Someone Has to Lose

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  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening to you, wherever you may be living. As you can see from the description, this RP is meant to be advanced, though we can probably get by with adept. There will be many characters in this story, and none of them are flat.

    Long story short, I had a great RP going but it fell through due to my partner and I not being on long enough or often enough to make meaningful posts. But I am hoping to change that this time and get this plot up and running again. And for the record I reside in the U.S. Eastern Standard Time zone. If you have any questions about the setting, characters, etc., feel free to message me or comment here. Now, to the plot!

    This takes place in a medieval setting. Our story begins with a young female by the name of [insert whatever name you want to give her]. She recently left her home in the distant northern city of Yolan to travel all the way to the capital of the kingdom of Makkan, known as Sarvayl, and has been given a job as a maid in the castle. So why is she so special? About fifteen years ago, her family was among the wealthiest and most powerful families in the kingdom, second only to the royal family. She was even good childhood friends with the young prince. Her father was the head of this family and greatly respected by all. However, due to a conflict that nearly caused violence to break out, the king stripped her father of his lands and titles. Suddenly they had nothing and were forced to live as peasants. They returned to their home in Yolan only to discover that the entire north was in utter chaos. A few years later only the young female (your character) was left to carry on her family name. Her mother and brother were killed by raiding bandits, and her father passed after losing his will to carry on. She spent the next ten years on the run, finding various jobs here and there but never capable of remaining in one place. Now she finds herself back in the capital once more.

    After stripping his old friend and ally of his position, the king himself slowly descended into madness, wondering if there was anyone he could trust outside of his family. To make matters worse, he came down with a terrible illness that has had him bed-ridden for years now. Now the lords and nobles of the kingdom are growing furious, and many of them would rather not see such a weak king sitting on the throne any longer. His son, Prince Avram, has been forced into the position of ruling at the young age of nineteen. While his will may be strong, he has much to learn about what it means to lead an entire kingdom. And now he must deal with the sudden marriage he must agree to if he wishes to maintain close allies on the royalist side. But he is also about to uncover an enormous secret regarding this new maid in the castle. Can he use her to help stabilize the ongoing conflicts in the north and show the kingdom that he is fit to rule? Or will the tensions continue to build until an all-out war erupts? Only one thing is certain: Someone has to lose.
  2. Holy batman! I'd love to do this with you! Please tell me the posting requirements (i.e. posting speed preferred, how many paragraphs, etc.) and if there are any subgenres (i.e. drama, romance, mystery, suspense, etc.) I'm wondering how there would be adventure in here- it looks to be more of a drama but yeah, can you explain how this would be an adventure? :3
  3. Wonderful! Well to answer your first question, I only require that you post at least one to two times per week. Life gets busy sometimes and being in medical school I definitely understand that. And if there is ever a time that I will take longer to post (i.e. if I have an exam coming up) then I will be sure to let you know and would prefer you do the same. As far as length goes, I myself usually type about 3-5 paragraphs. But I do prefer quality over quantity, so don't feel pressured to give me a novel every time you post.

    The story will likely include all of the subgenres you mentioned plus a lot more. The adventure itself would take place later on in the story, but to understand that I should give you a better idea of how I see this whole thing unfolding. I would prefer to keep that part in a private message though.
  4. Great! Whenever you're available, just send me a PM and I'll offer my intellect! (:
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