Somebody lit the dumpster outside of my apartment on fire.

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  1. I could go into detail about the stories of everything that go n in my apartment complex.

    In all of my years here I have seen:

    -A woman living in a studio apartment with 20+ cats
    -The day all of those cats got out
    -The tale of the serial pooper, she leaves them in the elevator
    -When that strange woman was found in my apartment
    -When the elevator crashed with me in it plus strange woman
    -And finally when someone lit the bloody dumpster on fire

    What are some of your apartment/house/cave stories?
  2. When I was still actively doing progression content in FFXIV, there was a laundry fire in the building and I had to evacuate my apartment in the middle of raid. It was actually kind of fucked up, the only notice most of us had of the fire was when firemen were going through the floors to evacuate the building. If that was a serious fire, that would have been far too late.

    Aside from that, my building's really quite uneventful. The walls aren't thick enough to dampen out loud arguments from neighbors, though.

    An elevator crash, though? I want to hear more about that.
  3. Well, the most exciting thing I can remember in recent memory was a man being chased by the local police hiding out in our yard. It happened last year, he was hiding up in a tree or something at the back of our property. The creepy thing about it was that he was close enough to jump my brother when he was playing basketball (we have a small basketball court thing for him). Dad and his friend who was visiting were like, staring at the guy or so I heard and trying not to alarm my brother.
  4. I was getting upstairs (I can't walk upstairs I have a very bad leg) and pressed up and it went up for two clicks and then shot down. She was with me and it was awkward, spent two hours waiting for firefighters to get us out.
  5. I have a few interesting stories from living in a college dorm room.

    One time, just as I was starting to fall asleep, I woke up at the sound of someone walking into our room. I wasn't too concerned about this, since I assumed it was my roommate. ...Except, it wasn't. o_o The intruder walked over to my roommate's bed (I wasn't even aware that my roommate was home until just then), tried nudging them awake, whispered something to them, and then ran back outside.

    So my roommate and I, both half-asleep, just sort of look at each other like "wtf just happened??" Now, I'm badly nearsighted, and I didn't have my glasses on when this happened, so I didn't exactly get a good look at who this person was. But my roommate poked their head outside, and then came back in to tell me, "Yeah... she's not wearing any pants. Or underwear."

    And to that I said, "Oh."

    It was pretty obvious that she was drunk, and we later learned that she just forgot which room was hers and accidentally walked into ours, instead, thinking that my roommate was her roommate. ...And apparently one of us forgot to lock the door that night. Oops. At first we were worried that she might've stolen something, but uh, my shiny, expensive Macbook was sitting out in plain view at the time that this happened, so we figured that, if this person was trying to rob us, that Macbook wouldn't still be there. So uh, yeah, apparently it was just a confused drunk person with no real malicious intent, thankfully. @_@

    What got us the most about this was -- we have no idea what exactly she said when she started whispering to my roommate. Like, we both heard whispering, but we were too tired to process what she said, so... yeah. We were both really curious, but, we'll never know what she was trying to say. XD

    I have more drunk girl stories to share, but I don't want to be sitting here forever. I'll come back to this thread later (maybe).
  6. Drunk girl story #2

    So it was about 1:30AM, and I was still awake. I kept thinking I probably shouldn't have still been up at that time of night, but, given what happened next, I'm really glad I wasn't already in bed. So anyway, 1:30AM, I hear a drunk girl in the hall banging on her door (a few doors down from mine). Apparently she didn't have her keys with her and wanted her roommate to let her in. She was acting like her roommate was asleep and she was trying to wake her up, but, really, there's a good chance her roommate wasn't even home at the time...

    Regardless, this girl is loud. She's pounding on the door, she's wailing for her roommate to open the door. I admit I sympathized with her a bit, since she clearly just wanted to go to bed, but, still, she was being very loud and annoying.

    And there was this sober girl with her who was trying to help, but this drunk girl was just too far gone to cooperate. The sober girl keeps saying, "let's go down to the front desk. They might be able to help you get into your room." And the drunk girl says "nooooo I don't wanna go downstaiiiiirs!!" She never provides a reason why she doesn't want to go downstairs and get help, she just... refuses to go.

