worsened; thankfully, time has given her the assets she needs to better manage herself. Even so, sometimes she slips and finds herself at the mercy of old habits. Terra can have a rancid temper and when she implodes, there's no stopping the eruption until its gone on its course. She and Atlas have come to blows more than once over some pretty stupid shit, but its not without a healthy dose of shame after the chaos has settled. Her rage can get out of hand - and the vampire can sometimes take control in more ways than one. When she reaches her threshold, she spares not a single feeling, no matter to whom she's speaking (or if they really deserve her wrath). More often than not, though, she reaches those heights because she's frightened for someone she loves, or they've done something that's placed themselves in unnecessary jeopardy. There's nothing that gets under her skin more than witnessing someone sacrifice their health in any manner for no good reason. Even if it is for good reason, she'll still chew your ass out for being a bit of a careless heathen.

    Someone who places a grand amount of value in self-love and care, Terra preaches to everyone to care for themselves the way they rightfully deserve. Golden-hearted and full of unconditional love, she finds ways to care for her people that aren't exactly direct most times, but speak volumes to her love for others and herself. Self-preservation is important to Terra and she always does her best to make sure that her friends are taking good care of themselves. Stubborn and bullheaded to a fault, she'll argue with you until you're blue in the face. While she doesn't precisely intend to spark arguments, she is, at the end of the day, a lawyer and conflict isn't often daunting. Not at all afraid to speak her mind and truth, Terra will tell you precisely what she thinks, even if it hurts your fee fees.

    Painfully introverted, Terra does struggle in large social settings and will tuck herself away against the wall to observe and watch over those she knows, rather than stick herself openly in conversation. Even within the sanctuary of her home, if there are a lot of people gathered around, she'll make sure her guests are well served, entertained, and cared for, then ghost away into her basement or room to get a few moments of solitude. She can spend hours in the sole company of her favorite person on the planet, Dr. Ansel Carrow, though. There's not a single moment of the day she wouldn't be content to spend with him, but they're often found in comfortable silence as they focus on their individual work or projects. With him, she finds peace that Terra struggles to find on her own. Terra, as her job requires it, is one hell of a chameleon, but it's easy to be herself around the quiet doctor who has bewitched her heart.

    After she nearly loses her life to the punishments of Realium, Terra really struggles to remember who she truly is. It seems as though her spark was left out in the rain, but with the patience and care of her family, she pieces herself back together. Albeit, she's a little more cautious and haunted by what she went through, but as always, she keeps her determination to persevere - and that's precisely what she does.

    ── TIDBITS
    ── her favorite color is rose gold, but she's found herself quite fond of blue because of a certain someone.
    ── terra can't cook to save her fucking life, she lives on takeout
    ── she's nicknamed ansel "bluebird", because he's a dream come true - and it's a cheeky play on "where bluebirds fly". he puts her over the rainbow like a cheesy wizard of oz musical number
    ── she absolutely adores broadway and musicals, but has never gone to see a show
    ── has an unhealthy obsession with criminal psychology: loves true crime. definitely a bailey sarian simp
    ── has a wretched taste in music, but does rather enjoy score music
    ── a virtuoso - can play numerous instruments, but her best skill is her voice. but she has a crippling case of stage fright. she sings at the bloody fang, but has to use obscura to trick herself into being confident before every show, or she never makes it out on stage
    ── doesn't play well with others. terra doesn't make friends easily. most of the people in her life have gone through years worth of fighting to get close to her. but once you've got her affection, you're doomed forever.
    ── awkward as fuck, essentially the poster child of the standing woman emoji
    ── goes to touch people often, but seconds guesses herself more than not
    ── a library of useless, but interesting facts
    ── literal dragon, hoards shiny things, particularly minerals and fossils
    ── has more cars than she possibly needs. her mustang is her pride and joy
    ── prefers tea over coffee. chai and vanilla wafers are the way to her soul

  • HISTORY. ──────────────────────────────────────────
    Terra is the firstborn of Morgana Vasiliou and Calix Sorrel. Born before the reveal of supernaturals to human life, she spent her youth in lonely isolation. When she was six, her father was murdered shortly before her mother fell pregnant with Atlas. Zacharius, who was a full-blooded demon, saw the potential in Morgana and desired an heir. So, after tricking the woman into consent, her little brother came crashing into their lives. Despite the circumstances, Terra assumed the role of Big Sister with pride and a furious vow to protect him at all costs. While they had a turbulent start, there's no one on the face of the planet that the undead witch loves more than him. Her brother isn't aware, but her mother put a hex on Terra shortly after his birth. No matter what it would mean for her, Terra will protect her brother at all costs, even if it would mean her own death. Nonetheless, she'd lay her life down for him, curse or no curse. The two can tear one another apart, but their bond is unshakable. Atlas would do the very same for his sister. They've sacrificed numerous lives for one another and will do so for so long as they live.

