Someone Love Me..

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  1. Soooo. Brand new here and searchin' for some friends to throw some plots back and forth with. I'm usually really bad at coming up with plots but I'm bursting at the seams with characters.. /flail

    I'm usually a semi-lit writer, writing a good 2-3 paragraphs if my muse will allow it. Sometimes you'll even catch a high literate post containing several billion paragraphs. (In reality it's like.. 6-7)

    I love to role-play just about any species. Dogs, horses, humans, demons, angels, cats, neko.. anything. I'm usually not very confortable doing fandoms simply because I feel I'll fail the original character. But I'll try with some things!

    Generally my characters are rude, snobbish and a bit on the emo/self-centered side. I've been dying to have a character that gets pushed around a lot lately. So throw some bullies at me! >:D
  2. Hey :D Would you be interested in a one on one or looking for group RPs in particular? Let me know, I'm good with ideas of all kinds.
  3. I'd be interested in just about anything, really. Hahaha. xD
  4. Would you be interested in throwing some ideas around with me and coming up with something?
  5. Most definitely! ^-^