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  1. Hello there world!

    I have a few plot ideas in mind, and am looking for some RP partners to try them out with me! I tend to post once every 3 days or more (my work schedule is very varied, so some days I'll post more than once, sometimes once every 3, but I'll always be able to check messages and keep up to date) and I tend to write a few paragraphs per post!

    Various plots may run into all sorts of themes and situations, and genders mean nothing to me! Play who you like!

    The Lost Doctor: Dr Who RP
    Our characters wake up on the Tardis with no memory of how they arrived. The Doctor would be the perfect person to solve this mystery... but he is missing! This is a time travel adventure in the spirit of the series! Everything you dreamed of... minus The Doctor, as we quest to find him and deal with all the crazy side quests and adventures along the way. My character is a girl from Chicago who feels very out of her element... You can play anyone in all of space and time!

    The Silent Guild: Fantasy RP
    In a fantasy world where all businesses are controlled by guilds. There are smiting guilds, mercantile guilds, mercenary guilds, and adventuring guilds... The Silent Guild is the last of these. The connect people-who-need-things-done with people-who-can-do-things. What makes the Silent Guild stand out from others is this: The Client may remain in complete anonymity if they so wish, the leaders of the silent guild also remain anonymous. My character is a very low level employee in the guild. YOU can play a number of folk: Someone else employed by the guild, someone employed by a competing guild, a target or client of the silent guild, or a random bystander. As we play we will slowly discover the secrets of the guild.

    The River Styx: Supernatural Mystery Mythology... Stuff...
    Less guidelines here, you've died. You find yourself by a river, and there is a long boat and a ferryman in a dark robe. It's time to cross over... Can you pay the Ferryman the proper price? Or will you be left to wander upon the shore? ((if you want to play the ferryman let me know :D ))

    The Mole: Jail Break.
    There has been a coup, a revolution. You have been imprisoned, the reason is up to you. Were you part of the old aristocracy? In the wrong place at the wrong time? Or are you completely oblivious. Either way you are doomed... until someone shows up in your cell and they have a way out (The Mole of course!)

    The Sentient Sword: Fantasy Action
    Less of an outline for this one. You find a sword! Huzzah! It's sharp and shinny and... Sentient?!?! Together we could be heroes! or villains! Or just make a lot of trouble...

    Let me know if any of these sound good or you have one of your own!
  2. *takes deep breath* I love Doctor Who! Can we rp that one? can we? can we?
  3. Haha awesome, I'll send you a message!
  4. The siteient sword sounds fun.
  5. sweet deal!
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