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    Hello! It's lone here :)
    I did post a few 1x1 requests, but didn't really get any replies.. Although I do have a few rps going on at the moment XD
    I am open to FxF, MxM, MxF, smut, etc. Also, I'm willing to double, and even triple in fandoms! I'm also open to any other plots, so please don't hesitate to PM me! :D
    What I want from you is frequent reply (at least one post a day?), and adequate grammar and spelling. I understand it deeply when you don't have time or busy, so please just tell me in that case! :D

    Anyway, here are some suggestions:

    Fandoms (OCxCanon or CanonxCanon):
    # = roles I can play, $ = roles I would like you to play

    Durarara (LOVE it. I actually have an rp on this, but I want MORE.)
    # I'm willing to play any canon.
    $ Orihara Izaya only XD

    Fullmetal Alchemist (only saw animation though)
    # I'm willing to play any canon.
    $ Roy Mustang, Edward Elric.

    Gintama (haven't watched it all, but would love to rp it)
    # I'm willing to play any canon.
    $ Sakata Gintoki, Hijikata Toushiro, Okita Sougo

    Original Ideas (willing to play male or female - this is basically MxF, but if you want, I can change it to MxM or FxF):

    1. Guns and Roses (Soldier x Opera Singer) (19th or 20th century + fantasy)

    Ra Solium is called an empire. There are still barons and counts, but they cannot kill commoners just because of irritation. Tiny bit of human rights has been established. So the hierarchy still exists, but it's not too strong as in medieval age. Advance of technology and the use of 'magic' probably contributed that.

    'magic' was a special power that its wielder borrows from otherworldy spirits or simply, demons. The demons lend their powers, and in return, they 'eat' up the wielder's soul, which drive them crazy in the end. Due to this reason, most of people view those using 'magic' in fear of their power, and their destined insanity. The people who could use 'magic' become soldiers. There is no refusal or any choice in this matter. This is the story of the soldier who could use that 'magic', and a fallen aristocrat girl who works as an opera singer.

    Sol was raised in the slum. He grew up under a prostitute mother as a fatherless child. He met a girl who was in similar situation with him. She was Ostin. They became the only friends in the slum where there wasn't any other child besides them. One day, a man who claims to be her father came and took Ostin. He missed her, but soon forgot about his childhood friend. Ostin also forgot Sol in the whole new different environment given to her. After a few days, Sol was taken by a government offical who told him that he has the power to use 'magic'.

    Usually, people who could use 'magic' are sent to the remote land where demons are still active, and pioneer the land for people to transfer and live. He serves the country in that remote land for a few years. When he comes back, he finds Ostin working in an opera band, singing for her livelihood. Sol finds out that Ostin's father went bankrupt just a year after he left. Now, Ostin seems to intrude his life - in both work and free-time.

    2. Count Monte Cristo (Billionaire x (poor)Vampire Lord) (modern setting + fantasy) (*MxM sounds good here! XD)

    Chris was born in a normal family, and led an average life. Just before she enrolled highschool. In the school, she got into a fight with a snotty girl, who turned out to be the chairman of the company her father was working in. Her father got fired, and they were thrown out to streets in all of sudden. Her parents committed suicide, and her siblings were all separated to relatives. Full of hatred, Chris hone her skills for revenge. She worked and worked to collect money, and became the youngest billionaire of the world.

    Now, Chris wanted revenge. She wanted to avenge all the misfortune she experienced to that snotty girl, who is now the wife of a powerful Mafia in South America. But avenging to a mafia's wife wasn't an easy thing to do. Especially when she had absolutely no connection to the underworld. She seeks someone to guide her and help her revenge, and there comes a guy who claims that he knows everything about dark secrets of underworld.

    But this guy is quite strange. He has strong physical ability, some unknown powers, and large background knowledge of back alley, but... he's POOR. He twinkles his eyes at steaks and buffets. Some people who claim to be his servants are equally, actually even more poor. This man doesn't act like someone who exprienced a high position. Nevertheless, charisma and ability he displays sometimes are even shaper than that of Chris. Moreover, there are some people who 'hunt' him down. He seems to be way darker and more insidious than what she has expected for.

    Never in her dream did Chris knew that he was one of the vampire lords, the most powerful royalties in the underworld.

    3. Thousand Years (Spirit/Youkai/Monster x oriental exorcist) (Oriental setting - around Edo era proabably + fantasy)

    Sakura was the only offspring in the famous Abe family, the best exorcist family in the whole Japan. That was the problem. She was a woman, female, who couldn't become the successor exorcist in the family. Despite her talent and efforts, the elders always sighed disappointedly to Sakura. She didn't give up. She loved studying about the otherworldly creatures, and wanted love of her parents as much as possible. Sakura dreamt that one day, one day, they will finally accept her as the successor of Abe family, and her parents will love her, be proud of her.

    Unfortunately, Sakura's dream never came true. One night, Abe family was raided by assassins. All the family members, except Sakura were killed. Sakura lost everything in one night. So she decided to find the culprit. She was going to avenge the deaths of her family. Sakura disguised as a boy and set out as an exorcist. She walked to the shrine where the wildest and greatest youkai (monster/spirit) was sealed. It was sealed by her ancestor who lost his life by fighitng with the creature. Sakura broke the seal. She needed power, a great one that could protect her from her unknown foe.

    The seal broke, and what came out was Ishitaka. Once called the greatest youkai in Japan, Ishitaka didn't like Abe's blood much. Rather, he loathed it. But it was true that Ishitaka would have been locked up if it wasn't Sakura. So he decided to help her - with a condition. If Sakura fells in love or forfeits her revenge, Ishitaka will eat her up. However, something's bugging their mind. What's this feeling called?

    4. Love is my religion (priest x rebel) (18t~10th century) (*WARNING this involves love of priest! Well it's written there, lol)

    Emmanuel, shortly Eman, was raised in poverty. He was one of the street orphans who was abused and mistreated as beggar. His only savior was the kind priest. He firmly believed that it is only God who saves him. Oh God, my love. I shall serve and love you only. Eman fell for God. He loved his Creator. It was a fervent faith which was similar to sweet love whispered to one's lovers. So many female believers fell for him, but he accepted neither. Those fervent confession included proposal of the most beautiful woman in the country, the richest merchant in the richest city and even the love of the princess. What Eman craved for was only one thing. He wanted to be Saved.

    There was Lita, who was also an orphan in the streets. She had the exact past of Eman. But the person who saved her was a rebel. He was the rebel of the country, who fought underground, claiming the rights of the oppressed, abused and unfairly treated. Lita learned what were taken from her and what were rightfully hers. She wanted freedom and rights. She didn't want anymore children suffering like her. She chose to save and help those right in front of her. She wanted to be the Savior.

    Those two people cross paths when Lita runs into the parish one rainy night. She was injured and pursued by the soldiers. Parish was the sacred house of God, and therefore, the inviolable place for armed people. Priests, who secretly approved of the rebels, hid her, and Eman became her nurse. The problem? They didn't get along. Their minds, opinions, beliefs! Everything differed. They didn't realize that something was sprouting among them.

    *Names are temporary!
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  3. Thank you! Minibit! XD
  4. Number 3 is taken! But others are still OPEN~!! XD
  5. Is the Roy x Ed FMA rp still open? If so you can message me!
  6. OOOH! Guns and Roses sounds intriguing!!!
  8. The first original story sounds wonderful if you're still open, and I'd also love to do a Roy/Riza rolepay with you as well. :)
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