Some plots I have a fancy for... wanna see?

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  1. So I have some fancies. Have a look at 'em, won't you? Let me know if you're interested in any of 'em.

    Snowy Mountains (open)

    A girl and a guy are horrified to discover they have both chosen the Aspen mountains ski resort as their break destination. Their hatred of each other is well known within the school grounds with their constant bickering. Having bumped into each other, they agree to keep their distance in order to both enjoy their week. However, when the guy heads out in his car and a bad snow storm rolls in, the girl can't help but notice that he hasn't come back. Eventually, she goes out looking for him and finds his car wrecked by the side of the road. As the storm begins to worsen again, she finds him sheltering nearby in a bad way.

    ((This could also be between adults rather than teenagers also))

    Track You Down (open)

    When notorious conman Dallas meets beautiful thief Scarlett, they decide to combine their skills and pull off a heist, sharing the money between them. The job goes off without a hitch, however, one of them decides they want the money for themselves. While the other is sleeping, they take the money and run. The other, annoyed at this betrayal, tracks down their former partner to a dingy motel room, renders them unconscious and handcuffs them to a chair telling them that neither is leaving this room until they tell the other where they have hidden the money.

    ((Which one is the betrayer in this scenario is up to you))

    Bad Boy x Wild Child (exes) (open)

    Carlie Reyes is bright, popular and in her wealthy parents' eyes, the 'perfect' daughter. Only her peers and teachers know her better than that. She's wild, strong-willed, completely reckless and longs desperately to be free of these expectations her parents have placed upon her. Which is what attracted her to resident bad boy, Jason Hunter, in the first place. He was the typical 'lives-by-his-own rules' type and exactly what she needed. Someone she could be herself with - who encouraged her wild side and didn't try to subdue it.

    The two dated for almost four years though their relationship was tempestuous at best. They would argue, explosively at times and neither one cared how large of an audience they drew - their dramatic bickering became well-known around the school grounds. However, no matter how many times they broke up or how many other people they would date, both would always fall back to the other because when all was said and done, they loved each other.

    During their latest break-up - seemingly for good - Carlie began dating a guy called Justin. Although he appeared perfectly normal at first, he soon became possessive and Carlie broke it off. However, lately she has been receiving some strange messages and no longer feels safe - especially when she finds herself home alone while her parents are on vacation. Nobody else seems to be taking her fears seriously - will she turn to the only person that's only ever understood her?

    ((Not really sure where I want this to go...maybe some kidnapping or something - I am up for ideas! Also, here I would be playing Jason and you, Carlie. There is a brief character sheet there for Carlie and I would like to keep pretty much to this character but let me know if there are any little details you would want to change or add))

    Vampire x Hunter (open)

    Hunter A is known within hunter circles; she's good at what she does. A mercenary, this hunter will hunt anything demonic as long as it pays. Such is her reputation that she even takes contracts from the leader and most powerful vampire of the Underworld - Cazale. Though they have never met face-to-face of course. Cazale has a large entourage at his disposal and rarely gets his own hands dirty. He thinks himself a business man of sorts. Despite working for people such as Caz, the hunter is still a human and is generally good-hearted.

    Infamous Jack Colter is a sadistic, cold-hearted vampire. He derives pleasure from the suffering of others. His reputation precedes him throughout both the hunter and the demon world. A former right-hand man of Cazale, a certain betrayal meant Jack Colter went straight to the top of Cazale's Most Wanted list - nobody wants Jack Colter dead more than Caz, though it is not known among the hunter world what exactly happened between the two of them. Not much else is known about Jack Colter other than hunters that go chasing him rarely come back.
    A chance meeting between both hunter and vampire puts an interesting deal on the table - with both having something to offer the other which may lead to the eventual downfall of Cazale.

    Plan: (open)

    The plan is thus: the hunter will request an audience with Cazale, stating that she knows where Jack Colter is. Her evidence? His blood-stained shirt. How could he possibly resist? With his information, he'll have no use for the hunter anymore and will likely drain her for strength - only, it'll taste bitter and unpleasant. By that time however, he would have already taken enough to start feeling its effects - a little light-headed; weak. That will be the silver nitrate injected directly into her blood prior. In his weakened state, with his guard down and entourage away, he'll be no match for Jack Colter to finally take his former employer down - having his own reasons for wanting the man dead. Without its leader, the underworld falls apart.