    Eventually the drunk girl starts getting a little hostile, like, "if you're not gonna help me then you can just go away!" and this poor sober girl's like "I'm trying to help you", and eventually the sober girl can't take it anymore and leaves.

    ...And the drunk girl continues to pound on the door and wail to be let in.

    Eventually I stepped outside, got the drunk girl's attention (from a safe distance away), and asked why she didn't want to go downstairs when the people downstairs can help her into her room. So then the drunk girl said "listen, if you're not gonna help me, you can just... go make yourself throw up..."

    So then I went down to the front desk and told them about the situation, and they took care of it.

    And then

    As soon as I went back to my room

    It happened again.

    Drunk girl -- now with a drunk friend! -- started pounding on someone else's door because apparently they were ready to wake up the whole posse and have a party. So I went back down to the front desk to tell them about this.

    When we walked back up to my floor, the girls weren't making noise anymore, so it was a little hard to find them. But then we realized they had just fallen asleep in the lounge. I mean, thankfully they weren't, like, passed out or anything, since it was easy to wake them back up. But, yeah, the RA's took care of it and that was that -- but then the RA informed me that neither of these drunk girls were the same one that was causing a ruckus earlier. One of them just had a similar outfit and hairstyle to the first one. It was a totally unrelated incident and the timing and similarities in appearance were all a coincidence. o_o

    And then

    At nearly 3AM

    The fire alarm went off.


    Then, once we were allowed back inside the building, my whole floor was crawling with drunk girls. I don't know why 90% of the girls in this building decided to get drunk on the same night, but, apparently they did.

    So then I'm finally brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, and there are these two drunk girls each occupying a stall, having some loud conversation between each other. And then one of the drunk girls starts... barking like a dog. I have no idea why.

    There's an RA brushing her teeth at the sink next to me, and she has the most jaded expression on her face. She's seen too much, she just does not care anymore. She didn't even tell them to stop until they started getting really loud.

    ...It was quite the night.
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  7. Apparently the previous tenants in my apartment were drug dealers so the FBI raided this place. There are multiple glass balconies so...yeah.

    And there was a massive flood at like 10 in the morning, about 3 years ago. The 3rd floor owners had left, so it was verh cold that day. The sprinklers expanded and busted, and leaked to the second floor. That owner basically sat and watched, didnt think to call 911 and we being on the first floor hit flooded SO BAD. There were water falls coming out the light sockets, my dogs were crying because well wtf is all this water. It was just bad. So no lights in half the apartment for almost 3 years lol.
  8. - My niece and nephew poured water directly onto the floor register. Steam erupted from it and flooded the house. It was neat for two seconds.
    - My friend's dog took himself for a walk to my house from across town. o.o; And no one reported him to the police.
    - Just 2 weeks ago there was a naked guy taking a bucket bath in the auto lot next door.
    - A couple days ago there was a flash flood and my basement flooded. There's no hot water right now, whee!
    - We got a house inspector called on us because of a rumor that we have too many pets and are ruining the house. The inspector came and told us we take better care of our house than he does.
    - Anyone who sleeps over at my house swears up and down that its haunted. I have stories of hats that fly at people(with witnesses), unexplained doglike shadows, and figures of an elderly couple that watch people when they sleep. Also my mom and I get shoved around my an unseen force. None of these instances are particularly threatening, but they are pretty unnerving. Maybe its science, maybe I'm living on a anceint burial ground, I don't know. xD
  9. I've got plenty of stories of weird and bad shit happening around places I've lived, mainly stemming from the house I lived in from when I was 9 until.. 16 I think?

    It was this little complex of prefabricated houses, which for those who don't know are houses that get put together in one place then get put on big ole trucks to be driven to their destination. I dunno if it was due to those houses being kind of shit, or the location, or both, or maybe some other factors, but the company that sold the houses and owned the land (the gimmick was you pay to own the house itself, but the plot of land it's on is owned by the company so you have to pay rent for using their land or pay the huge fees to get the house shipped to land you owned) was totally chill with shit credit and bad rental histories and whatnot. The location was in the middle of a neighborhood that was, at the time we moved in and for a couple years thereafter, one of the highest volume production areas for meth in the United States. There was some gang shit going on in the area, but in our little area of it, a small road between two major ones (about 1/3 of the length of it was poorly maintained gravel rather than paved btw) that had just a few houses on it, we didn't have much trouble with that side of it. The apartments a few blocks away were fucking shitshows though.

