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  1. my younger sister came home with this THING she made with clay.... my older sister and I laughed our asses off xD
    At first, my younger sister was laughing too...but we might have taken it too far xD

    We have decided it'd be purrfect to place next to people's faces in their sleep so they can wake up to it and give worldwide insomnia xD

    Open to see product (open)

    My chest hurts from laughing so much xD
  2. The proportion between the face and the body is the scariest thing right here :D
  3. Kill it! Kill it before it breeds! Only fire and a priest can kill that thing!
  4. Judging from the amount of X's and accompanying D's it's supposed to be funny?

    Looks a whole lot better than most of the clay things that come out of my school's art room.

    Well, the face anyway.
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  5. oh my god that thing is terrifying
  6. I kinda feel bad for her lol.
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