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  1. Hello everyone got a plot in mind but I've been having troubles with partners lately so here are my rules.

    1. I LOVE long posts so this means I'd like them back 3+ no exceptions I get it gets hard but it gets boring writing so much and getting very little back so if you can't keep that up don't join.

    2. I hate when people drop without a word so if your only gonna post a few times then decide that your not enjoying it anymore just bloody tell me.

    3. Plot is very basic if you want to throw in stuff don't be afaird to we can talk it out before we start anyway.


    Returning home to the place she grew up in was never planned. She wasn't expecting to meet an old flame. Talking like they used to, having fun, laughing and catching up. Soon he asks her to dinner thrilled she goes. Little does she know his married. After dinner he walks her home and things get a bit heated bewteen the two but she's not ready to go back to that.

    Regret the decision she rings him up and a woman answers she covers for him and is first angry but then hurt will she give up on him or will he prove he still loves her?

    So that's it got the idea listening to adele maybe it doesn't work maybe it does. Pm me or leave me a message here :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.