    Unable to truly be herself around human children, Terra saw little point in pursuing friendships with kids her age when she was a child and well into her young adulthood. She made friends with a local clan of stray cats and with immense pity, Morgana often used her magic to make sure the cats befriended her daughter. Since she was little, Terra has had an incredibly fond streak for cats. Her mannerism can be feline-like, even now. She pays the clan visits to check on them whenever she can, but going there always comes with bittersweet feelings, after what transpired in her childhood home.

    As Morgana descended into madness due to the effects of Realium, her teachings became deranged and questionable. Terra tried with all her might to keep her mother alive - and it's thanks to her that Morgana survived as long as she did. Long before Morgana perished, she assumed the primary caring role of her little brother and essentially stepped up as a motherly figure. For all intents and purposes, Terra might as well be Atlas' mother, but she really had no idea how to be a mother at such a young age. Terra has a lot of regrets about their youth, but she knows deep down that she did the best she could to raise him into the wonderful man he became.

    After her family swept her and Atlas away from Zacharius' cruel clutches, Terra slipped out in the middle of the night, running away from their family's estate in Salem to New York. There, she spent a few months on the streets of Jersey Shore before she cheated her way into a job at a restaurant that was willing to pay her cash under the table. She rented a room from her coworker and returned for Atlas at the age of sixteen. Much like she made herself disappear, she whisked Atlas away to the apartment. Terra got her GED, raised her GPA in a community college, then got into Yale. She got a degree in supernatural law, then worked underneath a lawyer for several years before she started her own firm. Since then, her business has grown immensely, and she's an incredibly successful lawyer in NYC. Eventually, she becomes a Priestess on the High Circle and works on several important cases with infamous clients. For years, she trained under an incredibly powerful witch named Loren Crain, who shares the same affinity as Terra. Loren's connections to other witches served Terra well; she's been taught by some of the brightest minds in the witch community and has been taught things that no ordinary witch has the opportunity to learn. Educationally, Terra is incredibly privileged.

    When she was thirty-two, her life changed forever. At a hole-in-the-wall bar, she encountered a vampire who didn't take kindly to her rejection and rather than buying her a drink as he'd initially asked, he launched a hunt. Terra put up the fight of her life and nearly escaped, but she took a wrong turn down a secluded alleyway and there, the vampire attacked. Luckily, Atlas was on his way to have a drink with her and arrived in time to kill the vampire before his sister could be drained. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done - his venom was in her bloodstream and she underwent the grueling, excruciating transformation into an undead vampire. Terra begged Atlas to let her die, but her brother refused. Atlas' stubbornness backfired, however, as Terra escaped her restraints. She chased him for hours, attempting to sate the blood lust that was controlling her, but they passed by a gaggle of humans and Terra switched her target. She killed four strangers before she came back to her senses - and damned herself to an immortal life by consuming their blood. She struggled immensely for years with her blood lust, but finally managed to get control over the monster within. Occasionally, it will still try to overpower her. Terra fears one day she'll lose control on someone she loves. Terra has trouble being around other vampires; they frighten her and make her incredibly nervous, despite being one herself.

    She purchased her home from another witch around fifteen years ago. The house itself is magical and sentient and provides all it can for Terra and her loved ones. It is her pride and joy. While she likes her personal space, she always opens her door to anyone who needs somewhere safe and prides herself in making a healing, comfortable environment for those in need. Anyone is welcome in her house for as long as they wish, so long as they're good of heart.