    Of course, the plan relies a lot on trust. Perhaps the hunter will simply hand Jack over to Cazale and hope that the man rewards her for doing so. Perhaps Jack will allow Cazale to drain and kill the hunter before he steps in? They must each trust that the other's desire to taking down the Leader of the Underworld outweighs any other temptation to do otherwise.

    Don't Stand So Close (Teacher x Student) (open)

    Michael 'Kes' Rivera is a 27-year-old English teacher and Head of Junior Year. Your character is a 17-year-old occasionally troublesome student. As with all of his students, Mr Rivera makes it his mission to set this young girl on the straight and narrow just like he's done with many other students beforehand. However, this particular case he begins to take more personally as he spends more and more effort and attention in helping her.

    ((So this is basically a student x teacher RP inspired by the Sting song Don't Stand So Close (lyrics below). I am also inspired by a beautifully shot scene of Pretty Little Liars (also below). I would like to use a few scenes from these such as book marking, detention, tutoring, rumours in the school and staffroom, jealousy from her friends, perhaps culminating in him picking her up from where she's waiting in the pouring rain at a bus stop. I would like to focus on the building tension and relationship between the two rather than jumping into an established relationship))

    Mr Rivera (open)


    Don't Stand So Close Lyrics (open)

    Young teacher the subject
    Of schoolgirl fantasy
    She wants him so badly
    Knows what she wants to be
    Inside her there's longing
    This girl's an open page
    Book marking - she's so close now
    This girl is half his age

    Her friends are so jealous
    You know how bad girls get
    Sometimes it's not so easy
    To be the teacher's pet
    Temptation, frustration
    So bad it makes him cry
    Wet bus stop, she's waiting
    His car is warm and dry

    Loose talk in the classroom
    To hurt they try and try
    Strong words in the staff room
    The accusations fly
    It's no use, he sees her
    He starts to shake and cough
    Just like the old man in
    That book by Nabakov

    Fresh Pair of Eyes - PLL video (open)

    Bear in mind that I am not on too often so if you're expecting a post everyday, you're in the wrong place - but I'll try and get on as much as I can. Also I am far more inclined towards the male characters but I don't mind which I play in the first two plots - just let me know. Also, I like OOC chat :D

    That is all, lemme know if anyone is interested! :3
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  2. I could definitely be interested in these! All of them sound fantastic!

  3. Definitely Track You Down as I actually have a concept similar to that too. Perhaps we could combine? I'd love to discuss it should it be available.
  4. Oh yay! Thank you for your speedy replies! I shall PM you both :D
  5. Bad Boy x Wild Child sounds fun to me, if you're still looking ^_^
  6. Woop! I will PM you ^_^
  7. Gaaah, all your storylines are so interesting.
  8. Thanks! :3 Are you interested in RPing any particular one??

    Also, I have just added another plot ^
  9. Yeeees, I am. Uhm, hmm, which ones have you not done yet? I could pick from there!

    Edit: Just read your new addition. Don't stand so close! Agh, the feels hits home. Haha~ Mostly because I have a crush on my teacher and ugh, it is weird af but darn it he's practically just 5 years older than me. But if this is taken, well aryt.
  10. Haha! I love that you have....personal experience to draw on there XD Oh yay, I am so pleased you like it ^_^ I will PM you!
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  11. If you have any open, I would be willing to RP with you as well. I have lost track of which ones are available but all sound fun to me.
  12. Woop! PM coming your way ^.^
  13. I'd love to work on Track You Down if it is still open :3
  14. Don't Stand So Close sounds awesome! Although if it's going to be mature I understand if you don't want to do it with me because my blue star!
  15. Yo, well, wow, you have some really amazing plots there, are you still up for getting one going?
  16. I like snowy mountains. :3
  17. Perfecto, I've just realized how many pms I've sent you without realizing it was you haha. Do you want to map it out through pm when you can get on a laptop?
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