Some Parables

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  1. So I've posted them here for showcasing so that they can get 'read' but they are on my blog for later event of you wanting to see them after this forum is moved to the graveyard for 4weeks of silence or perhaps other things. Always remember a Parable is a story that teahes a lesson, but there can be many lessons inside of a parable, try and search around for many inside these three. Theya re a set, they are meant to be read together as one unit. Please enjoy!

    A Place in Time​

    There is a world, much like our own, with countries that are not too far from our own. With people that live like we do, with minds that think like we did. The difference between our worlds is simple, racism is alive and well, predigested spews from the maw of hatred breading forth further injustice against the people of race, color, ethnicity, religion, creed, and live style choice. And what of America you ask, that land of the free and home of the brave? It is segregated, with laws to kill-on-sight the members of the African, Asian, Irish, Italian, races, and alternative life styles. Their women are free as normal. However, there is another big difference in this world, travel here in this world is as easy as clicking a button, and money is no factor. The African ‘Americans’ left America a long time ago to found their own country, much like Malcolm X said, and now have a Black Only ‘America’ the Asian “Americans” simply made Asia work for them. All was well in this world, whenever difference arose people just left their nation to make another nation. Travel was cheap, the world was plentiful, no one needed to accept the other on the concept of justice or love. No one had to worry.

    The Rose Bush​

    There once was a Pink Rose that grew in a rose garden that was organized by color. It bloomed during it’s time and it’s vibrancy was beautiful, however it had sprung up on a White Rose bush. “Leave us you ugly thing.” The White Roses said. “We don’t want you here, you’re different.” The Pink Rose left the White Roses and found a bush of other Pink Roses. It was happy to find a bush where it was accepted and loved. However, always in the back of its mind was the thought that it never felt quite right there. The Pink Roses were kind and gentle; however they didn’t talk about the things it wanted. They were of the same fragrance as it, however they didn’t carry a certain vibrancy. Nevertheless it obeyed the stigma, it remained a Pink Rose.

    Meeting our Maker​
    At one point a man died, his sole brought before the creator of the universe. When the Soul finally met its maker the Creator asked. “What did you do on earth while you were ‘alive’ ?” And the soul responded. “I spread kindness and happiness, I gave to charities when I could, I made sure my wife was well tended to and that my home was clean, and I was a loyal friend to those I called friend.” “And what of those you called enemy?” The Creator asked. “I don’t know I mostly left them alone I think.” The soul replied, uncomfortable with this question. “You persecuted gays, called feminists whiny bitches, you believed in anti-segregation and did as much as you could to make women feel unwelcome in the work place. You spat on the homeless when they bothered you, pushed and shoved your way to the top of the cooperate ladder and roughed people up on the social level. Doing a balanced analysis do you feel that you are a good person?” The Creator ranted off, its voice remaining relatively unchanged. “Yes, because despite those things I treated my wife with dignity, my brothers with respect. I gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities and simply wanted those homeless to go run off and go to a food shelter where they could get their food. I fought in the military for four years during war time. I marched for the impoverish people’s rights. I gave respect to my elders, I loved with my whole heart, and simply showed bias against people I didn’t like.” The soul said, agitated at this being who thought he could just everyone. The Creator shook its ‘head’ “You’ll never get it. Go ahead you’ve earned your place in paradise. This was never about judging you, just enlightenment.”