  • LORE AND WITCHY SHIT, HOW IT WORKS. ───────────────────

    There is no evidential proof to confirm where witches came from, but it is largely believed among the species that Mother Nature herself was the very first witch to walk the Earth - they refer to her often as Gaia in literature and religious scripts. As mankind's cruelty and greed began to slowly pollute her power, Gaia separated her soul (and thus her powers) into different pieces - and entrusted them to humans who were pure of heart. The chosen brothers and sisters studied their craft, teaching one another how to harness each other's gifts. To protect her children, Gaia bestowed upon them each a guardian - ancient scrolls say that these familiars all came from shooting stars waiting for a wish to speak to them. Scientists have since discovered that these powers are the "elements" of the natural energy forces that are essentially earth's vital organs. It is uncertain if earth itself is a sentient, feeling entity, but most witches believe so.

    There are a plethora of elements. Not all witches can use them all and it is incredibly rare that a witch is capable of such power. These incredibly powerful witches all have a seat in a "High Circle" and typically serve as the face and voice for their kind.

    These individual elements all come with their balances. Each element takes something different from the witch in exchange for its energy. If a witch overextends their physical capabilities, the magic is capable of taking their life, some more easily than others - and a familiar's power is useless against this certain death. When a witch gathers her power, she is borrowing energy directly from the Earth. They do not truly "own" these forces; they are in equal allegiance. A witch must be certain to care for themselves as they practice magic. They live incredibly long lives, but they are not immortal.


    Lumos, gold - "light" magic, genuinely used for healing, be it body, mind, or soul. Commonly used to produce artificial light, or to cleanse effects of dark energy. Acts like synthetic serotonin. Used as a frequent base for potion brewing. Strongest during daylight hours.
    • mild use takes physical energy, or causes headaches
    • overuse can cause a moderate decline in health, or make the user weak
    • incapable of resurrection
    • can cause delirium if relied on for frequent mood enhancement

    Nox, pitch black - "dark" magic. Used to cast tangible darkness. Can rob people of their senses. Capable of taking energy from another being's soul and in extreme cases, life force. Can trap one within their own mind. Capable of manipulating someone's will, perception, or action. Considered a taboo element and is dishonorable to use against another sentient creature. Most difficult power to master. All hexes and curses are made with nox, but if a potion is made wrong by a single molecule, the results can be catastrophic. It can take a number of things from a witch as payment and it seems to make its choice with merciless sadism in mind. Can erase or change memory and influence thought or opinion. Only magic that can craft shields or magic proof barriers. Can be used to block off a space where another witch cannot use her powers - but this takes immense strength.
    • leaves a stain on the soul, if a witch uses it too much without letting stains fade over time, it can drive them mad.
    • Takes happy memories as payment for heavy use and/or causes night terrors. Causes irritability with minor use
    • Was once illegal, but the law has been lifted in recent times and has caused a massive uproar in the witch community
    • Only magic capable of killing a familiar before their nine lives are gone
    • If a witch isn't powerful enough to commit to the spell they try to cast with it, Nox will kill the witch and their familiar.

    Terra is able to use Nox frequently and with ease, but The Circle isn't aware of how strong her affinity for it is. She isn't aware, but her vampiric state dilutes the punishments a witch should truly face for its use. Even so, she still isn't impervious to the consequences of more extreme use. Her neglect to feed properly has started to take a toll on her natural defense against it. She believes it may be able to help Atlas with his toxic blood and has been practicing it behind his back.

    Obscura, light pink - used to create hallucinations, called the "dreaming magic". Can fill dreams with comforting things. Also used to transform materials and allows witches to briefly take another "form" that is made from the witch's being. Every witch looks different in these forms - no two are the same. Can create objects for a short amount of time, but they will disappear eventually, depending on how strong the witch's affinity for it is. This is also the magic that allows a witch to take someone's pain or injury upon themselves. Good for placebo effects.
    • causes exhaustion if overused - can leave the witch with a "blank" mind until they've rested. Harder to use if a witch's mental capacity is thin.
    • If a witch does not return what she borrowed in sufficient time with their capabilities, the pain or injury can start to become their own.
    • Allows a witch to borrow their familiar's body, but their body is immobile while doing so. If a witch stays too long with their familiar, the two will be stuck together permanently

    Aria, ivory - air and atmospheric manipulation. Can be used to alter the weather, but effects don't linger long. Levitation and flight on brooms rely heavily on Aria. Can rob someone of breath, but can only do so as long as the witch could hold their own.
    • takes the wind out of you, causes shortness of breath

    Viridis, lime green - "earth" element. Can manipulate plant growth. Used to connect with wild animals, a strong witch can temporarily form a bond with another creature and ask it for help. Extremely powerful witches can use Viridis to give a familiar the ability to speak - results depend on their strength. Can manipulate natural materials of the earth.
    • any animal bonded with a witch borrows their life, so if the animal dies while in union, so will the witch. Frowned upon to use bonds for combat.
    • genuinely no major consequences for use outside of physical exertion.