    Anyway, the second most exciting thing that happened there was when one of the houses off on the other end of the prefab homes area got got raided by the police one evening. It was, surprise surprise, a meth lab. Everyone knew it was a meth lab and that they sold their shit right there, complete with tons of people coming driving up at all hours and going inside, only to leave a few minutes later. The raid happened, tons of people got busted, and that house remained empty for the few years I still lived in the area.

    The most exciting thing was a repeated event that happened once every year or or so: the other meth den in the prefab homes area getting raided by police! See, this one was run by more competent people who didn't put their production and sales work in the same location, and they were more discrete in that they seemed to have actual operating hours rather than the slack shit the other meth sellers did. This house was just two away from ours, so we got to know what was up pretty soon, and we had pretty much front row seats to the police swarming in. It was the same story every time: cops came and rounded up all the people and their shit, the house sat empty for a little while with police tape around it and shit all boarded up, then people got back into the house and started using it as their meth store again. They used a back window to get in and out, just pried the boards off and didn't try to do anything to hide the entrance because it was facing away from the street so people had to go walk around back to spot it. I dunno why the police were so lax about handling the place, because just like random patrols around a couple times a week could have deterred people from using it, but we almost never saw police on our street outside of the meth raids.

    That aside, there's plenty of stories of high people doing strange things, but the raids were definitely the most interesting bits.
  10. In my last apartment, I lived in a... historically working class neighborhood, where all the triplex buildings are all stuck one beside each other. It's a relatively poor neighborhood, with a lot of social services centers and "new immigrants" integration centers. Our neighbors were all kinds of ethnicities but mostly Latin American.

    Our bedroom was close to the front of the apartment (no "lobby", the front door led directly outside) and around 3 AM, someone runs up the metallic stairs so heavily that we felt the vibrations in the walls. Cue in the most annoying thing ever:


    I was kinda terrified in my bed, cause there was a lot of drug dealers and basically drug counters around my street...

    I'm glad I'm out of there though....
  11. Step 1: Be a crack/heroin addict.
    Step 2: Go into the apartment building Brovo lives in.
    Step 3: Smash your head against the basement walls until it looks like someone was murdered with the amount of blood you've left behind.
    Step 4: Ambulance. Wee woo wee woo wee woo.

    And I still had to do my laundry that day.
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  12. I don't have any stories as unique as the ones above but I do have a couple of tamer ones

    The first one is back when I was like... Sixteen? Me, my mom and my dad are busy eating breakfast at the kitchen table. The table basically was right by the glass doors of the balcony so we had a full view of the backyard. The backyard was connected on both sides to neighbours. Anyway, as we eat, we suddenly see a cat dash by from the left neighbour's yard, slip under our fence, run through the yard, and continue to the right neighbour's. Next we see a slipper soar through the air and land in our yard. And finally, we saw the neighbour on the left climb up our fence, dressed only in teeny black shorts, potbelly proudly displayed for the world to see. He retrieved his slipper, climbed back to his side. We meanwhile had breakfast and a show.

    Next incident was actually last year. I woke up like at 7 in the morning to the ground shaking. No it wasn't an earthquake, it was the young neighbours with their bass on way too high x.x we called the cops.
  13. A bird crashed into our window and broke its neck and blood was all over our balcony... Yeah, that's as exciting as it gets in a super small town in Sweden xD
  14. When I lived in Florida, I kept my front door unlocked while I was home....that is until some drunk woman randomly walked into my house.

    My kids and I were in the kitchen when we hear the front door open, and some woman yell out. "Hey Pam, I brought the cucumbers." In the most excited voice I've ever heard. I swear it sounded like she'd just won the lottery. She walked right into my kitchen, looked at me and my kids and walked out without saying a word. We all just stood there in complete disbelief, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. My daughter, being the filterless mouth that she is, says "What's the big deal about cucumbers?" I just burst out laughing, and went to lock my door. After that, I never left it unlocked again.
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