    Fuego, orange - fire magic. Can be used to spark flame without need for proper tender. Generates heat in a surrounding space or can be given to others to warm the body.
    • if used too much at one time, the witch can suffer burns
    • If there is not enough heat energy in the area, the magic will take it from the witch's body. This can cause hypothermia.

    Electrum, neon blue - electric energy, often sourced from man made power or lightning if a storm is overhead. Can serve as a generator or power source or can short out machines/automated systems.
    • is incredibly painful to use, can cause nerve damage or further bodily harm if used too frequently
    • zaps physical energy - drains the user of strength

    Unda, deep blue - water element. Commonly used to hydrate, cleanse, or act as a soothing or cooling agent. Can also be used to manipulate ice or drop temperatures in the area. An element that demands respect. Can create air bubbles that allow one to breathe underwater but only for a very limited time.
    • ice is incredibly unpredictable and hard to contain or control
    • Known to cause depressive states of mind if overused - witches are drawn toward the ocean if it is abused and will walk right into the sea. Extreme abuse can result in the user forgetting how to swim
    • If relied on solely for water without actual consumption , the witch will become more dehydrated each time the spell runs out.

    Witches will often thank their elements through various ways; allowing them rest, making dedications/offerings/"worship", etc. elements recognize the witch's gratitude however it's presented.

    A familiar can be any creature. Most commonly they are cats or felines of some type, but any species of animal is possible. Some witches will never receive a familiar - and they are most often united during adolescence. It's believed that they are carried in "shooting stars" but are really sources of pure and good energy that float within the universe until they are drawn to the soul meant to bind with them. They show up in the witch's domain without warning or announcement. The moment eye contact is made, their bond is forged. Familiars are sacred; it is considered the highest crime to harm one or kill a witch to steal their companion. These familiars carry with them "nine lives". If a witch perishes and it is in the familiar's capability, they can regrant their witch to another life. Once they give their final life, they are taken back to the universe and are reborn as another familiar for a different witch and bear no memory of their past life. Familiars have access to the "void" , a space between worlds that allows them to teleport wherever they want, but no other creature is permitted to go inside it. The exception is if a witch is borrowing their familiar's body, but the jump leaves the witch terribly exhausted after returning back to their own bodies.

    A witch's familiar is their soulmate - not in a romantic sense, but something far deeper. They are pure and innocent creatures, whose purpose is to serve their witch unconditionally. A witch who loses her familiar before their nine lives were given often grieves themselves to death: it's thought that by separating too soon, the familiar takes half of their witch's soul with them in death. They are viewed as the witch's brothers and sisters; someone who knows them better than they know themselves. Unless they have been cursed or hexed, they will only serve the greater good.

    In recent times an age-old law has been revoked. There is a wretched curse that's been developed by an unknown witch that can separate a witch and familiar from their bond, but keep them tethered to earth to be sold to the highest bidder. A new bond is forced artificially via Nox. Laws are currently being debated that would give authorities the ability to take a familiar from its witch as punishment for crime and it will be "rehomed" - sold to someone else. Businesses can now house witchless familiars and sell them for profit.

    Familiars already have their names when they arrive at their witch's door. It's unknown how they know this - it's just who they are.

    In dire times of need, a familiar can take a larger, more monstrous form of themselves and can use their own source of magic, but little is known about how it works.

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I'd say you're pretty creative as is. Lol
Hey! I just joined this site but I'm looking for partners for an OCverse of mine and I think our styles would match! I don't yet have it posted to this site but I can go over it with you if you're interested -it has supernatural themes and is little like if FFXIV met 1960s England and I have multiple characters and intersecting plot ideas (including one involving necromancy) that I've been itching to actually write down with another person!